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  1. I saw this quote from a local leader and thought it really hit the nail on the head: “At this point, I wonder if he’s considering suing himself. If he’s the obstacle to reopening,”
  2. Its got to start back somehow. Its going to be tough though. Anyone notice the increase in riots at airports. Here in Miami we are having them every week and it all starts about masks. I just hope none of this craziness makes it on board but that may be too much to hope for. Yes, I know its always the few bad apples but a few bad apples always bring negative headlines.
  3. I took this photo as I was driving past the port yesterday (yes, I was stopped). NCL put its branding on the front (very nice) and it looks ready to go. Its sad that it may not be used because of politics after waiting so long to finally use it 😥
  4. A business owner can certainly tell a person with a foul T Shirt to leave or forbid them entry. I am not the one making it a right vs left issue. You cant tag me with that. The anti mask and anti vaccine people seem to be of one side of the political equation these days. Its only on right media and right wing talking heads. I dont think you can deny that.
  5. Because several "right" media outlets have made it about "freedom". They kick and scream they are free not to wear a mask and cant be forced to do so. TRUE. But then they enter a private business/private property and say "This is my freedom you cant tell me what to do" Its laughable but that is the argument these days. Thankfully REAL freedom is not allowing these people to enter your property if they dont want to follow your rules🤨
  6. A true conservative lets private businesses run businesses the way they want to. If a cruising company wants to protect workers and require a vaccine for measles or covid, that's their right. If a cruise company wants to allow no vaccines, that's their right. Customers can decide what is right for them. To punish a cruise line to make a political point is wrong especially since we are so close to start cruising again. Its my ship, I pay your port fees and taxes, let me allow who I want on board.
  7. 😆 Thanks for the good laugh at 4:12 am But reality is vaccines have always been mandated to go to schools, military, and foreign travel. Some have politicized Covid which leads us to what is happening now. Sorry to see you leave cruising since vaccines will be required for years to come. The sadder part is we were able to snuff out small pox and polio with vaccines. With this kind of thinking, Covid will be huddling around us for decades and will make the Covid vaccine even more mandatory that it is today. Pardon us who want to snuff it out, rip off the masks and get back
  8. I would add one other thing. Many are directing their anger at a virus at other people or entities. That's a cop out. We cant bully a virus so a punching bag must be found. Oh, its the CDC. The experts at infectious disease and people who have studied pandemics are not to be trusted. We all are upset cruising is postponed due to Covid. Lets remember its the virus that caused this, not any one of us. We are almost out of the woods. Its a virus that caused cruising to get postponed. No one else.
  9. Really. Exhibit A is the cruise lines themselves. Floating Covid quaratine zones, hundreds of infections on board even with quarantining. Do you know how much money the government had to spend on recusing the passengers, providing land quarantine and then flying them home? The CDC has a job to do and report science. If you dont believe science or facts, that's your opinion. Should we also sue China and Trump for it was his CDC that created the ban? How about suing Desantis for preventing cruising from returning to Florida by banning vaccine passports. Every cruise line is requiring th
  10. Its all politics. The governor of Florida is suing yet actually preventing cruising from returning to Florida by banning vaccine passports. We already know all cruise lines are requiring vaccine passports yet the people screaming loudest for cruising to resume are hurting the cruise industry and their workers that rely on the industry. Its all because of politics. Yet few call them out on their hypocrisy. Strange enough vaccine passports are the new litmus test on the right.
  11. I'm already popping popcorn for the safari photos from the observation lounge 😆
  12. I hope all of you sailing post from the ship and write a full report when you get back. Cant wait to hear the cruise stories/reviews again.
  13. Getting back on point, I would put my chips on cruising resuming in the USA in early Fall. I vote for Nov 1 which is actually 1 year after they thought they would resume this time last year. Many keep forgetting this will be a gradual process. 1. Let the cruises start off US Shore and if there are no issues, that is huge for starting earlier 2. If Covid deaths and infections crash the way many suspect once 65% of the US population is vaccinated, that will facilitate cruising resuming 3. US needs to snuff out these pockets of major spread. Florida still has about 35-40 peopl
  14. At least we know where all our nickels and dimes are going.
  15. A vaccine is no reason not to cruise. Its rare to live through a pandemic since they happen about every 100 years. Check your medical records. You were vaccinated against various diseases such as polio, small pox, mump, measles, and even some for chicken pox. I had the chicken pox in the mid 70s when there was not a vaccine. You have always needed vaccines to travel to exotic countries. The vaccine protects yourself so its really silly to hang your hat on some misguided political debate. We have come this far, we are not going back to the Covid shutdown nightmares. The unvaccinate
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