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  1. What are the best guesses for the whereabouts of the Zaandam in December 2021? I would book the Grand Africa + Grand World in a heartbeat if I could stay aboard in-between. I don't want to fly home for 3 weeks, nor do I want to stay in a hotel in Florida for same.
  2. Given the popularity of Lanai cabins and the Covid-19 emphasis on fresh air and access to the exterior in case of outbreaks or quarantines, what are the possibilities of the Zaandam receiving Lanais during her spring drydock?
  3. More concerned with possible melted chocolate, mildew, mold, or other musty smells; hence fumigation.
  4. Party already planned here. Since Linda and I live in small condos in a high rise building, we optimistically rented a storage locker for the month of September large enough to socially distance our luggage for fumigation and damage assessment. Much like in museums of today, our friends may make appointments to peer in the door at or take photos of our exotic luggage exhibit.
  5. Thank you, Bob, as always the voice of reason. Lonny
  6. In which case, our luggage is that much closer to home.
  7. I will believe it when I see it.
  8. Thank you, Copper, for the luggage pic.
  9. Mildew and mold? As some one who has lived in southeast Asia, I know that it takes less effort and costs less money to prevent mildew and mold with adequate climate control than it does to mitigate damage and eliminate odors.
  10. With coordinating luggage straps that look like ribbons, proclaiming the special status of our luggage to future baggage handlers.
  11. I referenced only in regard to international tourism.
  12. Agree. We are presently a pariah nation.
  13. I would book Seaborne in a heartbeat if I could use my 24K FCC.
  14. Same here. I booked 2022 instead of 2021 for that reason before covid-19 upended everything.
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