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  1. West Palm Beach Florida has a 24 hour turnaround.
  2. That was probably the time when drinks were included in their cruise package. They have stopped that because of the problems with drunks.
  3. I sailed on her last year. Very nice job inside. Not sure about the cabins. we stayed in the owners suite and you can’t complain about that. I love that size ship because I have trouble walking so it’s a perfect size for me.
  4. My point is the new Carnival Celebration is named after a ship that is still in existence. Your examples are ships from different cruise lines that have the same name but not the same cruise line. The New Carnival Celebration is named after the existing Grand Celebration. It’s like Carnival knows that the Grand Celebration will gone by the time the new Carnival Celebration is floated out. And just maybe Carnival paid BPCL for the name. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but Carnival had so many names they could have used like the Tropicale, Holiday or even the poor Fantasy.
  5. So Carnival has named their new new super cruise name as the Celebration. I don’t think this is good news for our dear old Grand Celebration. Perhaps BPCL has sold the name back to Carnival and our dear old ship is off to the breakers.
  6. Lucky you guys. I’m stuck in Palm Beach County🤬
  7. I live in Palm Beach County and when the Grand Celebration came to the port there were many environmentalists complaining about the ship causing damage to the entry to the port. It is extremely shallow and they are constantly dredging the entry to Lake Worth. That is problem number one. The other problem is the length and width of the dock where the Celebration is docked. The Celebration is 755’ long and 52 tons. Her stern stick out about 50 feet from the end of the dock. If say, BPCL would purchase a fantasy class ship, their dimensions would be 855’ and 70 tons. Or even a conquest class ship whose dimensions are 952’ in length and 110 tons. Port of Palm Beach cannot accommodate those size ships due to the length of the dock and dredging it would take to accommodate that many ton ship. BPCL could probably try to find a new ship but it would have to be the size of the Celebration or Classica. I don’t think that there are many that are in good shape and size to fit the bill.
  8. That would be a great scenario but that would mean scrapping the Celebration and the Classica. There certainly are plenty of used cruise ships available. But you have to keep in mind that the Port of Palm Beach is small and can’t really accommodate a larger ship.
  9. I found a website that is offering the both ships. They were asking 13,000,000 for the Celebration and $15,000,000 for the Classica. I believe I heard that the breakers in Turkey will pay $9,000,000 for cruise ships. That’s not looking good for fleet of the Bahamas Paradise Cruise line.
  10. Where did you see that? It might be an old post.
  11. I’m booked on the Sky for December 2020 which doesn’t stand a chance in hell to sail but anyway I’m booked in the Owners Suite. No Haven on this ship but we have butler and concierge service. We dine in Cagne’s for breakfast and lunch. The hot tub is fun too.
  12. Wow didn’t know the website was down. That’s not a good sign.
  13. I’ve been noticing that on PTZTV. Do you suppose the cruise line ran out of money to pay for docking fees at the port of Palm Beach?
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