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  1. pinkie60

    Grand Classica review

    So I just texted one of my granddaughters about the martini tasting and she said she doesn’t remember that. The one thing you cannot miss is the wine tasting. It is so much better than the Celebration. They do it in the pizzeria and you get free samples of the pizza and they have an accordion player who sings Italian songs. It was so entertaining. The lounges are so much more elegant than the Celebration. My only complaints were the suites and the upcharge restaurant just didn’t jive with all the elegance of the rest of the ship. It is geared for an older crowd because of its sophistication I didn’t take the activity sheet home with me but it looked exactly the same as the Celebration. Wish they would have had a ship model. Ask away if you have anymore questions. Looks like the Celebration will be back by mid December.
  2. pinkie60

    Few last minute questions

    Cruise lines don’t usually allow you to take their towels off the ship. On the Carnival private island they have towels on the beach. At the Grand Lycayan Hotel they have their own towels. As for the beaches, I’ve never tried that so I can’t speak for that. Now back to the rough seas question, you will be passing the gulfstream to get to Grand Bahama Island. The current is very strong even in the summer. We get cold fronts during this time and it affects the gulfstream even more. So expect the ship to be rocking at a certain point when you go over there. And when you go back to West Palm Beach the same thing will happen. I can tell you that the Gulfstream is about 10 nautical miles from the port of Palm Beach. So you should hit the Gulf Stream about 8 pm. It will rock for about an hour and then the ship will pass it. The captain is well aware of it and he will try his best to get everyone through as fast as possible. On your way back you’ll be in bed asleep when you hit the gulfstream. That will be between 3-4 am in the morning and then the ship may rock until you get into port. I’ve done this trip over 25 times with different ships. It’s not dangerous but it can be a bit of a surprise to newbies of cruising. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful ship.
  3. Hey guys, just for your information my review was publish today. I hope I answered your questions. If not I’m still here
  4. pinkie60

    Few last minute questions

    There is a hair dryer in the bathroom. There are two outlets a European and an American. I think when you go to Beach they will have towels. The beach is ten miles from the port. You can’t take the towels from the ship. The weather is hot down here so I think you should have a wonderful time. The ship is beautiful. I hope it won’t be too rough seas for you. If you have any other questions please ask away, I just sailed on her last week.
  5. pinkie60

    The Rock Restaurant is

    I am going to answer my own question. Yes the Rock Grill is definitely worth the money. I loved it.
  6. Hi Bibble good to talk to you again. I just got off the Classica yesterday. I truly had a great time and it is beautiful. I will be critiquing it on the boards and do a review too. The marble, the shops, the pizza place, the Lido, the casino and the many lounges out class the Celebration. However, the balcony suites and Admirals Club leaves a lot to be desired. If you booked a regular cabin, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I booked the balcony suites and they do not compare to the Celebration. I would definitely recommend the ship but you’ll see what really needs improvement and I believe the cruise line will be able to improve the changes I think would bring this ship way over the top. She has a magnificent interior. More to come.
  7. Has anyone eatened at the Rock Grill on the Classica. I want to know if the food there is worth the upcharge.
  8. I miss the Celebration. I’m sailing on the Classica on Friday (11/2) for the first time. I hope I like her suites. I loved the suites on the Celebration. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I wish they had a model of the Classica in the gift shop, I collect them and I was told they don’t have them. I know I sound like a jerk but I wish they would have sent the Classica up to Massachusetts instead of the Celebration.
  9. Thank you so much for your quick response. One less thing to deal with.😀
  10. The reason why I asked about gambling is that the casino is small not very impressive. If you fly into ft.lauderdale you have a 50 mile trip to Riviera Beach. So you’ll have to rent a car. You might want to consider flying into West Palm Beach. It’s much nicer and a short cab ride to the port. This is a small ship and has only 10 balcony suites so if you don’t mind an ocean view you’re ok. The balcony suites will cost you. The ship itself is rather unique looking with lots of marble floors and a very European feel to it. She sails to Freeport Grand Bahamas and it’s an industrial port. If you’re dying to go to the beach and see the beautiful warm water it will cost you at least a taxi ride or an excursion that is offered by the cruise line. My point is that you might have scored a cheap cabin and airline tickets but there are so many extras that you might have to pay for it might not be feasible for you. I live in West Palm and so this is so convenient for me and other Floridians in my vicinity but for someone to fly down like yourself for a two day quicky not sure. I can’t believe I’m saying this but you might be better off on a Carnival ship out of Fort Lauderdale if you’re flying into Florida. This cruise is cheap for people who live down here for northeasterners not so much. If you don’t mind spending a little extra then I say go for it but if you’re on a budget it might end up costing you more than Carnival and it’s a really short cruise.
  11. So I’ve sailed on the Celebration many times and they have an old fashion key that is separate from your sign and sail card. On those of you who have sailed on the Classica is your sign and sail card you Hotel Key like on the Carnival lines?
  12. First of all if you are going to cruise for $500, don’t expect much. I don’t know what your budget is and how special you want this to be. What airport are you flying into? This could be a very nice cruise if you get the concierge package. Also, what cruise lines are you used to and do you gamble on the ship? If you answer my questions I can have an idea if you would like this cruise. I live in West Palm Beach and know a lot about the cruise line and the ship.
  13. pinkie60

    Concierge package

    Thank you for answering our question, I knew I wasn’t loosing my mind. BTW, what type cabin were you in?
  14. pinkie60

    Concierge package

    Ok, so I spoke to the cruise line about what they do when you get to the port. It’s not really an “escort” but priority boarding. So after you check in the personnel behind the counter asks you sit in a certain area and the concierge greets you and handles your dining and gives you their phone number and takes care of your needs. And everyone who pays for concierge regardless of what cabin receives this service.
  15. pinkie60

    Concierge package

    What kind of cabin did you book because I was always escorted to my suite.