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  1. I honestly don’t remember however if you’re on a budget I wouldn’t recommend The Rock because I do remember it was pricey. Not for me but it might be for you. The pizza was to die for. As for the price what I remember was it was somewhat on the high side for pizza but not crazy expensive. The Rock was expensive. It had filet mignon and lobster on the menu.
  2. Yes, you use your sign and sail card that is attached to your credit card. It is the same as on all cruise ships. Very easy.
  3. Cruise Critic reviews your review before it is published. If they deem it inappropriate they will not publish it. With that said it does take them around a week to publish an appropriate review.
  4. What port are you talking about and are the excursions from a private company or Norwegian Cruise Line excursions. That will make quite a difference in your situation.
  5. Yes the machines are only in the buffet area but in the MDR I believe you canalso get iced tea and water. Soda is always a charge.
  6. Traveling to the Bahamas is way safer than traveling to Mexico. Also, most of those warnings are for Nassau not Freeport
  7. Cruising on Spring Break is not a good idea for anyone unless you’re a college student and 21 years old. Not just the Norwegian Sky but any cruise at that time of year will be impacted except maybe Disney because most college students can’t afford Disney and they wouldn’t put up with drunken college students.
  8. And please for your own safety bring those documents with you when you’re off the the ship. Accidents do happen and you’ll need your proof of citizenship if you happen to have to go to a hospital or get detained.
  9. Yes there is coffee, hot tea, iced tea, fruit punch and lemonade.
  10. I totally understand your point but there are structures, churches and streets that are like traveling to Europe. So as I don’t like giving money to a brutalist regime such as Castro I do like the Cuba people and culture. I’d like to travel to Italy where my grandparents are from but I can’t take the time because my husband has Alzheimer’s. So this is the next best thing.
  11. I didn’t realize that they were promised that their families could board the ship. That almost sounds crazy. There are a plethora of reasons why any government or even cruise line would allow that. Once that national boards the ship they are technically in another country. I don’t think the Classica is registered as an American ship. I would guess Panama or Bahamas. With that said there is a possibility they would claim asylum. Also, the security problems associated with a national boarding. Wow, that is not normal for any cruise. I’m booked on the Norwegian Sky to Cuba in July and as far as I know Cubans are not allowed on the ship. Don’t forget you have to have a visa to get into Cuba.
  12. Not sure if they will because they fulfilled the cruise schedule albeit not Cuba but Nassau Bahamas. It will be interesting to see if the travel agency comes up with the refund. Don’t forget this was a charter not a Bahamas Paradise cruise. I believe the liability lies with the travel agent not the cruise line, the cruise line fulfilled their end of the ship. They provided the transportation it wasn’t their fault that the paperwork was wrong or the evil Castro government denied access.
  13. I have a smoking related question. What happens to the ships when they travel to Europe or Asia. They smoke like crazy there. I’m sure the smoking rules have to be different when they are in Europe or Asia. Also, I am a member of the American Legion and a lot of the American Legions and even the VFWs have gone to no Smoking. Mine has not and we are a very popular post because we allow smoking. I am not a smoker but my friends are and they are very mindful of not smoking in your face kind of thing. So I feel bad about this ban.
  14. She is moored in the Port of Nassau. I guess she will spend the night and return on Monday morning.
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