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  1. pinkie60

    Muster Drill on the Sky

    Thank you for prompt response. It sounds just like Carnival. Oh well, I know what to do. I’ll show up late so I won’t be squashed against the wall😂 This and the buffet lunch is always the worst part of the cruise. And thank you IRSXCCHICK too for also quick response.
  2. I’m a Carnival cruiser and this is my first cruise on Norwegian. Carnival ships usually have the worst muster drills in the world. They haul you out in 95 degree weather and take forever in explaining the process. Then the elevators are crammed with everyone trying to get where they are going. Has anyone been on a Sky muster drill?
  3. I did a little checking on that Cruise to Cuba on the 14th of February. The Viva Travel Agency chartered the cruise line to go to Cuba. So this is not the Bahamas Paradise cruise line cruise going to Cuba. You can’t book the Cuba cruise through Bahamas Paradise cruise line, you have to go through Viva Travel Agency. TW67 are you a travel agent? They are sending the Classica for that trip just in case you’re interested.
  4. Thanks for your confidence vote Ric. I truly think you did a great job of answering all the questions. I do believe that the Celebration is a better ship for younger people. It has a different vibe than the Classica being a European ship and the Celebration really an American ship. Both ships are great for anyone that does not smoke. Also, it is true that 18 year olds can drink once they push off. My recent trip on the Classica I had my 19 year granddaughter who looks 16 (we are very petite in our family) was able to drink once we sailed. I’m booked on the Celebration in May. BTW, you mentioned Cuba, I’m booked on the Norwegian Sky for July to Cuba. Looking forward to a different venue. I do wish the cruise line would go to Cuba or even Key West. Freeport isn’t doing anything for the cruise line so I wish they would change up their itinerary little.
  5. pinkie60

    Carnival vs NCL and RCI

    I am very familiar with Carnival. Actually this is my first cruise with Norwegian. So what are your questions, I’ve sailed on the Imagination, the Conquest, the Victory and the Celebration. I am also familiar with the Vista. What is your ship?
  6. pinkie60

    Norwegian Sky owners suite

    Thank you for your quick response. I thank you for your info on the penthouse but unfortunately they were booked up and all the aft balconies were gone also. I’m looking forward to a different experience other than Carnival.
  7. I just booked the Sky owners suite 9201. It says it sleeps 5 but I only see one couch and a king size bed. Is there a pull down Murphy bed in the living room? I’m a newby on Norwegian. Only sailed on Carnival and Bahamas Paradise so I don’t know what to expect.
  8. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration Review

    From reading your review I think two things that were beyond your control and ships control. First you sailed on New Years Eve which meant an extremely overbooked cruise. The second I believe has to do with the ship just coming back from Boston and probably in need of some TLC from her trip up north. I’ve been on the Celebration 5 times and never had a bad experience. Traveling with a group of people can also make things complicated. Sorry you had a bad time. Maybe you might want to try her sister ship the Grand Classica.
  9. pinkie60

    Grand Classica still in Freeport

    That is so considerate of the Captain and the cruise line. It gets pretty darn rough in the Gulf Stream this time of the year.
  10. Very weird but it’s 8:27 pm Friday night and the Grand Classica still hasn’t left port. What’s going on maybe weather related?
  11. pinkie60

    Heads up Grand Celebration lovers

    She is on the move again. Looks like she spent a couple of hours in Freeport and then shoved off. Looks like she is going to find a safe place to drop anchor around Grand Bahama Island and then make her way to Palm Beach tomorrow morning.
  12. pinkie60

    Heads up Grand Celebration lovers

    She is showing in Freeport this morning on Cruise Mapper. I guess she is resuming her cruises on the 21st.
  13. pinkie60

    Heads up Grand Celebration lovers

    I see that she is going to Freeport but not Freeport Grand Bahamas. There is a port near Ft. Walton Beach and apparently that is where she is heading. Of course that could be an error. She probably needs a deep cleaning from all the workers who were bunking in her. I heard that the workers were complaining that they weren’t allowed to use the lounges and bar facilities. They slammed the ship stating she was shabby looking.
  14. I got new information on our ship. She will be leaving Boston harbor December 15, 2018. For those of you who use Marine Traffic we can follow her progress on line.
  15. pinkie60

    Grand Celebration Review

    We all truly appreciate your swift response. I am not against a true criticism of a cruise but when the ship was obviously not doing cruises it was maddening to read. We love this website and want to keep as many liars and trolls off the site.