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  1. I didn’t book any excursions on my Cuban cruise but I was told that my credit from the cancelled cruise would show up on my credit card on June 30th.
  2. The Grand Classica (the other ship) is very European and much classier than her sister. However, with that said it’s not a very friendly kids ship. Not a lot to do for young ones. If you go I’d go with an adult. I think your kids would be bored. I like both ships for different reasons.
  3. That’s why I’ve cruised on her 5 times. I live 8 miles from the port and when it’s time to take a breather I book a cruise.
  4. You guys don’t ever have to worry that I would be on an Alaskan cruise making noise. Anything colder than 80 degrees and snow is not my idea of a cruise. Bring on the summer, rum and steel drums, that’s me. Maybe that is where those people should have cruised.
  5. David Sobe he never lived in South Florida. It probably wouldn’t bother me.
  6. Has anyone cruising on the Sky receive an itinerary change yet?
  7. I wouldn’t mind Key West. Last year I did a Key West and Cozumel on the Victory. I liked that itinerary.
  8. Now that we are mostly happy about our monetary compensation, we must beg the question “where in heck are we going”? Please Norwegian if you’re reading this, please not Nassau or Freeport. I’d like Cozumel, Porta Maya, Puerto Rico, Grand Turk, Jamaica, and even Labadee. 😩
  9. You can get to the port at 11:00. Most of the passengers will be off the ship by then. They will start check in immediately. You’ll have your cruise photo taken, you get to choose you dining times and also book excursions before you board. You’ll board by 12:30 pm. My guess is that it will be full booked because school is out in Palm Beach County and many locals take this cruise and it’s a Friday. What cabin and ship are you booked on?
  10. That is exactly how I feel. Really getting pissed off😡
  11. If you go to the Carnival boards, Carnival is offering some nice compensation for the Cuba itinerary fiasco. You can cancel and get A refund or go on another itinerary with $50 OBC or keep your current ship and date and they will take you to Cozumel and you will receive $100 OBC. I think they also stop in Key West. I talked to the Norwegian representative today and she expects they will do something similar to what Carnival is offering. Keep your fingers crossed, I just can’t stand the thought of Nassau again.
  12. Wow that was fast, I wonder is Norwegian will do the same.
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