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  1. So you have already cruised. So I’m not sure what you are expecting and I’m not sure what you mean by terrible. I’ve been on the Celebration at least ten times and had good experiences every time I’ve cruised with this line. I’ve also cruise with carnival and Norwegian and the carnival cruises were hit and miss depending on the ship. The Conquest was great but the Victory not so much. Every time I cruise I book an Owners suite or Veranda Suite with concierge. So I’ve never been disappointed. So if you book a cheapie cabin you are going to get what you pay for. I also know age comes into play with having a good time. If you’re looking for all the fun stuff that a Royal Carribbean ship has, you will be disappointed. With that said their alcoholic drinks are strong and they have all kinds of great music and a small casino if you like to gamble. You will also see a very well kept clean ship. I hope I answered some of your questions.
  2. So now I’m going to answer my own question. I sail on Saturday night on the Classica. The winds were blowing 15-20 with gusts at 30 kts. It was rough going out of Lake Worth Inlet but that is usually the case at this time of the year. I’d say the waves were 5-8 feet and when we hit the Gulf Stream it was really hard to walk or even sit on a chair so I hung onto the table. I was having dinner at the Rock Grill and as everyone knows it is at the very rear of the ship on deck 9. I wasn’t seasick but it wasn’t pleasant eating. BTW the food was excellent and I will review the ship. Look out for it. But the ship never was listed to one side. The captain certainly knew what he was doing keeping the ship into the waves and so the stern and the bow were taking turns up and down. With that said, I booked the balcony suite. It’s smack dab in the middle of the ship. So we got up to the room and it made for a nice rocking to sleep. By the time we got closer to Nassau it was smooth and wonderful. The ship handles well and the captain was good. I would not recommend this ship at this time of the year because the seas can be uncomfortable for some. It wasn’t bad for me but I do use a cane for my bad knees so it was a bit dangerous walking around. I was told by a couple of bartenders that several people had fallen off of barstools, etc. luckily no pukey smell anywhere. It was a beautiful cruise you’ll have to read the review in the review section. Also, does anyone know how to look up where I can find the data on how high the seas where that night of February 15, 2019?
  3. Did you have a passport? Having a passport helps you breeze through the customs line.
  4. What are you quoting? Where was this posted?
  5. I’m booked on the Grand Classica in less than two weeks. The weather has been hit or miss to say the least. My question is, has anyone been on the Classica in rough weather? Does she handle high well in high seas?
  6. Florida sales tax is 6%. Miami May have added an extra 1%. But here in Palm Beach it’s 6%.
  7. Has anyone used the Brightline train from West Palm Beach to the port of Miami. And if so are there taxis at the train station to take you to the port?
  8. Thank you, I live in West Palm Beach and wanted to sail on another cruise line for two nights. I usually sail the Bahamas Paradise for two nights.
  9. The best balcony on a Carnival ships is on the conquest style ships is their owners suite. They are covered and have 2 lounge chairs and a Table with 4 chairs. Some of the side balconies can see you when you’re standing but not when you’re sitting down. No accidents from above and the bridge is below. I sailed on the Conquest and the Victory and loved every minute of that suite.
  10. What ship, our of what port?
  11. Has anyone stayed in the Grand Classica balcony Suite? If you have how would you rate it compared to other balcony suites?
  12. Sorry my error. I forgot to sign on Marine Traffic and it gave me an old location.
  13. why is Marine Traffic showing Classica in Freeport?
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