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  1. It appears she's dropping off crew in Barbados now and then heading to Europe.
  2. nothing official or confirmed, maybe just speculation as the Explorer is dropping of crew in Europe now and the dock workers are back in Germany at least.
  3. it does make sense. if RCCL does get up and running within the next 4-6 months, I doubt all ships start sailing right away. Likely similar to Carnival in starting off in August with just 8 ships doing Caribbean sailings. Might as well keep the Explorer in dry dock to upgrade her and there wouldn't be a need to rush her back into service.
  4. It was mentioned in a Facebook group that the drydock/amp is back on schedule due to workers heading back to the docks shortly.
  5. heard Explorer's dry dock might be going forth now, anyone have confirmation?
  6. I do wonder if Carnival wishes they had built another Spirit-class ship instead of the Splendor. They could always bring back the Miracle to do Tampa or Baltimore. Or bring the Spirit back to the US and send a newer ship to Australia.
  7. Clearly Empress would be the first to go. Grandeur is leaving next year. Majesty will be 29 years old in 2021 and would be next to go. With the additions of the Odyssey & Wonder by 2021, RCCL would be up to 25 ships by 2021 if all this happens(Empress & Majesty leaving). Clearly a possibility if they need to cut back. I also wonder if they would delay any new builds(3 Icon-class ships plus a 6th Oasis-class)?
  8. I had thought that the Fantasy was on it's way out before this pandemic hit. The ship is now 30 years old while the Ecstasy is 29. When the Mardi Gras enters service, Carnival would have 28 ships in total for its fleet. That's a lot. They'll likely keep the Spirit & Splendor in Australia. Retire the Fantasy & Ecstasy. Pride still goes to Tampa & the Legend to Baltimore. Keep the Miracle, Inspiration & Imagination out west. Maybe they keep a ship year-round in New York starting in 2021? Move the Fascination to Mobile? Move the Elation to Jacksonville? Just some speculation on my part on what Carnival may do with some of their fleet if needed to downsize.
  9. I do feel it's best if they limit capacity on these ships in the beginning just to see how things go.
  10. The lack of details is a bit uneasy. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I wouldn't book a cruise now until I hear the details on this plan to return to limited service.
  11. Curious to hear more details. More or less, what kind of screening process will they have before boarding? What ports will allow ships in? What are the itineraries? What's the capacity % they're implementing?
  12. this was the first post that came up when I searched. No need to be snarky.
  13. it's been postponed until further notice. may not happen until 2021 sometime.
  14. Booked the Explorer for January and I still hope the refurb happens. Ship will be 20 years old.
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