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  1. So I'll guess and say the Enchantment sails from there for a few years and is then sold to Pullmantur as well. Baltimore then gets a Radiance-class ship.
  2. Long overdue. But I also can't imagine the Enchantment lasting long with RCCL either. Can any other class go out of Baltimore?
  3. Can anything larger than a Fantasy-class ship go out of Mobile? The Fantasy will be 32 years old in 2022. It can't have much longer.
  4. Usually do dinner in the WJ one night when I cruise. Typically if we're getting back from an excursion late and don't want to fuss to get ready for dinner. There's a wider variety of choices and typically some kind of "theme". Also, in terms of drinks, they had a happy hour I think up to 7pm(BOGO house drinks). Try it and enjoy, it's a nice break from the dining room.
  5. This past January on the Jewel, they let use take drinks out of the DL. Would always grab one more before heading to dinner. Typically a Cape Codder(Vodka, Cran & soda) for me. If it's hot, just a beer. One night the bartender was very energetic and was making margaritas, so a margarita it was(or three)!
  6. Always do a longer cruise in the winter. 9 days minimum, but usually prefer longer depending on price. Used to have to do 7 days way back in the day due to funds and work. Now a 7 day cruise would feel short. My only complaint about the longer cruises, and this is coming from someone that's a healthy eater, is I do get tired of the cruise ship food. I mean, the food is wonderful, but typically everything is loaded with salt and I always feel so bloated when the cruise is over.
  7. Feb. 12(2021) is a 9-day that concludes Feb. 21. The two 7-day cruises that are chartered are likely to follow(Feb. 28 & March 7). This leaves the gap between March 14 - 21. The next available cruise to book is March 21(5 day). I'm guessing that may be another 7-day charter or RCCL will just open up a 7-day cruise if nothing gets chartered.
  8. yeah, still a mystery. It's believed there are 2, 7-day charters during that 4 week hole. Maybe RCCL is waiting to see what else fills up or possibly there's another charter in the works? The gap is between Feb. 21 - March 21.
  9. Is the Grand Classica sailing back with passengers(another charter?)?
  10. You do have to wonder if it's mostly due to not being able to find another port-of-call.
  11. They have the Grand Celebration scheduled for its first post-Dorian cruise on Saturday. It's advertised as going to Freeport, so we shall see if this stays true.
  12. Always thought they should have one ship do the 2 day cruises and another do 4 day cruises. Give people the option for a longer, inexpensive cruise.
  13. I'm still hoping the Odyssey will replace the Anthem in Bayonne for the winter of 2021-2022.
  14. The old Holiday has bookings through 2021: https://us.cruiseandmaritime.com/ship/magellan/calendar In terms of the Fantasy-class ships, the Fantasy itself will turn 30 next year. Not sure how much longer Carnival will hold on to it and its sisters. Removing these ships will force them to no longer do cruises out of Mobile and Jacksonville.
  15. I hope I don't get flamed for this, but maybe it's time the Grandeur gets replaced in Baltimore? I know it has its multitude of fans, but how long has the ship been sailing from Baltimore? 6 years? It is the third oldest ship in RCCL. Can any of the Voyager-class ships sail from Baltimore?
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