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  1. They were on C Deck. Sorry for the not-too-good scan. I'll try to upload a better/clear/darker version. Oriana B & C Decks.pdf
  2. The "court cabin" concept was first introduced on the SS Oriana in 1960. The concept was expanded and enhanced on the Canberra.
  3. I've not been back on Rotterdam V since 2011. However, in 2011, it was like stepping back in time, at least in the restored public areas. The open and enclosed promenade decks are intact. The theater is there, but only the balcony has the restored fixed seating; the lower floor has been leveled for use of movable tables & chairs. Virtually all rooms on the Upper Prom deck have been restored and are intact with their original fittings and artwork. Virtually all rooms on the Prom deck have been restored and are intact with their original fittings and artwork. The major exception is the former Lido which was completely gutted and rebuilt as casual dining, albeit with some of the chairs from the original main dining rooms. The lobbies and stair landings on all decks have been restored. The two main dining rooms have been restored with their original lighting, decorations and artwork. Tables and chairs are movable banquet-type. The indoor swimming pool area was still a work-in-progress when we were onboard in 2011. Public restrooms have been rebuilt to contemporary and ADA standards all over the ship. All of the former cabins on Sun and Boat deck have been gutted and rebuilt as conference rooms. None of the Rotterdam's original cabin configurations remain. All cabins on Lower Prom, Main and A decks have been gutted and rebuilt to contemporary standards. Some of the original fittings, cabinets, chairs and tables have been restored and repurposed. All bathrooms have been rebuilt to contemporary standards. I've been on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA several times. Much of that ship's original fittings and furnishings have been lost or compromised over the years. I visited the QE2 in Dubai in April 2018. The ship had just had a "soft opening", but what I saw onboard was also a time warp back to her last Cunard days. Virtually everything remained intact, with the exception of the lifeboats which are now used as parking lot decorations scattered around the port area. Of these three former re-purposed former lines, IMHO, the Rotterdam is the most intact example of what the ship resembled during her sailing career, at least in the public areas. Rob
  4. My first cruise ever was on the Flavia, 3-days r/t Miami-Nassau-Nassau with my parents in 1969. My second cruise was in September 1973, 7-days r/t Pier 40 in NYC to Nassau on Rotterdam V. I was originally booked on a 10 day cruise from NYC with a friend on the Canberra from NYC, but the bookings were dismal and P&O canceled the remainder of Canberra's ex-NYC season about half-way through. We looked for another cruise to book before it was time to return to college campus for fall semester. My friend couldn't change dates. I initially tried to exchange my tickets for a 7-day cruise on the Oceanic, but Home Lines' fares for a single room were significantly higher than what I had paid for the Canberra. I went to the HAL booking office on Pier 40 and exchanged my Canberra ticket for an inside, single room on the Rotterdam. It was an even swap. If my memory serves correct, my single fare in an indoor, bunk-bed room was $199 for the week. I slept in the lower bed and used the empty upper bunk to dump/toss clothes! My parents, brother and several friends came down to Pier 40 and we all crammed into that indoor, closet-sized cabin for a bon voyage party. It was like that old Marx Brothers movie, "A Night at the Opera" with a dozen+ people crammed into the cabin. I was on deck throwing streamers to my parents on the pier as we sailed. Their car was parked on the roof of Pier 40 and we could still holler at each other, the level of Rotterdam's boat deck being almost even with the parking deck of Pier 40. I was assigned a table for 6 in the dining room (don't remember which one) for the late dinner sitting. HAL tried its best to match me with dining companions as close to my age as possible. I am certain that I was the youngest solo passenger onboard. I remember the themed Dutch night in the dining room (oh, the "pot roast"!). And the Dutch Fair set up one evening in the Club Room (the ship's casino in later years). 2 sailing days to Nassau; overnight at the pier in Nassau; and two sailing days back to NYC. This was the first or second year with the Indonesian and Filipino service crew. I remember there was great, obvious animosity between the remaining Dutch officers and European senior staff toward the Indonesian and Filipino staff. The type of behavior that I recall would never be tolerated today. The environment onboard was so toxic, it was nearly 12 years before I ever set foot on a HAL ship again. We sailed on one of the first cruises of the Nieuw Amsterdam III, and by 1985, it appeared that all of the "old guard/legacy" Dutch/European staff had moved on, and the Indonesian/Filipino staff provided the warmest, kindest, most professional service we had ever encountered. We sailed many subsequent voyages on Rotterdam V until the ship was replaced by Rotterdam VI. We sailed the maiden Mediterranean season in 1998 on Rotterdam VI. Our final sailing on Rotterdam VI was a transatlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Rotterdam in May 2011. It was a Rotterdam trifecta. Sailing on the Rotterdam VI to Rotterdam, NL and then stayed overnight on the hotel-ship Rotterdam V in Rotterdam. Rob
  5. Seatrade Cruise News just posted an article concerning cruise line nonperformance and refunds. It's an interesting summary for those that may be further interested. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/us-weighs-changes-regulations-cruise-line-nonperformance-and-refunds Rob
  6. We are waiting to see the protocols for reopening theaters, concert halls, opera houses and sports venues before we think about setting foot on a cruise ship or an airplane. Broadway theaters are closed until January 2021. Houston Grand Opera has canceled its 2020-21 season and does not expect to resume performances until October 2021. If live performance venues do not/cannot agree on appropriate protocols to protect audiences, staff and performers for +/- 2 hours together, it may be a bit aspirational to expect a group of 500-1000+/- on a cruise ship for multiple days to remain virus-free. As others have stated their opinions here, this is just mine. Rob
  7. Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Fred. Olsen Cruise Line. Both ships enroute to Cypress now. Their new itineraries already on the Fred.Olsen website. https://www.fredolsencruises.com/ Maasdam & Veendam already in Cypress for as-yet-unannounced new owners.
  8. FWIW, Holland America canceled its 2021 World Cruise, albeit because they sold it's WC ship, the Amsterdam (as well as 3 others from its fleet). At this time, HAL has rescheduled its 2021 WC itinerary to 2022 on the Zaandam. Rob
  9. When Rotterdam V was sold to Premier Cruises as Rembrandt, most of the art stayed with the ship. That was fortunate, since most of the original artwork is still onboard the Rotterdam hotel-ship now in Rotterdam. I do remember that all of the ship's maiden-visit-port-plaques were auctioned off during the ship's final HAL cruise. Likewise, with only a couple of rare exceptions, virtually all of the art on the QE2 remained with the ship when it was sold, including all of the Stephen Card painting of the QE2 and other former Cunard liners. Again, fortunately that artwork is now on display on the QE2 hotel-ship in Dubai, or in its shore-side museum/lobby. Since Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Veendam & Maasdam really didn't have a scheduled "final" HAL revenue cruise, it will be interesting to see where the port plaques and the unique Stephen Card paintings eventually wind up. Rob
  10. We were onboard San Diego-Singapore. We’ve been reimbursed for the missed port charges. We’ve been reimbursed for the multiple airfare changes. We had a very nice cruise, albeit it was about two weeks of sea days after leaving Guam. We made it home, healthy and safe. We’ve been made financially whole. Honestly, we do not expect to ever see/collect/apply that goodwill/courtesy FCC from the Guam-Singapore segment. Rob
  11. I just received this email from Grace Bay Resorts in Turks & Caicos. I thought it was interesting and may shed some light on possible requirements for cruise ship travelers planning to cruise to tropical destinations in the near future. I wasn't quite sure of the most appropriate thread to post, so I took a guess and posted here. All text below my signature is cut-and-pasted directly from the email that I received. (The external links in the text below may, or may not, work on this CC post.) Rob As we prepare for the Turks & Caicos Islands border to re-open on July 22, 2020, we would like to provide you with the latest details as it relates to the Entry Requirements. COVID-19 Testing Requirements – All incoming guests, with the exception of children under the age of 10 years must receive a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR nasal swab test, within five (5) days of your scheduled arrival date. (Blood Draw, Antibody testing is not acceptable for entry to Turks & Caicos.) At-Home Test Kit – Test results are available on average 1-2 days after we receive your sample at our lab. Community-Based Testing Drive-Thru Testing *Please contact your Primary Care Physician who may recommend alternative testing options. Please note the name, address, telephone number and email address of the laboratory at which the PCR COVID-19 test was conducted is required along with; The date the PCR COVID-19 test was conducted. The full names, date of birth and address of the person tested for PCR COVID-19. The results of the PCR COVID-19 test conducted in relation to that said person. The person shall carry the test results with him/her when travelling to the Turks & Caicos Islands and shall give the test results to a health officer. upon request. Insurance Requirements – At this time, the Turks & Caicos Government requires all incoming travelers to be in possession of Travel Insurance that covers Covid-19 in-country medical treatment, the cost of quarantine, and repatriation/medivac insurance. For your convenience, we are offering this coverage and more exclusively for guests of Grace Bay Resorts. TCI Assured Portal – Once you have received your negative test results document and completed the Insurance requirements, these documents must be uploaded electronically to the TCI Assured website in order to be granted entry to Turks & Caicos.As a precautionary measure, please ensure to print two copies of each document to bring with you.There is no Quarantine period required upon arrival to the Turks & Caicos Islands for visitors once they have tested negative for the virus. For more information on the TCI Assured Program For more information and Frequently Asked Questions on Grace Bay Resorts Policies and Procedures. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at Reservations@gracebayresorts.com We are looking forward to welcoming you back home here in paradise!
  12. This is a YouTube video titled "Why Not Switch Off the Empty Cruise Ships". It's an interesting 8 minute video for those that may find it interesting. Rob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVmcEvcmsbY
  13. Marine Traffic shows Symphony currently at anchor in the Singapore Straits. No longer in the shipyard. Rob
  14. From an article in Maritime Executive today., the MV Werften shipyard has received emergency aid from a consortium of banks and expects to receive additional aid from the German government sometime in September. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/german-shipbuilder-mv-werften-receives-200-million-in-emergency-aid Rob
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