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  1. That sounds like a DH and DS thing. They would both absolutely forgo the luxuries for the adventure so thank you for that. When we went to Alaska, I did book a private tour to Admiralty Island (with all the brown bears), for them with a float plane, kayak and a guide for the day. Unfortunately, another trip with a helicopter onto a glacier for dog sledding did not work out because although they landed on the ice, the weather was too poor to sled, so the idea of zodiacs and helicopters onto ice would just be up their street. I'm not so sure about the masseuse, that sounds too much like luxury, although with the cold weather conditions you probably need it.
  2. Your photos and footage is stunning. The baby penguin, so adorable. I will make sure my husband does not see it otherwise he will not wait until 2023. We have sailed a few brands but never sailed HAL in part because we are non-smokers so like the very strict policy on RC and Celebrity. Ah those little nice touches, are so hard to give up once you get a taste for them. Your balcony looks lovely and large. I am guessing that it is on the aft, judging by the orientation of your photo. We sailed RC in June of this year on the aft for the first time because the cabin category we wanted was only available on the aft. Whilst the extra walking was good for us, we decided we are lazy and prefer mid-ship.
  3. A lady after my own heart. Actually you raise an important point, maybe my DH and DS should do an expedition. I can't imagine my DS saying no to a free holiday! Your children will be a little older by 2021 so will no doubt enjoy it even more. You right about the more luxurious operators. We have never sailed anything smaller than 2,500+ passengers, so its going to need a mindset adjustment (or rather I will) for a smaller ship.
  4. They (DH & DS) definitely did not travel that far north. What a journey that must have been. Sounds truly a holiday of a lifetime. Thanks for the tips regarding expedition ships and the difference with the holiday ships. My husband would be ok with the expedition, me, not sure but I would do it for him. I am a lady that likes her creature comforts and the facilities of larger ships.
  5. I think you have probably seen more of Scotland than I have as British native. Also more of Europe. Our travel plans are to do the long distance destinations first and work inwards across Europe as get to our mid 60s. Thanks for sharing your schedule. We did the same Iceland route but in the opposite anti-clockwise direction. The sail both in and out of Akureyri was breath taking. I wished we had an overnight there as there was lots to see. Although we enjoyed Reykjavik, because of the increased tourist numbers, it was enjoyable but a bit rushed. That said, we did a private 4x4 tour onto the Langjokull Glacier which was one of the scariest things I have ever done but not my DH and DS who spent most of the time enjoying my terror.
  6. Thanks, that was the impression I was getting when researching possible options, hence the comment of holiday cruise against an expedition cruise, they really not the same thing. We did Alaska in July 2013 so I cannot remember if we went to Barrow. My DH and DS said that they did travel along the Ice Road Truckers route as the Arctic Circle trip used both a small aircraft and road vehicle. They did bring back some wild strawberries for me to sample. Very small but unbelievable flavour. As for the temperatures, it was far from freezing that year. During the 7 day sailing and 7 days on land in Alaska, the temperatures were high teens to low 20s degrees Celsius. We took cold weather gear to wear but the temperatures were so high, we donated a lot of clothing to goodwill rather than transport them back to the UK.
  7. Absolutely agree with you, brings learning alive and becomes a wonderful shared memory for the whole family. I did not have the opportunity to travel as a child so it is just as much a treat for me as my son. My DS is now grown up 19 year old and 6 feet 5 inches (and still growing) but talks fondly about the various places we have travelled around the world. Even when plans did not work out as planned, we all laugh years later about the shared experience. We haven't been to Norway (the sailings were too early in the school year) but we did complete a trip to Ireland/Iceland on Silly in 2018. Although the ship did cross the Arctic Circle, it is not the same as doing so on land. My DH and I tend to celebrate major birthdays with once in a lifetime/bucket list holidays, so in addition to Antarctica for his 60th, I am pondering a sailing to Greenland for my 60th in 2025. The problem is there are just so many places to visit.
  8. Dear Rsail203, I would also like to hear of your experiences to Antarctica. To celebrate my DH 50th birthday, we sailed on RC from Vancouver to Seward and then the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks. I booked for DH and DS to also fly from Fairbanks across the Arctic Circle (I don't do small planes). Their experience was similar to yours in that it was tee-shirt temperatures when they got there. I am now planning DH's 60th birthday and his retirement and hoping to combine sailing through the Panama Canal, down the South American coast to Antarctica then to Buenos Aires. Celebrity Eclipse is on the list of possible ships, however I am concerned that we wouldn't be able to access/land on the Antarctic continent. Would love to hear how close you got and your experience of sailing through Cape Horn. Dear Rimmit, sounds like an amazing journey but I am not quite that adventurous but I am torn between booking a true expedition cruise versus a 'holiday' cruise. The closest I have been to wild penguins is on Boulder's Beach in South Africa where it is a little warmer. As regards being ambitious with your children, go for it. We used to book our holidays around my son's geography/history lessons, so when he was studying ancient Egypt, we went to Great Pyramid of Giza and was able to visit inside it.
  9. In true RC fashion, there is no indication of when lunch or dinner are timed. We ate in Playmakers at approximately 5.30 pm and that was treated as an evening meal so the UDP was accepted. We generally eat when ever the speciality opened in the evenings which is 6 pm without difficulty.
  10. Dear Dan, I recently sailed Independence of the Seas sailing ex Southampton on 29 June 2019 and purchased the UDP for my party. The terms of UDP when I sailed was that it was valid for lunches on sea days only, but dinner on all days. The $35 per person allowance was per venue at restaurants which were a la carte, which included Fish and Ships, Sushi at Izumi and Playmakers. If you manage to spend the $35 allowance at Fish and Ships, that is a lot of food. Similarly, the nachos from Playmakers was large and the 4 of us did not manage to eat an entire serving for one person. Again if you wished to use the UDP for lunch at Playmakers, it must be a sea-day, otherwise you will be charged. We went to JR for a couple of evening casual meals. Also because we were never able to get to dessert, we did do a take-out of apple and ice-cream from JR on a sea-day for lunch. Negatives The recurring problem we experienced at Fish and Ships was that we were charged every time and had to go to Guest Services to have the charge removed. The problem is caused because there is nothing on the card to indicate that the holder has UDP and even though when the charge is put through the till, the servers at Fish and Ships for some reason, chose to ignore it. IMHO, if your cruise has a lot of sea-days, I am not sure that it is worth the purchase. Our 14 day cruise had 9 ports of call and the UDP could not be used on those days for lunches, nor on embarkation day. It was a great convenience but in this instance, I think it offered poor value. Hope that helps.
  11. Dear Chemmo, Thanks for your kind response. I don't personally have any mobility issues (aside from being lazy) but on my last 2018 Celebrity sailing, my MiL was travelling with us and she had become quite infirm between booking and sailing due to cancer, hence the interest in your mobility issues. We hired her a mobility scooter for use on the ship but she refused to use it, but occasionally used a wheelchair for tours. That was her last cruise as she is too ill so won't travel with us again, so just DH, DS and myself. The luggage thing relates to 2 issues. I pack a lot because as my DH and DS comment, I can't stay clean to reuse anything because I am messy. The other is convenience. Touring with only hand luggage in Japan a few years ago was sheer bliss. Next cruise, its 8 nights on ship, 6 on beach (3 days either side) so just pondering the logistics. My last fly/cruise was to Alaska and we left clothes for goodwill because of the internal flights baggage limits. The 2020 sailing, no internal flights and airline luggage allowance to/from Florida is more than sufficient, but handling lots does't make it a good idea. Also depending on the exchange rate, a little stateside shopping is a nice to do whilst we are in Florida. And yes, booked an RS again. The 2 bed on Independence was more roomy, but DH agreed that he missed the Celebrity RS touches even though we had unlimited dining and drink package on Indy. I like to spend time in the cabin and Indy was just not the same vibe. Hope the photo of the master bedroom bathroom in the suite illuminates what I mean.
  12. Just a note on clarity. The Barclaycard I used to set up my on board account did work on the last day of sailing and my final payment went through without problem. I did not contact Barclaycard until after I returned home. It was the daily pre-authorisation that RC does that seemed to cause problems. My Amex was not used for any payment.
  13. Lovetravel1114, I would be more than happy to assist. Of the 7 cruises we have completed, 4 have been multi-generational with my DH, DS, MiL and niece, ranging in age on the last one from 18 to 88. We find cruising was always the best way to meet everyone's needs because it offers so much variety. We would just promise dinner together every evening and breakfast when tours permitted. Unfortunately, my MiL is now too ill to travel and our last cruise 2018 on Celebrity is likely her last holiday ever.
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