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  1. The Super Bowl will be on the Lido deck aft and in tv's all over the ship. There is also a Meet and Greet on Lido deck 4-4:15 aft where there will be sign up sheets for different card and board games. Look for the The Party flag and It's 5oclock somewhere flag. 😀
  2. I don't think they charge. If it's like Princess everyone meets in a large place and renew the vows together. I don't think a red dress is necessary just something red. I wouldn't be suprised to see some very casual participants 🍹
  3. OK so you have one grey hair and one brown hair....I'm sure we'll run into you onboard 🤩😀🍹
  4. Our first cruise after Lockdown was on Celebrity and there were only 500 passengers ( Celebrity put a limit on it) It was on the Connie . Walking onboard there were about 20 different workers from the kitchen to the main offices all dancing and singing and welcoming us aboard. The Captain kept Thanking people for allowing him on their private ship. It was so much fun everyone couldn't believe we had the ship to ourselves. Nothing was cut back . We loved it.....then 5 months later we were on the Sunshine out of Charleston and we were shocked because we really didn't expect a FULL SHIP and boy was it !!!! Still had fun but never felt like we owned the ship🤩🤗🍹 Then we did a Princess Panama Canal from San Francisco to Miami and every port was so excited to see us and the Grand was almost half full. ( Princess put a limit on it.) I understand that this sailing is FULL . I'm sure we'll have a great time.
  5. I'm confused...you mean pick pocketers??? LOL I have been going to nyc since the 70's I'm also a NY state retired teacher....I love the city...but that you for the warning...I've always been careful🤗😄
  6. Just used a Cyber sale for Margaritiville. Two nites on Broadway !!! Can't wait. !!!🍹🤗🤩
  7. Well. it looks like most of you are sailing or starting to sail before our cruise. I remember when we took 3-5 cruises a year. I'm glad we did when we did. 🍹🤗
  8. Final Payment coming up...don't forget...no reductions because the ship is FULL !
  9. It's called Urohidrossis (sp ?) but I think it's just a rumor that short legged birds started because they were jeleous🙃
  10. Well they are born white and they get their pink color from eating shrimp....🍤
  11. There will be a get-together at the Rococo Bar on Lido deck on Feb 13th at 1pm. Please wear something with Flamingos on them if you have anything. This is a meeting of people who like Flamingos ( the Bird ) not to be confused with the Carnival meaning of an upside down Pinapple !!! Participation prizes will be given out LOL This is just to meet others who like Flamingos and would like to talk about seeing them etc, why you like them etc.🦩🦩🙂
  12. Now that we are combined let's go back to the top😃 Anyone like Flamingos???
  13. You know the saying..." If you build it they will come" our theory is if we book it,we will go"
  14. From your mouth to God's ear ! We have to get together we also have cruises booked in 2025 LOL🤩
  15. Ok, are we having a "who is getting older contest??" I'm Jimmy Buffetts age and he died yesterday ! My husband will be 80 in 2024. Our schnoodle Darla would have been 16 yesterday and she died on Thursday. Darla and I used to dance to Jimmy Buffett songs and she loved his music. I think she knew he was going to be in Heaven soon and she wanted to get there before him so she could bark at his arrival and greet him. At least that's what I would like to think😇🤗
  16. If one of you have a bad back be careful about how far you may have to walk to get on the river. We have been tubbing a few times and everytime we had to walk while carrying our tube. Google the excursion itself and see if there is more information than Carnival is giving
  17. I made our booking awhile ago. Find an in between place and we can all meet for a HELLO party. I remember once there were several of us on a CC sailing from Southhampton and we all decided to stay at one hotel in town. Everyone booked and I couldn't figure out where everone else was ( there were 4 of us ) ...it turns out that 🥴 2 locations for that hotel chain. You guessed it ...we were at the wrong one. It was a nice Celebrity ( the Connie) 12 day wine cruise with 3 overnighters...so cool. 🤩
  18. Ok, I paid 😇 I also booked Bonsai T for lunch on Valentines Day. I figured that the DR will have a nice dinner so, since it is a sea day I figured it would be a nice lunch to even off the Day. My husband doesn't know about this cruise...I figured out that he starts his 80th year on earth in Feb ( his birthday isn't until Nov 2 ) so we will celebrate all year, I have 3 other cruises lined up. When I turned 60 ( 16 yrs ago ) He spent the year taking me to all of the Margaritavilles in the states and in the Carabbean. So I want to suprise him also. He did it from Jan to Jan. It was hard booking his cruises because I wanted to hit ports he hadn't seen and that was hard. On this cruise we hadn't been to Dominica.
  19. 548 w 48th street I believe Comfort Inn Manhattan -Midtown West. Right across from the dock. Maybe we will have a party and all meet 🤗 I don't think it's too early to book I have 3 in holding...I guess I better pay before I lose them LOL.
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