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  1. When on the ship use WiFi calling only (put phone on Airplane, then turn just WiFi back on, log into the medallionnet WiFi—should only have to do this the first time, it should keep you logged in) then call as normal, but instead of using cell tower on the ship you are using the WiFi connection. You can test this out at home using your home WiFi system before you go.
  2. You must set your phone up to use WiFi calling. Here is the help page from Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203032 Depending on your carrier, there may be limitations on use. There is a link on the above page to the supported carriers and their requirements.
  3. cherylandtk


    Coke brands only and just the fountain guns for the soda package, although on occasion you may get a sympathetic bartender. But don’t count on that happening often. Post 4 in the thread below discusses what is in the guns.
  4. For pictures. It’s darker away from the ship and town so the Aurora lights can be seen and photographed better. And the land is stable while the ship moves slightly , but enough that the required long exposures don’t work very well on the ship.
  5. Princess negotiated fares do not include all flights that a participating airline offers, nor do they include all airlines. So just because the airport 2 hours away is included, and the second leg is included, it does not necessarily imply that the desired first leg from your local airport is part of the packages. Which is a bummer for you, depending on the EZAir prices vs. booking direct.
  6. It mostly depends on how much time your excursion spends outside. Some are fully outdoors for 3 hours with bonfires to keep warm(er). We had checked the temps for the month the prior year and found lows of about 30. This year it got colder sooner and we were glad we had brought the winter stuff (jacket, pants, balaclava, boots, etc.). It was down to around 15 degrees at 7 pm on the 26th. We had not brought our thick gloves, because we wanted to operate the cameras and phones. The touch sensitive gloves were not warm enough and I would recommend heat packs if you plan to be outside for any length of time. Many others had to remove their gloves entirely to work their equipment and had to give up early. We ended up going inside a lot to warm up the fingers and noses, but that may or may not be possible depending on where you are. Be aware that the port of Alta, where you will have the best chance of seeing the lights due to location and timing, is a tender port with NO facilities at the pier. No shelter, no seating, no toilets—nothing but a pier and a ramp and a parking lot. If it is windy or snowing while you are waiting it can be miserable without proper gear, especially if the tenders run slow due to the wind issues.
  7. We very much enjoyed the crew and our fellow passengers, even running into some fellow travelers from prior cruises. The captain was very thorough about announcing the reasons for our deviations and keeping us posted on the weather conditions. Due to said weather conditions, the lights were only visible on one night, which was the second evening in Alta, Oct. 26. But when they did finally appear, they were glorious.
  8. Usually around 7 pm and then again around 10 pm.
  9. FWIW, on my just completed cruise on the Sapphire the disembarkation form said that any amount of unused refundable OBC up to $250 could be received at Passenger Services. I’m wondering if that was a typo and was supposed to still be $25. But it did sort of jump out at me when I saw it.
  10. It is usually about a day or two before the excursion; exact lead time varies because of port times and excursion office hours, but it is quite reasonable. (Certain expensive excursions involving flight transportation have different rules, but it is stated as such when booking.)
  11. Paul, thank you for the excellent lesson on 2 godmothers. I learn new things on these boards all the time.
  12. I haven’t seen this in at least a couple of years, but a while ago Princess did offer sales of about 10% off excursions. One had to cancel and rebook the excursion; but I think this was before they instituted the prepayment requirement. Since then, I have only seen pricing go up if it changes at all.
  13. Ummm...godmother (in Italian that’s Madrina) is Kerry Ann Wright as stated in post 2 above.
  14. J posted a copy of the turnaround day patters on her blog—second page of that states that pax who boarded in LA do NOT have to attend the muster drill in Auckland today. It probably varies based on both length of cruise and port country.
  15. My apologies; I should have been more specific. The early Grand class, Grand, Golden, Star have the ‘two cushion’ sofas. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1782989-star-princess-mini-suite-e729-photos/?tab=comments#comment-37407996 The later iterations, starting perhaps with the Crown? have the larger three cushion sofas.
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