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  1. Which just goes to show Princess is so confused they don’t even follow their own written procedures and policies.
  2. Holding Accounts for air, taxes, etc apply ONLY to Option 1 people. Apparently the thinking is that choosing FCCs means you will be using the FCCs soon and will want to use the Holding Account money to pay for the same items on your next booking. (It also gives Princess a better cash flow and use of your money in the interim). If you chose Option 1 but want your Holding Account funds refunded, you need to ask for them. If you chose Option 2, the ancillary funds are supposed to be refunded along with your fare.
  3. Did you cancel before Princess did? Did you file for Option 1 or 2? Did you receive a confirmation of your submission? If you did not cancel before Princess did and you have not received any FCC yet, then it is likely that Princess did not receive/register your Option choice and you or your TA need to call to get your ‘survey’ in line. If you cancelled, then you are in a different batch that has not yet started processing.
  4. I made a spreadsheet that showed each payment to Princess by that credit card, with date of payment, and what it was for (deposit, excursion, final payment). Then I made a list from the Princess invoices I had showing how the funds were applied (fare, taxes, air, transfers, excursions, etc). I made two columns, one for cash refund due and FCC amount due. I included copies of the Princess documents relevant to the funds (invoices showing dates and amounts received, air booking confirmation, cancellation confirmation and copies of Princess policy pages showing penalty fees and dates)
  5. Put us in the not interested side of the vote. Many reasons for that, but cruising in general won’t be our vacation choice until a vaccine is in widespread use.
  6. In reading over the pages of this very long thread, I have come to realize something: Denial ✔️ Anger ✔️ Bargaining ✔️ Depression ✔️ (gonna really miss Cruise Critic) Acceptance 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😂🤣😁
  7. Maybe we shall meet on the road. We were two doors down from you on the Sapphire from Singapore to Rome ( or was it Northern Lights??); you’re all the way east and we are pretty far west....but have RV, will travel! And you can always come for Balloon Fiesta after it starts up again.
  8. Well, shoot. I guess we’re over here in the Weenie Corner with remydiva, and Holly and Susan and Coral and others shoved aside. Dispute filed May 5. There is, sadly, very little Princess can do at this point to regain our trust. I’m not angry as much as I’m disappointed. We feel happy that we took the many trips we did, and fortunate to have done so. We have a handful of FCDs and three weeks on Princess booked for 2021 which we will be canceling as soon as the processing time gets faster, or final payment is due, whichever comes first. This is sad for us, somewhat like a realization that a long friendship is broken and forever over. The good news is that we have several land trips with two different companies (who have already completely refunded us) in the works for 2022 (and maybe 2021) in Europe, Africa and Israel. We will continue to travel, just not on a cruise ship for a couple of years. And it will be on Viking Ocean in the future, but not Princess.
  9. You can request an extension; TA webinar said they could be extended as far as May 2022.
  10. IMO there is no timeframe of any kind. People on our cruise (May 19) were refunded 2 weeks ago; we cancelled four days before they did and Princess tells us our refund has not yet begun the process, nor can they tell us when it will. 🤷‍♀️
  11. I am glad it worked out for you and your husband, muffydawg. It has not yet happened for me. We are at 67 days. When my TA called Princess last week they could not tell her when it would be processed.
  12. Just saw on my May 19 Roll Call that another pax was fully refunded two weeks ago, she cancelled 4 days after we did. 🤷‍♀️
  13. My guess is that bookings with more ‘complicated’ calculations will be handled last. Such as the many folks who were on interrupted cruises that have additional costs to return home along with OBC owed and days of cruise lost calculations. I also think people who cancelled before Princess did fall into another calculation basket, as there are varying degrees of cancellation penalty to be calculated depending on date of cruise and date of cancellation, and that is split between FCC and refund. We chose to cancel at 64 days before the cruise as we were in the phase where your deposit is the penalty amount, and our deposit was only $2. Princess eventually cancelled our cruise several weeks later, but we were never given the Option 1 or 2 choices, nor have we received any of the Emails. So I figure we are at the tail end of the refund line in Princess’ mind. Fortunately, our bank agrees that is a too-long wait and is working through our dispute since we have a dated cancellation confirmation email with all the math already done.
  14. Over on the insurance board you will find all sorts of similar discussions about the value, perceived or actual, of insurance purchases. There are many proponents on both sides of the discussions.
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