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  1. If you do not log out of the "INTERNET" not WIFI and you shut off your phone you will still be using your free minutes. Be sure to log off the INTERNET when you are done checking for you emails or surfing the web. You can then use the ships free wifi, with no loss of your free minutes, to use the phone to look at on ship items.
  2. You keep ass-u-ming things not in evidence. Nowhere does it say cruise lines are pet free. So far you have seen that your assumptions are false.
  3. Unfortunately you would actually need a full body suit complete with head gear to stop contact. But most won't do that.
  4. This type of discussion will end when there is a National Certification board and requirement for health related animals. There would be standards and a certificate required after meeting those standards. When and until this happens this type of discussion will go on and on and on. Do some animals provide a legitimate service to people? Yes. Do all animals provide a legitimate service? No.
  5. What if you arrive at the ship around 1030, drop off your luggage? Can a person/group walk out to say the Walgreens or other stores nearby to get forgotten or desired items. If so what documentation would be needed to get back into the terminal area? This would be before checking into the ship.
  6. At home just put your phone in airplane mode, then turn Wifi on. When you are connected to the internet try to make a call. Easy way to test this function. Remember to turn OFF the airplane mode when the test is over.
  7. We usually just go by our cabin and drop off our carry on baggage. Then go eat and explore.
  8. He has been disappointed on his few Princess cruises as he prefers a different style of cruising.
  9. My brother and his group stayed at the Westin. Set up by their TA with Princess transfer to ship.
  10. We also follow that advise. Look at MDR me u then go from there. Only takes a few minutes stop by any MDR to look.
  11. If someone could verify if the TV's on the Sky have an accessible headphone jack then a basic bluetooth Transmitter can be purchased and plugged in to work your headphones via bluetooth. Have used one here at home. Pair you headphones before you leave then just instal and enjoy. USB rechargeable.
  12. Just remember to not pack your Ulu knife in your carry on. It and maybe you may not make the flight. My sister tried to bring three home in her carry on. The results were predictable. I even warned them notto do this before they leftto go on the cruise. Ooops.
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