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  1. Hopefully we will be doing that cruise starting Dec 9 but will have to wait and see.
  2. Insult people much who ask a legitimate question you do not like. Where do I even suggest never cruising again? Where do I refer to vaccine, accurate testing or effective immediate testing is a joke. Get over yourself. Of you can not provide information in your posts then DON'T post.
  3. And what if a case of the virus is discovered on the ship while cruising to these islands? Who would then want to let them back into port with all that is going on these days? Can the cruise lines actually provide the resources to quaritne the thousands of passengers on these private "islands"?
  4. Correct but does it damage them months later in healthy young people as was claimed? No proof
  5. Notice the words "may" or "Suspected" in your reply. Nothing proven and where are these over 300 studies around the world and who has don them under what conditions. Or are they like the VA study that said hydrachorizone was dangerous yet they never even saw one patient. And they were opthamologist and optometrists. As to the one persons claims that was I reference to one of your posted articles that proved nothing.
  6. None of your articles say they have scientific proof of your claims. The first one is about a different virus. The second one is one person's claims and the last two just show that COVID 19 can aggravate existing conditions, None show that the virus can cause these problems in "healthy young people who show no symptoms." No wonder it is not all over the news as it is unproven.
  7. Where is all this evidence? And why are we not hearing about it all over the news?
  8. All cruises out of Canada are suspended until at least Sept I think. If you go to Canada for the foreseeable future you MUST quarantine for 14 days at your own expense. If you do not have a place then Canadian authorities will assign you one at your expense. We were supposed to visit our DD on July 9-14 but had to cancel.
  9. Which is better and less stressful. 1. Counting on a very early walk off for an early flight and realizing it may not happen. OR 2. Having a later afternoon flight, getting off with an early walk off and having to wait at the airport for a flight. We always go with option 2.
  10. Whenever ICE and Port Authorities give permission for it to begin. Would not plan on any particular time early in the morning.
  11. Don't know why you are stunned. The medical community seems to be as confused about the virus as everyone else. It seems they say something different every week. So it is so dangerous you will now travel the US in your trailer instead of staying home until a cure is out. And you think that is safe. Stunning.
  12. Have a cruise booked for December but will not make a final payment unless things change. Took to long to get refund for a March cruise and still have nothing from Jet Blue on a refund. Our planning for future travel has changed drastically from past trips.
  13. How do you know I do not? Or do I? And how will that show that "they all agree it is serious and deadly" when it will only be just a few there?
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