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  1. Alexander was the Asst CD on the Regal under Matt O. He was very outgoing anda lot of fun. Will be great to sail with him.
  2. By the way you can by some really nice hooded jackets on the pier in Ketchikan for about $25. Bought several the last time we were there. ANd yes they have held up over the last 5 years.
  3. That was no service dog. That was the excuse used to bring their pet on board. This type of behaviour is what gives true service dogs bad names. DISGUSTING
  4. Prepare for all sorts of weather from 80 to freezing. The magic word for all Alaskan visits is LAYERS. The weather there can change inside of 5 minutes. Agree with FTBLCOACH as we have also done two May cruises. I also lived in Alaska for a year and can attest to the quick changes. Have fun and be prepared. It is worth it.
  5. And you had THIS grout steam cleaned by professionals when? And you know the original color of the tile when the ship was built how? Sorry but do not see this as a huge problem and have never had any related to it on a ship. Just trying to understand your phobia.
  6. Wonder if that might have to do with flight arrival times that can not be changed. Also I wonder if Princess was holding people at the airport who are taking the shuttle to alleviate some of the crowding. We have a SIL on this cruise si I guess we will hear about upon her return.
  7. No where in there does it state tips given on one ship are then shared fleet wife. Certain members try to interpret things to meet their own agenda.
  8. No they say the gratuity system is fleetwide not shared.
  9. That would be fine if both have separate cards and use them independently. But some of us use a joint card on a joint account for numerous reasons. But each must handle it their own way,
  10. Just what every one wants to see on an open forum. Pictures of what your shipboard bathroom floor looks like. Next it will be either your shower or commode. How sickening.
  11. Sounds like a front to back single width one would work better. What would you do if you are going down a hallway and you meet a cart or worse yet an emergency is declared and the crew needs to get thru that area with rescue equipment.
  12. So you think a ship holds all their trash so it can be sent to a landfill? Wonder where they hold all of it at?
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