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  1. Thanks for the information, would like to know how the figures below $500 are divided in categories and length of cruise, if you don't mind me asking. Oops, I see your answer crossed my question, thanks!
  2. Thanks, seems to be a regular on Asian cruises, since we had same experience on Volendam in Asia in 2017. Enjoy your cruise and your Tamarind experience!
  3. First reports on the january 16th roll call sadly report no Tamarind 😥
  4. Another updated video was posted just a couple of hours ago, credits go to the hard working crew, video ends with refloating the Westerdam;
  5. Great stuff, obviously crew hard at work, still some time for fun and play!
  6. Second that, hope to have news from Westerdam out of dry-dock this week, will certainly go there in March on our cruise. We love the venue, but sadly only had the opportunity once (Eurodam) so far, to enjoy!
  7. We are on board in March and Tamarind does not show up as a bookable dining option.
  8. On the current deck plans, no Tamarind is visible, guess we have wait and see how she emerges from dry-dock next week. Westerdam is known to be test platform for many changes, so would not be surprised if she emerges from dry-dock with Tamarind somewhere. On the other hand, based on popularity of Tamarind, one would expect this change to be more out in the open on HAL (blog?) and as said, I do not see the dining option listed for Tamarind on our upcoming Westerdam cruise in March/April.
  9. Indeed you link mentions Tamarind. As far as my knowlege goes and earlier mentioned, there is no Tamarind. On our upcomming sailing on Westerdam, also in March, specialty dining only lists options for Canaletto, Pinnacle, Rudi's Sel de Mer (one night only) and Taste of de Librije (one night only). During Asia sailings, it could be that they have " taste of Tamarind menu" in the Pinnacle, we had this on Volendam in Asia.
  10. Alphen

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  11. Happy new year and happy cruising for you and Martha Tony, we will be on board not long after you, end of March, no doubt Westerdam is something to look forward to. Have a nice cruise!
  12. YOUR GREAT LAND DINING PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING MEALS ON THE OVERLAND PORTION OF YOUR LAND+SEA JOURNEY: ■■ Breakfast, including a menu entrée (or buffet, if available), plus coffee or tea and gratuity ■■ Box lunch on the Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour ■■ Lunch on the McKinley Explorer® with an entrée, non-alcoholic beverage and gratuity included ■■ Dinner, including soup or salad, entrée, non-alcoholic beverage and dessert, as well as gratuity ■■ Triple Denali dining plans include the Music of Denali dinner theater at Gold Nugget Saloon as one of their dinners
  13. I am in the research phase for a land + cruise tour and have come across some info that may be helpful, although not fully up to date; HAL_2018AlaskaLandSea_DiningPlan.pdf Tour_Tips.pdf
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