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  1. UGH. That would be very unfortunate. Thanks for the head's up.
  2. I suspect the CSR's will soon tire of checking the current prices for all of the Cruise Planner purchases. To be sure, I will be calling daily to see what the prices are...just to register my displeasure.
  3. Liberty is a great ship. Before the Oasis class came out, the Freedom Class ships (of which Liberty is a member) were the largest ships in Royal's fleet. Liberty has water slides and lots of other upgrades. Liberty is NOT as big as Allure but it is a nice ship and I don't think anyone will be bored.
  4. Here’s the thing about Key West. Even if the state manages to overturn the prohibition on cruise ships, why would I want to visit a port where the residents didn’t want me there ? I don’t get it.
  5. I have never had a particularly bad experience with connecting doors for noise reasons, but as others have mentioned....having only a chair instead of the usual loveseat was a disappointment.
  6. I would not count on this perk for a while. With the later boarding that seems to be developing, I doubt any specialty restaurants are going to be open on embarkation day. Typically they are only open from noon-2PM and from the hints that have been coming out, the earliest boardings are going to be early afternoon.
  7. I think all of those inside balcony perks went away some time ago. I don't believe there are any, anymore.
  8. Here's the thing (IMO). Everyone who is either a Pinnacle Club Member or a guest in a Full Suite has the right to be in the Suite's Lounge. Period. If someone in there doesn't like it, tough. Misbehaving children ? I sure hope not but guess what ? There are plenty of misbehaving adults in there at times, too. Deal with it or find somewhere else to spend your time.
  9. Suite guests (with the notable exception of Star Class Guests and some guests of the Royal Suites on some ships) do not get any personal escort onto the ship at embarkation. They do have a dedicated line for check-in and usually a separate waiting area prior to boarding but no personal escort. Debarkation escorting is wildly disparate. From what I am told (but I don't know if I truly believe this or not) the ability of the Concierge to escort you all the way through the Terminal, to the CBP kiosk is determined by the Port Authority and not the ship or cruiseline. I have been esc
  10. The main perk of being in a full suite (non-Oasis/Quantum class) for us is the ability to eat breakfast in Chops (or whatever specialty restaurant it happens to be on that ship). There is also the "happy" hour in the Suites Lounge in the evenings but this is really not that important for us. So whatever $$ amount makes it worth having a nice, quiet place to have breakfast is what we consider. The extra space in the suite is also a very big factor in our decision.
  11. We've NEVER cruised on Voyager before....but we are on the TA from Copenhagen to Boston in Sept. 22 and then the first CAN/NE cruise following the TA. I hope it's true that there will be a amplification + event in Europe. That would be swell !
  12. Epic is not just ugly, its balcony rooms also suck. The bathroom wash basin is in the main cabin and the balcony is extremely narrow.
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