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  1. We were on Oasis in December (Star Class) and were told by our Genie that Chops is no longer open on embarkation day. Honestly, I did not go there to check for myself....we ate at Giovanni's that day. I do not know if this is still the case. I am guessing (and that's all it is) that Chops simply could not accommodate all of the Key holders (who enjoy their Chops lunch in the MDR) and the full service restaurant as well. I do realize that other ships manage to do both, but apparently Oasis decided that they would close the restaurant for lunch to help alleviate the staffing shortfalls. We always get the UDP these days and the rule SEEMS to be...if the restaurant is open and they can accommodate you, your UDP will work there. Sea day/port day no longer seems to be a discriminator. When we were recently on NAV, Izumi was open a couple of port days and we were able to eat there using the UDP without any problem.
  2. Unless you are in a full suite....in which case, the Suites concierge can make your specialty dining reservations for you prior to boarding.
  3. There was definitely a bit more noise on 1720 due to its proximity to the sports court but I never found it to be a problem. I was never concerned about privacy. Shade. Hmmmm.... I would say they are about the same with 1720 MAYBE having a slight edge. Both of them will have sunny times and shady times. I love both of these suites.
  4. They must be getting close to capacity for our day (Anthem, Feb. 11). The full day tickets have gone up to $83.99 PP. We got them when they briefly were selling for $50.99 PP.
  5. Most of the time the blocks are delivered to your cabin. The only block we have ever had presented to us at a TTE was on Grandeur. I would think that the block would be whatever they are currently using.
  6. The same thing happened to us on Anthem. Both of us received a block, but we both got ours at the same time !
  7. We were in that room two weeks before you ! (12-1) Joyce was our Genie but I know that she left on vacation the week after we got off and I think Izzy was taking over her rooms. That is such a GREAT suite.
  8. Absolutely....before they removed the speakers. What I don’t know is whether or not they put the speakers back up once we got off. It was completely unacceptable before.
  9. Yippee ! No, I have not had Marla before. Sorry, I don’t know anything about her.
  10. You're going to love the Star Loft. They are incredible suites. The views are magnificent. Only bad thing is that you will be spoiled forever. Let us know when your Genie contacts you and who it is. BTW, which ship ?
  11. This is also the same message I always get. I have read of people who have been able to bid on an upgrade by going to this site even though they were not invited to bid, but it has never worked like that for me.
  12. That is AWESOME news ! SO glad that you got the outcome you were looking for. It's great to get some GOOD news from Club Royale for once !!!
  13. Hmmmm....I don't think the timing is going to work for you then. If I were you I would call CR and just ask if they can either issue the certificate to you early (doubtful) or allow you to reprice after 1 April (slightly more likely).
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