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  1. IMO, the JS are a far better option on the Vision class ships than a full suite. I despise the location of the full suites on the Vision class - all shoved up front under the WJ. Even though we almost always cruise in a full suite, I always opt for the JS for Vision class. The only thing I miss by sailing in the JS vs full suite is breakfast in Chops (I couldn't care less about the Concierge/suites lounge). Grandeur is a great little ship but I agree with John that I am skeptical that Grandeur will ever sail again under RCCL flag. A shame, but a very real possibility, IMO. The last photo that I saw of Grandeur (maybe a month ago) almost made me cry. She looked absolutely awful...all rusty and sad. If, by some miracle, they do allow her to sail her last days with Royal, I'm sure they will clean her up...but it was still very sad.
  2. We booked B2B on NAV for November. Not feeling all that confident that it will go, but I had airfare I needed to move so we booked. Hope they sail.
  3. No, it was from one of the comp offers that we got several weeks ago (I can’t remember the code). Both of us still have our Prime comps for the casino year ending 3-31-21. We will convert 2 of our current bookings to use the Prime comps
  4. I agree with those who address the water temperature and time of year. I find the water in the Bahamas in the winter (and oftentimes even the air temperature !) to be waaaytoo cool for me. In the summer, it's not as critical, but if you want to swim and it's going to be wintertime, I recommend Labadee.
  5. We had this problem, too. Ended with a “credit” balance which screwed up the airfare final payment. I will call and take care of that on Friday. It should be sorted out by then.
  6. I was able to move our 1 August 2020 Symphony casino comp (cancelled with this latest round of cancellations) to 13 Feb 2021 Symphony. They price protected it (I owed $4.20 in additional taxes/port fees). We had upgraded from an inside to a JS for a total of $516 (cruise fare). I agree that they will not allow you to do a "traditional" L&S but they will allow you to move your cruise up through the end of Feb. 2021 as @TYMAN posted above. It was actually very easy and very helpful. We did not try and change ships (we stayed with Symphony) but I have read of others who were able to change ships. They also didn't seem to care that we were moving an eastern Caribbean to a western Caribbean. They moved our air (booked through Air2Sea) as well although there was an additional $60 increase in airfare. No big deal. Since we already had a 6 Feb 2021 Symphony booked, this move now gives us a B2B. We were able to get the same JS for both legs. Very happy with the results.
  7. We had a casino comp cruise cancelled in this last round of cancellations. While the “traditional” Lift & Shift was not allowed, we were able to move this comp (Symphony) from 1 Aug 2020 to 13 Feb 2021. They totally honored the casino rate (we had to pay an additional $4.20 in taxes and ports fees) we had paid and moved the airline reservations to the new date ($60 fare increase). It appeared to me that the new “rule” was that you can move a cancelled casino comp to between 1 Oct 2020 - 28 Feb 2021with a price protection. We had upgraded the comp (Inside room) to a JS for a total <cruise fare> of $516. I was very happy with this option as we are already on 6 Feb Symphony so this makes a nice B2B Symphony for us. We were able to get the same JS for both legs. I have no idea if we would have been allowed to change ships but we wanted to stay on Symphony so I never asked. I was so happy that they let us keep this outstanding deal we had gotten, especially after hearing so many people say they could not get their comps moved and after having had 3 casino comps “lost” already, as the result of previous rounds of cancellations. My casino CS rep was Austin and I cannot be happier with this particular outcome.
  8. I have a hold on it. If Royal cancels August and Sept we will have the vacation days to go in Feb. If we sail in Aug and Sept we will not be able to go in Feb. The hold is good through 30 Jun. We should know by then.
  9. I went ahead and had my TA put a hold on this one for us. We have until 30 June to decide. If they cancel our August Symphony and September Liberty I can go on this 12 night Grandeur but if they do not cancel the earlier cruises I cannot. I'm sure we'll know something by the end of June.
  10. Came across a pretty impressive military discount on Feb 6 Grandeur sailing (JS GTY). This is a 12 night sailing including President's Day. Of course, I feel there is a pretty good chance that Grandeur may never sail again, but... Surprised to see that they are allowing stacking of 4 discounts.
  11. I wonder how they will handle it when I go to convert my existing booking into an annual casino tier comp. These bookings are currently held by my TA. I imagine they’ll allow it since they are already held by a TA.
  12. Isn't this the second SC cruise you have had cancelled ?
  13. We did this recently on Anthem. While we are NOT fans of the menu at Wonderland, we wanted to try The World dessert. We ate dinner somewhere (can't remember where that was) and later in the evening we stopped by Wonderland and told them we just wanted dessert. We got a very strange look but ultimately, we were seated and served our World. I have no reason to think you would not be able to go from restaurant to restaurant. There is no longer a limit on how many restaurants you can visit in 1 day. My guess is, as long as they can accommodate you, they will seat you.
  14. That's interesting. I didn't think they were allowing casino comp cruises to be L&S'ed at all. So you can L&S a casino comp cruise but only through Feb. 2021 ? Obviously that would violate their 1 year +/- 4 weeks rule.
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