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    Our flight time is ok other than the combined everglades and city tour (the 7.5h one), which would have been ideal. I would be so miffed if we found out a booked tour was cancelled just the night before!
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    Thanks, identical to our selection, we're on 6th April sailing so booking for 13th.
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    Hi, has anyone done any of the MSC tours ending at the airpot? We're considering the Everglades or City Tour (flight is 5pm international). Did you consider the tour good value for money, any issues etc? I assume they get you to the airport 2h before for domestic or 3h for international, hence getting off the ship around 8am? Thanks.
  4. Totally with you on this. There was a recent article on Travel Weekly titled "Princess Cruises adds British drinks to Southampton ships" with London Pride specifically mentioned. I really hope this isn't in lieu of some the American beers I've seen on menus like Lagunitas IPA! Can anyone onboard now confirm what beer selection there is please?
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