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  1. Ok thanks for further advice
  2. Think I might change tack and go with Marella instead after reading the link sent and what the gratuities are as well - all inclusive and no gratuities on Marella and a similar cruise
  3. Many thanks for your very quick response Think I might change tack and go with Marella instead after reading the link sent and what the gratuities are as well - all inclusive and no gratuities on Marella and a similar cruise
  4. Very many thanks for your quick responses
  5. Hi can anyone advise if you are allowed to take alcohol into your cabin for consumption there only Going to sail from Singapore on a non All Inclusive and would like to know if this is possible please Thanks in advance
  6. Hi can anyone advise if you can take alcohol on board to drink in your cabin or is this taken off you and returned at the end of the cruise Going to sail from Singapore on a non all inclusive and would like to know please Thanks in advance
  7. Devonboys51 Just a quick question How are you sailing on Azura Nov 2019 to the Caribbean and considering Explorer 2 to the Caribbean the same month?
  8. Sorry but it particularly says in the cabin descriptions for deck 2/3 that outside cabins have either picture windows or portholes and are as I saw last week on Discovery from the outside of the ship deck 2 front and aft only
  9. I don't know of anyone who got off the ship in Colon independently If you have please advise There we're no problems going independently from Cartegna, Limon, Belize or Roatan
  10. From my recollection on Discovery last week there are a few porthole cabins on deck 2 but only very forward and very aft and Discovery 2 is the same type of ship It also says in cabin description of outside cabins on deck 2/3 that they can be picture window or porthole
  11. We have been to Colon three times and I wouldn't advise anyone to get off the ship there even if you are allowed to It is an industrial port and doubt it is safe to do so I don't believe Marella are behind this just to sell excursions but for safety. The canal boat trip which I have done twice includes a return from Panama City by coach and on one occasion we were late back to the ship but of course the ship waited for us. I know you cannot book the glass topped train independently because the ship has reserved all the seats. On our second visit our friends were unable to book the canal trip on line as they had sold out and forgot to go to destination services straight away after embarking and it had sold out so had to do the train instead which meant we did the canal trip again on our on own as we'd booked it on line. We could have switched to the train but had enjoyed it so much we did it again. Our friends managed to see us sail by from the visitor viewing area near the San Pedro docks!!
  12. Addictedcruiser is right the screens are on deck 5 around the atrium
  13. I've done the canal trip twice and there were a number of Canadians on the trip so I'm sure you'll be able to book when you embark Both times there were 2 boats for the excursion - good luck and enjoy a great cruise
  14. 70% of Excursions are available online only so I suggest that you go to destination services as soon as you arrive or use the screens on deck 7 round the atrium as soon as you embark to ensure you get your trip if you cannot access online The canal boat trip is fantastic so I hope you get on
  15. Just returned from Discovery and it quite clearly states in the Cruise News and outside 47 and 47 gallery what the dress code is and this includes tailored shorts but must be worn with a collared shirt and full shoes Never saw anyone flouting the rules thankfully and people were well dressed in the main In Islands thankfully
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