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  1. update: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22384-disney-cruise-line-launches-new-lighthouse-point-website.html https://lighthousepointbahamas.com
  2. You can use cash. You have to goto the Purser's desk and give them cash - and settle up the total the last night of the cruise - lineup is long. Can your bank branch issue you a new card in the branch? Even a temporary one?
  3. Yes but ... Except shore excursions - they are in $USD and are charged to credit card at time of purchase in $USD - or you can apply OBC. This is for North American and European cruises. I'm not sure how Australia cruises work.
  4. https://news.co.cr/the-costa-rica-vacation-scam-5000-ice-cream/80996/ New scam. For small purchases such as a drink or snack, some cash would likely be safer.
  5. The prices onboard are in our opinion, reasonable "going out" prices. Comparable to a restaurant at home. As we are on a cruise, we consider it as if we are out every night. We get the PBP because a few drinks a day gets you break even and the rest is bonus. From what I've read online, RCI prices are higher!
  6. Small merchants in Martinique only take Euros. For example there is a snack bar type place near a park walking distance from the port. They have a few tables and sell drinks and a bit of food. We stopped for a rest on our walk. They refused our USD last year, but we had some Euros too so were ok.
  7. Re Transfer - on the Personalizer check your "travel summary". The transfers should show up in there. I always make sure I take a copy of the travel summary with me in case something doesn't make it onboard.
  8. On the Crown Dec27 the paper straws were shorter than the tall glasses that the fancy frozen drinks came in ( plastic glasses and glass ones). It made using them for frozen drinks a bit of a challenge once you had only the bottom third left and the straw didn't make it down that far.
  9. But keep in mind you need to vacate your cabin by 8 am so if you plan to linger in the DR, plan to take your belongings with you.
  10. when you purchase the PBP you pay the 18% up front. nothing shows up later.
  11. On the last page he posted a photo of the "new grounds" coffee / tea menu. Chai teas are listed. (I think that they are made by adding a syrup though like this: https://shop.torani.com/Chai-Tea-Spice-Syrup/p/TOR-361446&c=torani@syrups@coffeehouse ) These would be covered by the 15 coffees package and you can order one for someone else. The package resides on one person's cruise account only so that person's folio number / cruise card / medallion must be used to order.
  12. They used to have Wine stewards in the dining rooms. Many years ago ... I doubt they will be reinstated.
  13. None of the Royal class ships have milkshakes. Not at Gelatos either. The Grand class ships have the larger coffee & cones area with freezer for the hard ice cream that is used in the milkshakes. The Royal class ships have the new smaller ice cream area (coffee area is inside the buffet) and they only have space for the soft serve with no freezers for the hard ice cream and no space for blenders and sinks etc. Gelatos does not have hard icecream and does not have a blender. They do have some fancy sundaes though all extra charge not included in any drink packages. I really don't understand this decision to forget milkshakes. Must have been made by the same team that didn't put Crooners on Sky. 🙄
  14. I agree with skynight. Also, some bars (not just Vines) will have different wines than the dining room has. The menus have changed but we used to like a red wine that Crooners had by the glass but the dining room did not so we'd get our glass ahead of time and take it with us. If you have traditional dining you can let your waiters know if you want the same drink the next night - they can have it waiting for you. We have found that the waiters have more tables and things to do than they did a few years ago. We've had excellent service but we know patience is needed given their workload. They do sometimes get jammed up and service can stall.
  15. Princess rep told our travel agent that the PBPs will show up right away on our travel summary but that 17 year old son's coffee & soda package will not show up until "sometime later" due to computer issues. Their increased fare showed up on the invoice right away. 🙄
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