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  1. I’m happy to hear this. I hope it still works in Nov 2022. 😊
  2. You predicted a world-wide pandemic? I guess it would depend on your travel plans as to whether they’d be disturbed. It didn’t bother any of mine either.
  3. It sounds like a great time you’ll have!
  4. Canada has nearly 4 million people vaxxed with a mix of vaccines. I don’t know how many are cruisers, or how many even travel outside Canada…but having the freedom to do so is a big relief.
  5. I’m happy too. And good luck on your future good lucks. I’m lucky when it’s important to be lucky…like getting out of Ottawa in the Winter without a hassle. 😁
  6. I hope so, that’s what I have. The Annex part in the CDC guidelines is fairly, to very, specific about what constitutes ‘fully vaccinated’ . I think the cruiselines will be quick to update their policies. Would be nice if they put the policy in a banner across the top of their web site like they do with hurricane updates. This has been a good Ides of October. I’m holding off getting too excited until I see it on a cruise site.
  7. I’m surprised mine was available to print since I have a Fall birthday. It shouldn’t have been available until Sunday or Monday.
  8. I hope it works out and we are free to travel once again someday.
  9. CTV News..Oct. 11, 2021 7:59pm..Coronavirus News..Sarah Smellie and Laura Osman reporting. 32 million people eligible for receiving vaccines……1.6 million received AZ+another vaccine….that’s 5%……..2.3 million received a mixed dose of two vaccines…..that’s 7.18%. These stats do not include Quebec data because they don’t report this detail. My estimate of 32 million is based on the 2020 population of 39 million people in Canada…minus 6 million being children not able to receive the vaccine until very recently. 3,900,000 as a % of 39,000,000 =? Your chart shows that 3.9 million people received a combination vaccine.
  10. 🤣🤣 I actually don’t…I’ve saved alot of money by not buying them.
  11. My friend in Vancouver says that News 1130 is talking about the AZ mix vaccine…and also she read that Twitter statement. Fingers crossed that the decision is in our favour. I have to wonder, if 10% of our population received a mix of AZ and another WHO approved vaccine and are still alive or Covid free….doesn’t that say something about its efficacy. I haven’t read anywhere what the (CDC) problem is with the AZ vaccine. Just wondering.
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