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  1. The first night on the ship we went to the dining room at 6pm and the line just to get to the person taking your name for MyTime stretched out of the dining room waiting area, across the hall, past the elevators and wrapped around by the restrooms. We waited 45 minutes to get to the host, and once there, we were told to come back in an hour and a half and they would try to get us in. I asked if I could make a reservation for the week, I was told I had to call the reservations line in the morning. I called the next morning and was told there were no reservations available before 8:30pm all week. That night as soon as the dining room opened I came back and tried to make a reservation. I was there when the door opened. dozens of us were, we were told no more reservations were available before 8:30. I called again next day --- same thing. I asked the diamond concierge, he told me that 88% of the ship was in My Time or Early seating. He said, "it happens sometimes, you have to book your reservations ahead of time" He helped us get in specialty restaurants which is where we ate all week because MDR was such a mess.
  2. Let me try to explain more clearly. "MyTime" is still an option on my upcoming sailing, I already know it's available. I was explaining that my only experience with MyTime was horrible and someone encouraged me to try again. They led me to believe I had a bad experience because I was on an Oasis class ship AND I did not make reservations online before I left home. So, my question is, if I switch from early to MyTime now, am I likely to find all the reservations are gone again? I'm 50 days from departure and I wondering if in your experience you can still get a good time slot 50 days out. If I switch to MyTime and I can only get after 8:30pm again I'll be annoyed. So I was asking your opinion on my chances 50 days out of actually making a My Time reservation standing for the week a 6 or 6:15ish.
  3. We are typically early seating diners. Last year on Allure, there were no more spots in Early seating and so we had to do MyTime. Despite dozens of RCI cruises, it was new to me, I hadn't researched it and didn't do anything to prepare. We got on board and just showed up in the dining room at 6:30 and were told no tables until 8:30 and no reservations until after 8:30 all week. It was awful. We vowed no more MyTime dining. However, I recently learned that I should have made reservations ahead of time at home. Apparently everyone else did and that's why we couldn't find anything. I am thinking about trying MyTime one more time. We're 50 days out, vision class ship, and we're in a suite.... so their in a concierge to help. Am I too late to switch to MyTime and be able to get a regular 6:30 or 7pm reservation?
  4. We're in a Grand Suite for our upcoming cruise. My wife and I and our two kids. We checked in and our set sail passes are done. My wife and kids set sail all say "expedited arrival" on their passes --- mine does not. RCI technology issues I presume. Should I call or does this really not mean anything?
  5. Lynne you know what i meant, LOL ! Wrong choice of words.... 😉 I'll try again. since it's a tender port RCI won't send Allure there. lol (at least in the past Oasis class ships haven't tendered)
  6. Wow I never thought of that... Liberty does Jamaica, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel.... and Allure can't dock in Grand Cayman. My guess is... Week 1 Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel Week 2 Grand Bahama Island, Cococay, Nassau Hmmm.....
  7. My friend who is booked to the Bahamas run is unaffected, and she checked.... They've added more Bahamas runs that weren't there before. You were correct!
  8. Good thinking! I have a friend booked on one, I'll ask her if hers is still on.
  9. Weird thing is Enchantment was already scheduled to do a CocoCay run next summer. Galveston to Key West, Coco Cay, and Nassau on a 7-day. So who knows?
  10. This apparently impacts Enchantment from April through September, I cant wait to find out what they have planned for her, but I hope it includes a paint job.
  11. I'm in the middle on this... Still working and still have kids in school so anything longer than 7-day is usually out of the question for us. but I'm so tired of the same islands over and over again. I just want a 7-day with different islands OR with Overnights just something to mix it up a bit. Our cruise isn't impacted by this move, but when I heard about it and shared it with my wife, she immediately said, " I'm interested in "more immersive experience including additional ports" I want to find out what it is so we can book it. I reminded her we already have 3 weeks of cruises booked and I only get 2 weeks vacation, I can use holidays and personal days to cover the 3rd week but a 4th is pushing it! lol
  12. We have several cruises booked right now including the Med. but my wife is most excited for this one because of the room. I am the one more worried about the room location, but the price and the space seem hard to beat. GS perks for a price cheaper than a JS and double points.... I couldn't say no.
  13. I'm really concerned that the staff was retrained to cook bacon crispy. WTH! I don't like my bacon crispy, I need to have a word with this inspector! 😉
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