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  1. We're looking to soak up our few hours in Croatia and are looking for something fun to do besides the palace. I'm told beaches are crowded and public The National Park is beautiful but may be hard to do with limited port time. Any other suggestions? We'd love to hire a tour guide and have someone show us around, take us somewhere authentic for lunch. What is there to see? Where should we go? What can I pre-arrange?
  2. Hi, I'm looking at going to Krka National Park, but our cruise is only in port for a few hours, all the tours on their website seem to be all day affairs. Were they able to cater to you with a cruise friendly tour?
  3. We're sailing Rhapsody out of Venice this year. Really excited about that ourselves. Have a great trip!
  4. Awesome! I never understand when people say KSF doesn't work for them I always save thousands!
  5. I have no idea what RCI is doing with Enchantment either. When we were on Vision and told some crew we had booked Enchantment for a few months later, they all reacted, "oh..." and talked about the lack of upkeep and no clear idea why. I will say this, they were trying to paint Enchantment when we were on her in October, but it was impossible to do while she was at sea. She needs a dry dock to fix her up. I was shocked they're getting rid of Grandeur over her, seems like a big mistake.
  6. I'm so happy you put this here and more importantly the mods let it stay! I've looked at the other cruise line boards, and much like we are here, it's just a lot of inside baseball. It's really nice to see one of "loyal to royalers" take on the other lines. I hope there's a way to somehow let these continue, to some small degree, they're super helpful
  7. This is so tough --- we just did Enchantment, it was my least favorite RCI cruise. Mostly for the same reasons others cited. The ship needs work, and for us the staff was a real mixed bag. A tired ship, and rough staff. That being said we LOVED vision when she sailed out of Galveston earlier this year, amazing crew, ship in great ship and would say Vision beats the big ships. The size of Enchantment won't be a problem, staffing and maintenance could be.
  8. Yeah if I had my wits about me I would have reacted a bit more. It all happened so fast. Happy to know the review is still helping others almost a year later!
  9. Not arguing, just wondering what Legend could do since they were docked and tied up?
  10. 20+ cruises (all except one booked in a balcony) i've only seen dolphins three times. 1) while walking out of johnny rockets on a sea day on freedom 2) while docked in galveston 3) while docked in galveston
  11. She wants to do the cruise. We're going to Europe for a few weeks. We're spending time in France, Switzerland, Italy, and then doing Rhapsody to Croatia and Greece. She's super excited to sail out of Venice, and to go to Croatia and Greece. We're staying on Rhapsody, I'm just looking to to see if there are some ideas of fun activities (besides the joking one I alluded to) to do while on board.
  12. Things are getting a little ho hum, routine, and regular and I want to get some excitement back in our relationship..... our relationship with Royal that is. hehe We're doing 3 Vision Class ships in a row in 12 months time. After our second one, the mrs. isn't really looking forward to the third. But it's booked, smack dab in the middle of our European adventure and can't really be changed. And so, I'm looking for some off the beaten paths ideas of things we should do onboard that may be new to spice up 3 visits in a row on the same ship. We're sailing without the kids, so right off the bat, I know that's going to change the dynamic for us. 1)We're going to go to the Solarium, something we never do with the kids. Looking for specific other things we may be overlooking.... Do they still offer the Rasul treatment in the spa? Is there some other fun activity we may want to consider? Couples gym class? couples art class? What have you tried that has been awesome and that we could find on a Vision class ship?
  13. I'll be honest. We've been diamond forever, and didn't venture into the diamond lounge ever until like a year or two ago. Lounges just aren't that big of a deal for us at all. Last cruise on Enchantment we had access to both CL and DL as we were in a suite, and well, we saw no difference between the two. BUT.... as we paid attention to the loyality program we knew Diamond Plus meant CL and we were aiming to achieve it and know we had the option even though it's not really our thing. I told my wife, lets do 2 cruises a year, so we can get D+ before they change something. Now, it's changed. We don't really care much about losing access, but I definitely see no reason to keep those 2 cruises a year now. I feel like I've already achieved everything that matters for us in C&A. So, we'll likely explore other lines. I just don't see any real difference in Diamond Plus and Diamond without the CL access.
  14. Here's a link to my family's review of Vision (same class ship as Rhapsody) We absolutely loved it, even though we expected not to. That being said, coming from several carnival ships and "trying royal caribbean" rhapsody isn't the ship to give you a sense of what Royal Caribbean is. It's older and just caters to the non family crowd. I'm assuming you're close to Tampa.... make the quick drive to Orlando or FLL and try one of the newer ships. You'll love it. But check out my review it's heavy photos and gives you a parent with kids perspective.
  15. We are 2 cruises away for diamond plus and we crammed several cruises in trying to attain it before they added in some other level. Looks like there's really no real reason for us to attain it now, Diamond plus is pretty much everything we already get with diamond. I planned to look around after these next two cruises, now i''m going to start looking around now since hitting it doesn't really matter anymore.
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