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  1. Unlikely with another extension from today's announcement, that they'll be announcing in Nov.& Dec. things have been in a turmoil where cruises have been held off since March this year til.... who knows when. Prices have jumped considerably as many have noted in 2022 into the first three months on 2023. More rough seas ahead.
  2. This no sail order also prevents the cruise lines from going forward to announce ship itineraries going any further into early 2023. All the future Lift and Shift program applicants can only go so far into 2022. Some of the larger ships have already shown forward and aft cabins sold out while mid ship cabins are more money....as expected.
  3. There still wasn't anything new to learn folks. We'll know in seven more days one way or the other.
  4. Did you learn anything new that you didn't already know? I for one didn't, in the less than an hour broadcast.
  5. Couldn't locate where it will based from and doing which itinerary. Thanks in advance.
  6. Since cruises have started to be cancelled a few months ago, have people been notified from their travel agent just before final payment that your cruise has been cancelled and given the different options to choose that day? Tossing out a couple of examples, if people have a cruise booked in early March with a final payment due by the end of November, is it still wise to wait until the final payment date to see what type of offers are going to be available then? So far, how are fellow passengers handling their bookings IF they're receiving word from their travel agent? And, If a Caribbean itinerary changes on a certain ship that you want to sail on, on a certain date from 2021 to 2022 and you don't like the itinerary what can be done? Last, if another certain ship that you have booked in 2021 and in 2022 the ship is no longer in the Caribbean how can that be handled to not loose money. Has this happened to other fellow passengers, if so how have you handled it?` Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  7. Left by far hands down ! We were in a Winter mega storm five years ago on the Anthem from Bayonne when the Captain took us south right into it coming up the East Coast. The encounter made world wide tv news. Bottom line, Captain was relived of his duties then things got "quiet, publicity wise" for a couple of months only to find out he was sent over to the Far East to the Mariner. Quantum class ships are narrow and tall, if you don't like a ship rolling and rocking from 20-25knot winds don't sail on a Quantum class. Bottom line, the Anthem only had one working stabilizer so they couldn't be used, we wound up getting an extra sea day because we were rerouted hugging the coast after we left St. Kitts because of another winter mega storm going up the east coast.
  8. Thanks again Biker19. A short cruise with travel from the northeast isn't worth the big bucks flying south to Canaveral. I didn't check that Port. I was hoping to get in a back to back from Ft.L or Mia. where Ft.L is the preferred airport to fly in and out of on either an Oasis, Voyager or Freedom class 7 nighter minimally.
  9. I did see that the Indy will be over in the UK in 2022 from Ourusualbeach's post. 😞 I was hoping that it was doing a Caribbean itinerary.
  10. Yes, thanks Biker19, that's where I was first looking, but didn't see anything pertaining to THOSE PARTICULAR ships I asked about with the exception of the post from firefly333 about the Liberty still doing Galveston. I was especially interested in the Indy's home Port and itinerary.
  11. In case I might have missed any announcements, has anyone read where these ships are going to be deployed and for how many night sailings.There's nothing listed on Cruising Power for TA's. Navigator, Adventure, Liberty, Mariner, Independence. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  12. Well, as October draws gets closer we'll all have to listen to what information is next with ship capacity and how its going to play out with their different classes. RCI will have to come up with their plan on how to handle who's going to be allowed to sail and who will be offered some type of compensation . It's been an interesting topic reading what fellow cruisers have to say.
  13. Richard Fain for one, you can't get much higher than him and some of the other top echelon at their headquarters that can be seen from their YouTube video. My information came from "Coffee Talk" for those of us in the Cruise & Travel Agent business.
  14. I asked this question a few months ago when cruises got cancelled, up until now there's been no clear explanation on how RCI is going to handle passenger capacity. RCI hasn't addressed this yet, only to say a 40% ship capacity when cruising resumes. Case in point, ONLY as an example, lets say the Oasis got the ok to sail on December 1st and already has a full ship that booked a year and a half ago and others that booked afterward a year and a half. So what's going to happen to the rest of people that booked a year and a half ago or later? How will it be determined which people get to sail on that date? What will happen to those who are not inside the 40% group regardless as to when they booked? The option of a refund or FCC's ? This isn't the same topic for those who lost their cruise this year and who were given options. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
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