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  1. On the Edge in April they would not punch a hole in our card because of the chip and let us know that we could purchase lanyards with the plastic sleeve attached at the gift shop. Key West was our first port so we waited and bought the plastic sleeve lanyard there for a little less than what the ship was charging.
  2. The airlines I booked were on the Air2Sea site with other times. I actually booked two separate airlines, American for the outbound flight and United for the return. Air2Sea just booked it as 2 one way tickets.
  3. I found flights that were not available on Air2Ses website, but I called and the rep was able to book the flights for me. She did say flights had to meet certain criteria before they could book it (for my cruise, flights had to depart The port city after noon). So if you don’t see a flight you want, it’s worth a phone call to see if rep can book for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you both. Yes, I was referring to the airport transfer through the ship at $27. 138East, thanks for the tip about the Taxi Dispatcher. I will research that a bit more and may cancel my ship transfer in favor of the taxi dispatcher shuttle.
  5. I'm taking my first cruise from Port Liberty in November and I'm doing it solo so want to know what to expect before I encounter it. These boards have been helpful in answering many questions, but I found little on how the ship's shuttle to the airport works. First, I understand Uber/Lyft are great options, but I'm not comfortable doing those alone and prefer the (hopefully) ease of the ship's shuttle. I have a 12:30 United Airlines flight and here are my questions: 1. Disembarkation - is there a special group for Airport transfer people or do you disembark with the general mass? 2. Do I retrieve my luggage at the ship terminal and take it to the shuttle with me? Again, are bags kept in a separate group for retrieving? 3. Are there signs or crew members in the terminal to direct you to the shuttles? I would think "yes", but don't want to assume. 4. Does the shuttle drop you off directly at the terminal? I've never been to EWR, but I've been reading that there is a tram stop of some sort that a lot of ride share places drop you off at and then you need to drag the luggage on the tram to the correct terminal. 5. This may have be answered in one of the above questions, but how am I reunited with my luggage at the airport? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.
  6. We went a couple of years ago and saw the puppies on board. They had a line for pictures, but also one of the handlers was walking around with a puppy so those standing/watching could have an opportunity to pet them.
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    Instead of starting another "test photo" thread, I'm going to just add to this one with my test photo.
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