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  1. We went a couple of years ago and saw the puppies on board. They had a line for pictures, but also one of the handlers was walking around with a puppy so those standing/watching could have an opportunity to pet them.
  2. mslaabs

    Test photo

    Instead of starting another "test photo" thread, I'm going to just add to this one with my test photo.
  3. Count me in, love reading along. Hope it wasn't your bag that was smoking.
  4. I'm going to preface this by saying this is my own personal opinion and by no means am I trying to discourage you from going to LL Bean (I'm a huge fan myself) if that is on your bucket list. I have been to the LL Bean store, but not through a ship's excursion. While the store is great, if this is your first time to Maine it might be worth checking out some of the sight-seeing excursions. This my personal experience and others may have had a different one, but when I was at the store I found they did not carry several of the items or as large of a variety of a particular item as they have in the catalogs. For example I wanted one of those LL Bean t-shirts but they only carried one design and one color in the store where as there are a few more options in the catalog. They still had a variety of items though and I did not walk out empty handed. Whatever your decision, Maine is a great place to visit.
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