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  1. I should gave made it clear that “she” was identifying as a “he” that night.
  2. Just off the Reflection. We had no intention of eating at Specialty restaurant but beginning on about the third night, we were approached in the martini bar with a special price at the Lawn Club. 1/2 price. We took it and were delighted. He offered us the same deal any night we wanted to return. We planned to go again in the last night but weather was rough and winds were up so we decided not to go. Wonder if they were having trouble filling up the tables. I wouldn’t buy before cruise...deals seem to always be available on board
  3. No need to buy a bottle of wine in DR. The sommelier will come around and you simply tell him what wine you want. He’ll bring it and continue to come around and fill your glass during the meal. During dessert, he will ask for your card. I have no idea how he keeps up with how much wine you drink or if he even tries...but never been a problem. Now if you don’t have a drink package, I don’t know what would happen or what you would be billed. Never once have I been asked at the beginning of the meal if I had a drink package.
  4. Just got back and used JB for this very same tour. Fabulous tour. Our driver was Luca and what a personable and friendly guy he was. Passionate about his country and loves what he is doing. He was courteous and entertaining. As we were heading back to the ship, he received a phone call which he passed to me saying, “call for your group boss”. It was Cindy from JB calling to ask us if we had enjoyed the day. She was also a delight. I would absolutely book with Joe Banana again.
  5. I’ve been cruising since 1995 and have well over 20 cruises with X. I don’t know what EQ, RF or SL is. Nor do I have any idea what (or who) LLP is. I certainly have no clue who Capt Kathy is. Never knew the name of the Capt Club Hostess (frankly never laid eyes on one but I read about it here a lot). Nor wouldn’t know a Cruise Director if I saw one. So I guess I wouldn’t be the one to tell anything that you’ve done cause I probably would be less than impressed. All I know, is that I enjoy cruising but also take a lot of land based trips. I do enjoy picking up a few tips now and then from this site.
  6. Thanks. I’m not intentionally logging out and have no idea what an incognito/private browser is. I am using an IPad. And it doesn’t always make me log in...I’d say about 25% of the times I go to the site I am already logged in...other 75% I have to enter user name and ID.
  7. Is there a way to stay logged in. Currently I have to enter user name and password each time. Used to be automatically logged in whenever I opened the page. This is on website not app.
  8. Y’all are being pretty tough on the OP who has in fact provided an excellent source of info for others who are doing just what you are criticizing him for not doing...investigating options. Thanks Leesre for providing this info.
  9. With the PMP, do you still need a timed entrance reservation at Versailles? Or do you show up and get skip the line privileges?
  10. From a slippery slope perspective what’s the difference...I know, smoking is against the rules and perfume isn’t . But if perfume is an allergen, why shouldn’t it be restricted to certain areas if the ship? It hasn’t been that many years ago that the voices of a few grew to a groundswell and smoking went poof (😜). And given today’s attitudes hat no one should be offended by anything, why should you have to remove yourself from the area of the perfume. Stand Up for Your Right to a perfume free society!!
  11. The same good folks who pay outrageous prices for Pre and Post Hotel packages through the cruise line will pay for the “Premier Pass”. $198 for inside access tour...really, what do you see that could justify that?
  12. Thanks for this info. I have the following screen displayed: what is is difference in 7.50€ ticket and 10€ ticket?
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