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  1. Well sometimes it's better to read before you post.
  2. Since you (and everybody that cruise from the U.S) leave the U.S, you are going through CBP when you return. Flying to another country with CBD, well who would risk something like that?
  3. With other words, TSA has NOTHING to do with this.
  4. And TSA operates where?
  5. Read this again and then think for a second. By the way, I'm Batman 😉 Point taken?
  6. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3440
  7. It used to be like that, but then I visited the site during the time I was onboard. Now I can use both sites.
  8. Do you have a local Royal Caribbean site? I'm Swedish and we use www.royalcaribbean.se instead of .com.
  9. How is getting a Hep vaccination a bad advice? Even if you never leave your home country you could get Hep.
  10. How much will it cost you if you get sick? Our daughter have had two Hep A vaccations and she is 19 months old.
  11. Well that's not the issue I had with her re-ply. Read her judgemental re-ply regarding their age. I did a trip to Tenerife with my former girlfriend when I was 20 and she was 18. The year after I did a trip to Magaluf with five friends. Let's just say that those two trips was VERY different and the one I did when I was 21 involved a LOT more alcohol.. There's a Swedish cruise ship that does one night cruises in the Baltic sea, their age limit is 23. The first 2 years of the relationship with my wife, we couldn't sail on the ship, but we could sail 7nts on the Allure of the seas.. Logical? No but it is what it is. Well she could, but they choosed to solve it in a different way. But that wasn't the point.
  12. Come on! They are a couple and they are 19 going on a Princess cruise.. You talk like they are 15 and going to Magaluf.
  13. Our daughter will turn Diamond, due to my status, before she turns two years old in December. But she will have done a total of 65nts at sea by then, but not only on Royal. Not sure if I will bring her into the DL, since I have seen the shape of the people getting out of the DL 😜
  14. I didn't spend much/any time in town the two times I have been there. Did the same tour both times since my wife hadn't been there before when I did my second visit. Took "The Wet Tour" with Bumpiing Tours, it's fantastic. http://www.bumpiingtours.com/#2610
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