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  1. Well CC are still around because it had a lot of members when the glory days of the forum format started to go down. If CC will still be around, comes down to two things: 1. If they can keep their members. 2. If they can get new members. With the later being the most important thing. Maybe because people prefere cruising? If everyone did this, it wouldn't be any cruiselines in 2023.
  2. The Water dog made the best post in this thread.. 👍
  3. When I read some of these posts, this is what I imagen..
  4. It would be fantastic, but it's not gonna happen.
  5. "7.68% of the Swedes who have tested positive for COVID-19 have died of the virus." In Sweden only the very sick and people working in healthcare gets tested. "While Sweden’s elevated case fatality rate could be a result of its low testing rates compared to its neighbors." Time will tell.
  6. No one knows if our way (the Swedish way) turns out to be the right way our not. Well except Trump, he already knows how it's going for Sweden.. 🤷‍♂️
  7. No, since we had paid $2300 to the TA. Most of it in gift cards. Normaly in Sweden you pay to the TA and they will pay the cruise line when the final payment day comes.
  8. We have 4 cruises booked, the one in September have been paid in full for a long time. We desided to pay the other 3 in full last week. By doing that our TA could move the payment to Royal. If our TA would go out of business, we still would have our cruises payed and no money lost.
  9. I have the same opinion and I think that the smaller ships with longer cruises will be the last to come back.
  10. I understand that nobody knows for sure, but what are your thoughts? Will every ship in the fleet sail when they start cruising again? The cruise lines might have a hard time filling the ships and if that's the case do you think that some ships might still be out of service? If Royal starts sailing with fewer ships, which ships do you think still will be taken out of service? We have four cruises booked and I'm not sure that any of them will sail, even if they start cruising again. Freedom from San Juan in September. A port that Royal, even before the Corona virus, said that they would homeport fewer ships from. I think that Freedom still would sail, but maybe not from San Juan. Vision 11nts in late March 2021 from Ft. Lauderdale. A longer cruise on an older ship. Odyssey from Ft. Lauderdale in April 2021. Will she be completed by then? With Europe on lock down and the ship still being built, I'm not sure. Empress from Miami in April 2021. The oldest ship in the fleet, a ship that Royal took back into the fleet to be able to sail to Havanna. Since Cuba now days are a no go, the ship are more or less pointless.
  11. ^^^ This! Then add all other things that cruise passangers spend money on to be able to cruise. Flights, rental cars, hotels, food etc. I have been in the U.S several times and every time because of cruises. I don't think that I would go to the U.S if all cruise ships left from another country.
  12. Majesty is one of few Royal ships that I wouldn't sail again. But I have never sailed on Getaway.
  13. How many in this thread have cruised with a toddler? The "You won't be able to enjoy the cruise" - statement is just stupid! Sure it's different compared to cruise with adults, but different doesn't have to mean that it's bad. We would never have done 6 cruises (and one 2nts ferry cruise between Sweden and Estonia) if it would have been bad. Between December 2019 and April 2021 we have five more cruises booked and my guess is that we will book at least one more in this time period.
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