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  1. Our granddaughter did her 1st cruise for her 2nd birthday. There was stuff for her and babysitting. Dining room staff was great. Waiters always immediately brought her something to eat while the rest of us us were still thinking. We did get her a tablet. Her mother got her headphones and loaded it with stuff. Kept her occupied while we ate. No one had to leave to occupy her. She's 7 and lives to cruise.
  2. Ignore this! Looked in the wrong place. Of course, if the Rhapsody can't do a 14 nt TA wondering how it can do the 7 nt fr Civitavecchia? Sail her across empty? 7 nt TA? Not sure she can sail fast enough.
  3. Just noticed that our Rhapsody 7 nt from Civitavecchia on 4/24/21 after our 14 nt TA is no longer showing as available to book. Interesting.
  4. We're on the Rhapsody 14 nt TA in April and then a 7 nt in Europe and in October an eleven nt followed by a 10 nt TA from Southampton. Don't expect April to happen. Have hopes for October. No April 2022 TA listed so I can't do a L&S yet.
  5. Cruises haven't been cancelled. I think they are waiting to see what happens. Schedule a new itinerary? Problem is with the longer TAs.
  6. All cruises more than 7 days are no longer on the site as required by the cdc...no cruises more than 7 days can sail or be offered for sale. We have 3 in that category. Applies to any such cruise that sails from or to a US port.
  7. Our 10 nt TA Anthem from Southampton in October is supposed to arrive in USA on 10/31/21 and its no longer being offered. Can they just extend the cruise a couple of days so we arrive after November 1st? I know, I know, just keep hoping. I don't expect our April TA on Rhapsody will go.
  8. We also did the Serenade crossing in 2018. It was great. Both our TAs are now on hold.
  9. Same here. Actually we were going to do the next cruise but.... did you do the whole circumnavigation? We did.
  10. Yep. Our 2 TAs, April on Rhapsody and October on Anthem are in the same boat. And we a 2nd cruise. B2b with them. I have my doubts about April but higher hopes for October. Only time will tell.
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