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  1. Schedule was 4:30, all aboard was 4:30. Weather was terrible and departure was delayed until 5 am. The problem was that trains into Circular Quay were disrupted and delayed causing all sorts of problems.
  2. From what I understand some people arrived at port in Sydney after Australian immigration (?) Passport control left, around 2:30 pm, and therefore could not board. At that point we were supposed to go to Bali. They were Australian citizens/residents, I don't claim to understand Australian rules. The weather was very bad and some trains into the port were delayed causing ship passengers to be late. Additionally we didn't depart Sydney until 5 am! Nothing to do with coronavirus at that point or where these people had been.
  3. Yes, that's what happened but I had been told the calls would be free on wifi.
  4. Check with your husband's doctor. They may let you travel, mine did in the middle of chemo. He told me his goal was that I should live my life! Best advice I got. Best wishes for your husband's recovery.
  5. On board Radiance. I have Verizon. In the hotels in Melbourne and Sydney put phone on airplane mode and wifi. Made some calls. Got charged. I had confirmed with Verizon before I left home that this would be fine, no charges, but then got charged. Contacted Verizon and they found that I had called and been advised that those calls would be free so they removed the charges but said in the future would be charged. Did it by chat feature on their site. When I get home will investigate further but in the meantime email will suffice. I have a surf package and works well enough for me to get stuff done. Sometimes slow. I work while traveling so need some wifi but haven't need stream.
  6. You didn't mention which ship you are booking. That will make a difference. We always book with cabins above and below which should lessen noise.
  7. Yep. Sat on the ship. Looked at port. Then headed out to sea again. Today as we sail to Port Hedland we have to see Australian immigration authorities on board. Re-entering Australia!
  8. Merion_Mom, could you email me please I have a question. Rasokol48@gmail.com. onboard the Radiance doing the circumnavigation now. Thanks.
  9. We're currently on Radiance and Royal cancelled our port stop in Bali for today but because of Australian tax laws we're in the harbor and being cleared to avoid Australian taxes. We'll head back out in a few hours.
  10. We've dropped off luggage way before 11, maybe as early as 9. Off the ship, taxi directly there.
  11. Yes. Drop luggage at pier. I'd checkin and get rid of the rest of your stuff and then head into old San juan. Or go directly to Barrachina's in old San Juan. Wander around and then head to ship. Depends on how early you arrive.
  12. No they pulled out of Singapore. Quantum is floating around and Spectrum is heading to Sydney for free cruises for firefighters. No passengers on either ship. March sailings from Singapore are uncertain.
  13. This was Royal's decision. I think there is serious doubt, see NY times article, that Indonesia has zero cases of the virus, which it is claiming. Royal didn't want us banned by other ports and have us floating around the oceans.
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