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  1. Just realized the page we were posting on...with the demons that are bombing poor Dani...was... 666. 👿 Go away demons. We are all children of this earth. Stop killing our brothers and sisters!!
  2. Aww...as usual you are so sweet. As long as everyone does not mind...I will keep posting. 🙂
  3. OMG...how scary! Hope it all ends up passing soon and you all make it through this. Sending good will wishes that it will all be over with soon.
  4. Yeah, no cruise going on...but indeed we are doing what we can to make up for it. Feel guilty though that we are enjoying our life here...and poor Dani is going through so much. Not fair. Those demons firing the rockets need to get a grip and stop their carnage, which gets them no where.
  5. How are you doing Dani? Keep posting so we know you are OK. Hoping things are calming down there now, and you and yours are staying safe.
  6. Lunch at Trillian in Mendocino. Nice garden area, bottle of local Sauvignon Blanc. Then Bucky "just had" to have the featured "Smores" cake for dessert. 😉
  7. Answer to above.... "Quoth the Raven nevermore". 😄 Goofy Raven hopped right over to our car, looking like he wanted to jump right in with us when I opened the car door as we parked on the side street in Mendocino. Guess he didn't like that I didn't have any Raven food with us. 😄
  8. Drove up the coast to Mendocino yesterday. Pictures of the coastline and of the beach in front of the cute little town of Mendocino.
  9. OMG Dani...that is so sad you have to go through that. 😥 With all that is going on in the world with Covid, and now you have to deal with that. Demons of the world be damned. Hope you stay safe, and this is over with soon. Just tried to pull up your situation on the news on TV and can't find any station covering it. Not even CNN, which needs to report it. Found it all over the web news though. Worthless TV news channels. Scary for you all for sure. 😮
  10. Guessing your home will sell quickly, with buyers out bidding themselves for the privilege of owning it. 🙂
  11. I believe Morro Bay is quite a ways south of San Fran...and about a 7 hour drive from where we just north of Point Arena. We are only 27 miles from Mendocino. Staying in northern CA.
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