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  1. Sweeet! My favorite as well. I can't book summer, have plans already. Waiting for Oct/Nov with TA for Fall of 2022 to book.
  2. I am waiting to rebook Allure westbound TA for fall 2022. Don't see that listed yet. Want to reprise the original B2B with TA we had booked that was cancelled with you from last month. I can now book October Allure Med cruises...but want to wait until I get a cabin selected on Fall TA. Not sure when that one will come out for booking.
  3. Congrats! Indeed never hurts to ask!! I was on the phone with American Airlines for almost an hour this morning. Now had to cancel our round trip to SJ from Orlando with cancelled Freedom cruise for next month. That flight was already a used credit for cancelled Grandeur (Baltimore) flight from last June. Ughh...plus I had another smaller cancellation credit from defunct flight from Miami that was to be Allure TA return. We are flying up to Bangor in the summer (renting houses...no cruises thankfully!!)...asked if I could use both credits towards that one flight
  4. Applied immediately for full cash refund back to credit card when I saw the announcement. Now the waiting game...at least did not have to make that final payment today. 😮
  5. Ahhh... Bummer. I forgot the cancellations were for different areas. 😞 Just off the phone with United. Full cash back to credit card for the one way Orlando to Sydney. . 🤗 Indeed a very Happy Hour to take place soon. Whew... 😁
  6. Mine was cancelled when RCI changed the embarkation port for Jewel, taking it out of Amsterdam.
  7. Same for me...had B2B Jewel August this year, British Isles and Baltics. Would have liked to have seen that one go. Got refunds for the deposits weeks ago.
  8. We are both off the hook!! 😄 😄 Whew!! 😉 $$$
  9. Yup, just in the nick of time...go figure! Finally got lucky!! 🙂 My final for pricey 18 night was due tomorrow. Have already been online to request cash back to credit card for B2B Freedom PR in January, and then the big ones for Aussie adventure. Had to make final on first one, but rest should be refund to credit card for deposits. Whew.... glad to be done with that. Now the waiting game for refunds. 😮
  10. Yup...rock lifted...can see the sun now. Waiting online for United to cancel my flight down there. 🙂
  11. Already had to pay final on first leg...2nd leg due tomorrow. $$ RCI has me over a barrel right now, since if I elect to cancel...I get yet more FCC vouchers I have no where to place, and not enough time to use. If I pay...and they cancel just after (seems the norm lately)...I will take the full cash back to Credit Card. If they pay it back within 2 weeks, as last couple of cancellations (big "IF" there)....I will be once again "floating a loan" interest free to them..but at least I am not stuck with FCC vouchers.
  12. Love it! Thanks for the kitty pictures! Eva is indeed beautiful!! 🙂 😸 Good idea for the name...since Cory/Sparky is always lively!
  13. I would do that...but nothing to L&S to. No cruises even close to a 16 and 18 day two leg circle the country of Australia itinerary going on in 2022.
  14. Would be nice if they did it today...so I could avoid the pricey final I have due tomorrow. 😮 Yah...I know...in perfect world. 😉 But seriously...the final I have due is for an 18 night cruise around the bottom of Australia. No way...no how...that cruise could happen. RCI knows it, has known for weeks, that it can't happen. Really frustrating and unfair. Two cruises a month after that are TPs of 19 and 11 nights in April that involve a US port (Honolulu). No way at all until November are over 7 night cruises allowed as stated. Not on website any lo
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