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  1. CC Help Jenn

    Bugs in create new Activity Stream

    This is pretty much correct and something that has been reported as a bug to correct in the next upgrade release
  2. CC Help Jenn

    Log-in behaviour when accessing a post-login page

    I think this will be corrected when we address the log in issues some members are having in general
  3. CC Help Jenn

    REQUEST: Add Font Size to Medium Toolbar

    Whew you said happy! Two times in a row my mind read that as unhappy and I couldn't figure out why. You can obviously see where my mind has been 🙂 I had seen mention a few times about the font selector and actually had it on my To Do list. I just wanted to check with the boss lady to make sure there wasn't a reason we didn't have it first. I just so happened to get approval to add that when I saw your post. Lucky chain of events Have a great day and I am definitely bookmarking this.
  4. CC Help Jenn

    Bugs in create new Activity Stream

    I looked at both of your settings on that stream. Bluemarble had it set to show items/comments/reviews (even though it is showing items only - when I clicked in I saw that items/comments/reviews was selected) So I changed @Paul from Maryland setting to also show comments. If you only show items, it will only show the original topic and never the replies so you should make sure to show comments if you want to see more on a specific thread EDITED TO ADD: haha and in the meanwhile you have gone and figured it out! Very well
  5. CC Help Jenn

    REQUEST: Add Font Size to Medium Toolbar

    Welcome! That was an easy enhancement 🙂 I would have let you know it was done but was still playing around with it a bit for phone/tablet and then checking the results on said phone and tablet. Hope you find the toolbar additions useful
  6. CC Help Jenn

    REQUEST: Add Font Size to Medium Toolbar

    Thanks for the instructions 😛 I do know to do it, but appreciate that if I didn't you were willing to show me how to learn. Haha. We left some of the settings in this format as default but will be tweaking Ill take a look at the toolbars
  7. CC Help Jenn

    No Email Notifications

    Tried something, sent another test Let us know 🙂
  8. CC Help Jenn

    No Email Notifications

    I replied to your email but wanted to let you know we are looking deeper into this Thanks for your patience
  9. Just a tad busy -- just realized my coffee is cold and I haven't had breakfast and it is lunch time! Haha break time soon for sure. I sent you a test email - please reply to it if you receive it. First step in figuring this out
  10. CC Help Jenn

    No Email Notifications

    You should have two emails from me. One from help@cruisecritic.com and one from Cruise Critic Community <cruisecritic@invisioncloudcommunity.com> Let me know if you did not receive both
  11. CC Help Jenn


    Did I miss anyone's roll call --- if so please reply 🙂
  12. CC Help Jenn


    https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/carnival-breeze-november-3-2018/ It has been added to the search
  13. CC Help Jenn

    Ship Specific links

    I will update my "what's being worked on" list --- I will try to remember to reply here as well --- as you can imagine my brain is all over the place right now 🙂 However when it it fixed it should also look different --- We are switching over to a drop down menu format that will take up less page real estate
  14. CC Help Jenn

    Bugs in create new Activity Stream

    Looking into!
  15. CC Help Jenn

    No Email Notifications

    Please email help@cruisecritic.com so that I can check your settings and look at what email provider you are using Thank you