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  1. Maybe I missed the complaints about uploading photos. I find it to be easy but I work with this system 24 hours a day 🤪 it is also very very easy to upload photos via the app - or at least it was when the app worked. I assume that hasn’t changed
  2. My guess is that it is something the app developer had written in, not something that is native to our boards software or that our boards software is showing
  3. I will be partying for your anniversary 🙂 On a cruise too!
  4. Does the submit reply just spin/do nothing? No error messaging? Or are you even able to click the submit reply button
  5. Not going to lie or sugar coat. I could remove the links from SOME places on our forums - but I don't have the ability to take down the tool itself or many of the links that are on the site. It is a lot of manual work to take a few links on the forums down just to have to do as much manual work to put them back when the tool is operational. If I think that the fix won't be in place anytime in the near weeks then maybe I can carve out some time to remove them because I do know how confusing it is. However the tool itself will still be on a live page since I don't have the ability to take that down personally - plus other places on the site that link to the tool as well where I don't have control. It will be a minor help, me removing the few forums links I can. Adding a task to remove the tool page and links to the tool will just be one more item in the tech queue and the fix for the tool would likely come before removing the tool from the page while we wait to have it fixed. I apologize that I don't have anything else I can do at the moment
  6. You can raise / lower withdraw as long as it hasn't been accepted/charged/assigned a new room. I keep changing my mind on my own so I play with it quite a bit 🙂
  7. At the moment, we are not adding new ships to the tool UNTIL we have fixed the issues with its' functionality Thanks for your patience. As Essiesmom mentioned you can find the roll call forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2438-carnival-radiance-roll-calls/ Browse the threads to see if your cruise is listed already 🙂
  8. The drop down ship search has returned. Thanks for your patience
  9. Thanks for pointing this out! I will see about getting the info put back to our preferences. It should be join date, posts, and location under your avatar. Also, re: thread starter designation. I have that on my "wish list" which doesn't mean it will happen - just that I have noted members would like it to - and we look at that when asking the developers to work on new features.
  10. Actually it's wasn't removed on purpose. We did perform maintenance, I think last Weds very early in the am, I am wondering if it disappeared at that time. I am looking into this
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass this along to our editorial team to consider
  12. It can be done keeping posting history, profile pic, signature, etc etc and all other info in-tact.
  13. Our app never left the app store, so that makes the whole situation confusing . To add to that our developer would still push through updates, however our new forums weren't compatible with the app as it was intended for our old forums software. Laura has been working with the developer to push out the changes needed to work with our new forums software and it will be very soon, but I do not believe any changes were pushed out/released yet. We will have an official announcement here when they app will be usable.
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