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  1. Officially you have to buy food to use your Bev package for a milkshake. Of course there are reports of that not being enforced sometimes so I suppose it would depend on the staff. If you have UDP then you can have the food included in your package and get a shake using your bev package. But the shake itself is not included in the UDP. You would need both packages to have food and shakes fee-free.
  2. Going to look into why Imgur is censored and get back to you. We may be able to unblock
  3. We’re going to bring this up and see what if anything can be done on our end
  4. Haven’t received ours yet but want to book another cruise for next year. This was far too short to count as vacation Waiting impatiently 🤪.
  5. We are eating at Johnny Rockets right now on Anthem and it is included. We did have to mention it though otherwise we would have been charged
  6. I think they’re trying to give us 9:30-8pm in Bermuda. It has been interesting so far. The app isn’t working right so you can’t see your calendar or book anything. The lines at excursions and guest services are still insane even now at noon. It was really hard to get dinner reservation at Chops and Jamie’s, not ideal times. We’re going so fast to get to Bermuda that they aren’t letting anyone out on top outside decks (pool areas yes but not the deck with the walking track) still trying to wear my patient pants!
  7. Yes!!!!! It was heavy to lug up 4 floor seats 🤪
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