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  1. No update unfortunately. It is in the queue for the team to work on, however no solutions yet.
  2. Hi There! No known date at the moment but the developer is working on it.
  3. No update unfortunately. This issue is logged, however it has not been picked up to be worked out just yet. Will share when I know more
  4. I’ll report back when it’s being worked on. Likely not prior to Jan. with the holiday schedules
  5. Hi @Host Hattie Let me know if the icons are back. Full disclosure: you may have to clear cached images to get a true picture on if they are working or not now. It was worked on and corrected this morning. It was an issue mostly with our .uk and .au sites Thank you Jenn
  6. Probably not the way you saw when we launched the upgrade - however we are looking in to ways to show who has posted on a thread (like we had on our previous platform) If/when this gets added on we will post - or likely you will notice before I have a chance to post 🙂 Happy Monday
  7. Thanks!!! I’m pretty sure it’s not been worked out yet so I wouldn’t expect a positive outcome yet
  8. We are working with the developers to get post numbers on the site, but I do not have an ETA
  9. Thanks - I can check with the team. When do you think it started for you? Sat? Fri? before then?
  10. if you select topics or posts when looking at your activity, you should see more than the 40 pages
  11. You can find Member Reviews for your favorite cruise lines here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/cruise-reviews/ I am aware that there are issues finding those segregated cabin reviews on ships and we are looking into that
  12. Okay - I will chat with the developer. Thanks for the info
  13. It should show up but could be depending on how old the operating software is. I’m noticing some older versions of iOS aren’t showing some images. I’m running the current iOS and can see them
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