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  1. Hi There! Posting the request on your roll call thread first, as you did, is actually the better idea in this case. That way members can comment to you on the thread to show their interest. There is no way to respond to a pre-cruise event that is entered on the events page - so you would never know who was interested. Look at the events entries on the roll call page like a calendar entry. We like to suggest using the event feature for events that have already been confirmed after chatting on the roll call thread. Once you have an event confirmed on the roll call thread with other members who are joining - in this case your bus share - then you can add it as an event with the meeting time and place to catch the bus. Doing it this way - by chatting about it first - allows members to respond to your event and you to gauge how many will be joining before adding as a confirmed event entry :) I did see you posted the request on your roll call --- if other members confirm to join in the bus share please feel free to add as an event Hope this helps
  2. We’re keeping this thread open for discussion. Please everyone keep it civil so that the thread can remain open πŸ™‚. pls email us if you have a question about a post removal β€” posts discussing moderation also get hidden per the guidelines Thanks all
  3. Not sure what the exact issue was, however tech has let me know that they made a change so that this should cease Let me know if this issue pops up again Thank you
  4. Do you happen to have a set of duplicate emails you can send me so I can take a look at them? If so please forward them to help@cruisecritic.com --- In the meantime I will dig around to see if I can find out why this would happen
  5. We are in the testing phase for our Cruise Critic app You should be able to access via your mobile browser on your phone OR via the Tapatalk app in the meanwhile I hope (fingers/toes crossed!) to be back soon with a release of the app
  6. :) Fingers toes arms and legs crossed
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  12. Yes, Online Meet & Mingle registrations have closed for your sailing. If you have not registered, you may call or visit guest services upon boarding to request that you are added to the guest list. Have a great cruise,
  13. We are also bringing back our branded CC app - we are in final testing stages. I will post when I know more info. Hopefully soon Happy New Year
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