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  1. It is quite plain in the U.K terms and conditions : https://www.oceaniacruises.com/legal/terms-conditions/
  2. If you do not get any joy with getting the 25% I would go the small claims court for your balance.
  3. If you paid by credit card you would also be covered,also you booked under the conditions provided at the time of booking they would be responsible for those conditions . It is Oceania U.K that you need to be contacting If you need any names there Contact me on shoeuk at hotmail.com,I might be in the same position in a few weeks as they continue to cancel cruises
  4. Surely you are covered under ABTA or ATLO as provided by your travel agent look at your terms and conditions provided with your final invoice
  5. I also cancelled my November cruise which at first was told I would lose my whole deposit, after abit of arm twisting I was offered a 25% hit on my $4000 deposit here in the UK I think the rules are different, do you think I should have fcc for this large admin charge they are taking ?
  6. Not Sure if this is false news now , but took this latest reply from the poster this was the latest he wrote . I understand. I am being told that announcements will be coming out today or at the latest tomorrow.
  7. Gerald Ian Campbell 35 mins All cruises to May 14 cancelled. On Facebook Oceania Site !!!
  8. All Cruises cancelled up to May 14th !!!!
  9. Did you go on to pay the full balance and the cruise was cancelled and got a full refund ? Since I see two conflicting answers I have written to th MD of the tour company failing a positive reply I will try the small claims court .
  10. I have today tried to cancel my cruise booked for November 2020 , When I booked in may 2019 and paid my 20% deposit ,It was on the understanding that if i cancelled any time before 180 days I would receive my deposit less an admin charge back with out question . I have today tried to cancel and my travel agent informs me that Crystal are no longer keeping to the original contract and if I cancel I would lose my deposit . I did have the option of transferring to another cruise but who knows where we will be come November,So the question is can Crystal withhold my deposit just like that ?
  11. Resuming any Time soon !! Highly un -lightly British Government say up to a YEAR !!!!
  12. Since we are down to analogies now !! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush !!!!!!
  13. There is no way Oceania will be resuming in April ,B.A have cancelled all my flights in May, may be they know something O Does not.
  14. You are giving figures up till the end of July Oceania are only cancelling one month at a time and have not cancelled May's sailings yet. I was only talking about the next swath of cancellations in may consists of 14 cruises , , my beef is the 90 days to process a refund.
  15. I have always been a flag waver for Oceania , But here we differ it takes no longer to press the button for 5200 account refunds as 2000, and definitely 2 months longer !!!
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