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  1. We did the same with our wonderful guide in Rio. It's so sad to hear how they are struggling.
  2. We were supposed to be on the Dec 1st Sydney to Sydney cruise. Hope they have something similar for 2022
  3. Just heard from TA. Apparently all Norwegian CRUISES cancelled till end of year. She asked if we want 100% refund or 125% FCC. How long to we have to use the FCC? It may be a while till she gets back to us. Probably bombarded with calls.
  4. We were at the Hotel jazz last November. Excellent location. They couldn't have been nicer. We got in at 7am. They held our luggage. We chat ordered wine online before our cruise to be delivered to the hotel. We were out when the wine arrived so the front desk held it for us. Room was fine. Faced the back. Quiet. My only problem is that with 2 new knee replacement, getting in and out of the very deep tub was problematic. There is no grab bar. Otherwise I would definitely stay there again
  5. Check with your TA. Ours told us that emails were sent in error. Our Dec 1 cruise is still on .
  6. We got an email from Oceania, so it wasn't a rumor. BUT we just spoke to our TA who said the email was sent in error. She says our Dec 1 cruise is still on.
  7. Somebody posted the Oceania email. Check the postings for DECEMBER MARINA CRUISES CANCELLED
  8. Except they haven't offered it. Just a refund.
  9. I've been checking. Our A2 this year is $8,399pp. Next year A2 is $9749. Pp.
  10. The email said they were processing a refund for all deposits or payment made on the reservation. We were paid in full. I keep checking for another email from them.
  11. Was hoping they would offer the 125% future cruise credit but they didn't .
  12. Just got email from Oceania. They have cancelled the Dec 1,2020 35 day cruise around Australia
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