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  1. Of course we are helpful. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Jim
  2. What you print at home is your initial 'boarding pass'. You will receive a laminated card, with your name on it, for purchases on the ship. Those purchases will be totaled and applied on the last day of the cruise. Once, many years ago when we were in St. Maarten, we worried about someone misappropriating something while we were in the water. A friendly native, said that no one generally bothers other folks stuff and that he would keep an eye out. I have never heard of cruise passengers being looted at a beach in the Caribbean. A phone at the beach? Why? Who you gonna call? Leave it in your cabin in your safe. If you are worried about theft, then you are not going to have a restful cruise. Jim
  3. Realize that Old San Juan is not large. It is walkable (unless you have need for assistance). IF your chosen hotel is in Old San Juan, you will be not-too-far from the piers. Not the hotels on/near Condado. Jim
  4. I have never, ever (in our 550+ days) carried a backpack. Too many other things to think about. A hip flask? Always! Jim
  5. I live in The Sunshine State. We're going north in a couple of weeks. I am gonna take a coupla empty jars for the grandkids. They will be labeling "Florida Sunshine." I expect to see then when we visit in the future. Hooray for sunshine!! Jim
  6. One of the thing that I keep seeing here, is the crew. That can make a BIG difference in a cruise that is more than 7 days!! Jim
  7. There is this to consider...your view is only one side of the ship. At a glacier, you will turn around and see the entire thing. However...one a regular basis, you have only one side to see. Think about it. Jim
  8. As to 'safety' in Caribbean ports, you must understand that cruise lines go into those ports every day. IF there were to be any concern for the safety of their passengers, they just won't stop there. If you walk around with dollars in your hands, you will tempt people (just as you might in your home town). If you think about what you are doing, there will not be any issue with safety in those ports. If you have not logged on to your roll call, do so. Determine what others on your itinerary are doing in each port. Going places and doing things with new friends can be lots of fun. A comment about Lima, it is (and the rest of the country that we saw) was less than eye appealing. Redoing your kitchen? Just dump everything alongside the road. Remember that Puerto Rico is American territory. Sure, Spanish is their native language, but it is still America. The trip from the airport to Old San Juan (where the ship will be) is not long. Upon debarkation, a cab ride is simple and quick. A flight at 11:00 a.m. is better than 1:00 p.m. due to overcrowding at the airport as several ships send thousands of folks to the airport. There is lots to see and do in Old San Juan, do a bit of research to help you determine how long you might want to be there.
  9. Once, I forget which ship, Karen and I were sitting in the Ocean prior to the evening meal. It was sail away day and our first time into that lounge. Waiting for a server to approach...he passed by and said, "You want your usual?" What? Wait a minute! Mark had been in the Ocean Bar on a previous cruise and remembered us. We were impressed beyond words. Jim
  10. The crew. They smile and they remember us from before. We have not experienced that on other lines. Jim
  11. I was cruising in the 1980s (before I met Karen); and we married in 1995. And I joined here in 2003, making me one of the elders here (as I look at other 'join' dates). So, I'll guess about 10 cruises before I joined CC. Jim
  12. I would find it difficult to believe that any cruise line would 'home port' in Panama City. Getting provisions on board would be too much since the ship would need to be anchored. I don't believe you read correctly. Look again. Jim
  13. WELCOME TO CRUISE CRITIC. I would guess that you have a travel agent. If so, then ask that person. If not, then look online for someone local (get in the office for a nice discussion AND it keeps the money in the community). If that time is school break time, then the law of supply and demand will prevail. Lots of people want to get away during school breaks and thus there are very few 'deals'. Jim
  14. I believe that most fireworks would come from nearby shore places. Whether for New Year's or other celebrations. I believe that it would be considered too dangerous should something (anything) go wrong. We have done two New Year's cruises. Both were lots of fun. A lot of partying going on on the open decks (don't know what was happening inside cabins). Noisemakers, etc. are plentiful. Music. Bubbly. And, on those cruises one will often find extended families (grandparents bringing their kids and grands). Smiles and fun all over the place. AND, when I got up a few hours later, the place was spotless!! Jim
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