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  1. I have almost kicked myself for not taking shorts to Alaska, it was that warm. I have also not packed enough water-repellent items. Alaska weather can be iffy. You did not state when the proposed cruise is to occur. Do a search of the cities where you will visit for their weather stats during the time you will be there. That should give you a clue; however, as stated above, it changes a lot. After you check out the Alaska forum, be sure to get onto your roll call and ask questions there. Jim
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic. The above opinions are good ones. Speak with a health-care provider (soon) and make a decision based on what that person says. Jim
  3. We were on Veendam in the spring of 2017. We had zero problem getting to the trolley. In fact, we lolled about a bit. What you might want to do is determine if your ship will be the only one in port. If so, then you should be OK; if there is another ship, then you need to work a different tack. Jim
  4. You need to contact the home office of the cruise line. Guest Services or something like that. Jim
  5. We were on Zaandam March/April and dined in the Canaletto for the Italian Cellar Master dinner. More people there than usual for this nice event. It is staffed differently and the cellar master is in attendance (Sasa was ill, so Fernando filled in admirably). We had a table for two, but saw one table of eight. The more the merrier and the longer the meal. We enjoyed ourselves for what it cost. On a side note, the evening meals in Pinnacle are good, but we prefer the mid-day meal there. Not as crowded and the service is better.
  6. I have two tuxedos in the closet, regular fit and another one "why did you eat so much" fit! I also have a black suit. One of those goes with me and I wear them as appropriate. I also have a collection of "special" ties that I enjoy wearing. I no longer work, and I have those things in the closet...why not! Do it if you want, or not. You will not be out of place. Jim
  7. Also, consider other parts of the country. Look into renting a car for a day or two and get to Verona or Lake Garda. Lots of options, take you time and read, read, read! Jim
  8. Clearing away one plate only at a table for two seems to mean to me that the waiter is bored. He has to make a second trip to remove the other plate. I would not mind that. However, I would not be happy with the presentation of the dessert menu while someone at the table (of any size table) is still eating the entree. I would immediately speak to the waiter about that; and if it continued, speak with the person at the head of the dining room. And, if that didn't change things a "how are we doing" card would be filled in so that the Food & Beverage Manager would be aware. Jim
  9. Often, when it is raining, you won't get a fantastic shot anyway. Keep it covered (a jacket is wonderful), until you are ready to shoot. Think about what you are going to do and make it happen quickly. Jim
  10. We have been to so many ports in the Caribbean and west coast of Mexico that I don't want to count. Some were sorta iffy, but we went for the experience. Karen has never removed her wedding ring. The only time she did was just before a major operation in a hospital. You will do OK. Those ports you mentioned are popular places, they are geared to tourists. Would you remove your ring in NOLA during festivities? Jim
  11. I buried ours in the yard. Some day, long time from now, I figure archeologists will dig them up and wonder. Jim
  12. So much for this one. I find it difficult to believe that no one can offer significant assistance.
  13. Once, I met a couple who drove an adventure. They rented an RV and drove north to Alaska, then got on a ship and cruised south. While that was happening, another couple cruised north and they returned in the RV to the starting point (Wisconsin). Each couple had only a single one-way ticket for airfare. I thought that was unique. Jim
  14. teacherman, you should do your own research here and not continue to do what you have. Pick up a phone and call the cruise line! Duh!
  15. It is my impression that you want/need to cruise in the summer (or at least May through September). With that in mind, there are only two places to go. Europe or Alaska. Have you looked at Princess? Jim
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