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  1. I'm looking at an Alaska cruise for 2020. I was originally planning to do the 6/30 cruise to be onboard for my husband's birthday, but I noticed a James Beard cruise on 6/8. They are the same price now. Any experience with James Beard Foundation cruises, in Alaska or otherwise? Are the advertised programs (hosted dinner with the JBF chef etc) free, or is there an additional charge? We are foodies. WWYD?
  2. There were some complications with this booking, they usually don’t take that long, but I wish they were more like yours milepig!
  3. Took an hour and a half on the phone with my TA, but just booked Costa Rica and Panama Canal for January! Yippee!
  4. I’ve never received baggage tags. When you get to the pier, they tag your bags at check in. No need to make your own! Check in and boarding is easy peasy!
  5. We had booked directly thru Windstar. We ended up canceling though so we won’t be enjoying the upgrade 😓
  6. Do they usually announce a winner for other contests? I would think no for privacy purposes. All I know is it wasn’t me 🙄
  7. Agree, I couldn’t find anything when I looked it up except this post!
  8. Up on a lounger with my nook and a steady stream of adult beverages 😏 from the excellent staff!
  9. No worries. You give them your name, they check the list and give you tags. It’s very simple. Enjoy and hope you have an outstanding cruise!
  10. We have to be adults and cancel our Alaska cruise...so sad! But on the plus side the cost will go to a down payment on our new house! Hoping for Costa Rica and Panama Canal 2020!
  11. There are two drink packages now. One is beer and wine only for $49 per person per day plus 15% service charge. The other includes cocktails, minibar, whatnot and is $59 per person per day plus the service charge. Neither of these includes bottles of wine, but I think you get a discount when you order a bottle. Your "break even" number of drinks is about 5 a day. Our first Windstar cruise was on the Wind Star, loved it. We always book the lowest level cabins and have never had a problem with them. I'm hoping to do this cruise next year, so I can't really answer your other questions. Looking forward to your review when you return!
  12. I’m guessing by your name that you’re male (apologies if I’m wrong!) My husband usually wears khakis and a polo for dinner with leather closed toe shoes. He brings a pair of sandals and tennis shoes as well. He wears one pair obviously then crams the other with socks and underwear so they fit pretty easily. We usually pack a single checked bag for the two of us 30”. We could easily do a carry on suitcase each, just hate dealing with competing for bin space. The only night he would wear shorts and sandals at dinner is the deck barbecue night. Otherwise as griller said country club casual is the norm.
  13. Just got an email from Windstar. We have been upgraded from cabin 109 to 309 on the Legend for our Alaska cruise this summer! Seems strange that they would upgrade so early though doesn’t it? Anyone else ever get an upgrade this early?
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