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  1. Neither can we. Marvellous company and fabulous ships. Bring them on. I'd like to add my thanks to the Cruise Critic members who have kept us updated through what must be and have been for most, a trying tine. Thank you.
  2. Extra obc will have no impact on us other than yet more dosh to spend. I see it as a “thank you for sailing with us” gesture. Category of stateroom is irrelevant. No amount of extra obc would sway me if we decided to cancel or transfer a booking.
  3. We have been drinking ship's tap water for decades and have yet to suffer any side effects. I don’t think we glow in the dark yet!
  4. I agree Three very different takes on the same subject. All three incredibly readable. Marvellous.
  5. As has been said, the table sizes are dictated by table size requests. As a general rule, in QG [I don't know anything about PG] there are usually three large tables, two of which can sit six or eight, depending on the demand. I can imagine the large table by the entrance could, at a pinch, seat eleven as we have been seated there comfortably, as a table for ten. Unless bookings are linked or passengers happen to have met before, we have all been strangers at the start of the holiday. However, if there is more demand for smaller tables, then the restaurant set up is flexible and the entrance large table and the alcove one are the two which remain if needed. That has been our experience.
  6. One would expect 1's and 2's on Full Fare and without an upgrade to get their preference, be it a two top or not, but after that, it depends when the booking was made, which passengers have requested which table size, the loyalty tier and also how well known the passengers are to the staff. We have booked a Q2, both on QE and QV on a few occasions, but always go for a table for eight. Some friends whom we meet always book a 1 and always dine with us. On some cruises, especially when the table really gels, all eight of us dine more or less together at dinner time and if it's a real hit, lunchtime too. Breakfast, you might be on your own but that's fine. Over dinner, sometimes it can be six or four of us but we generally overlap for a while. It's most congenial and we always go for a large table. The number of tables for six or eight depends on the demand. There are usually three on the Vistas but if the demand is for more two tops, then there will be two.
  7. Try not to lose your camera this time. We had a chat about it whilst tramping around deck three, in opposite directions of course, whilst sailing somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Must be four years ago now. Looking forward to the Roscoe perspective on life on Queen Victoria.
  8. To entitle your thread, ''a blog'' does not do justice to your writings. I would call each entry, a travel essay. Wonderful. Thank you. I also look forward to the writings of Roscoe which, written in his own inimitable style, will complement your travelogue. Two great reads in totally different styles. How lucky we are this year.
  9. Victoria2


    I have been on a few Cunard tours which have restricted numbers and were sold out prior to boarding but luckily, we pre booked. Some tours which take in museums which have timed entry for instance, can have restricted numbers. All the tickets for a Faberge museum tour we went on were sold out prior to boarding and the wait list was long due to no more availability.
  10. To my mind, if you give extra tips then the good reports are surely a given.
  11. Objective answer, you can remove all auto grats except the non negotiable drinks gratuities. As to the distribution of hard cash to staff, BellBoy nailed it (see pinned thread Oct '16). As a not such an experienced Cunard passenger, I had this discussion with two senior members of staff and they basically said, any expectation of staff handing in all cash grats, either from auto paying passengers or non auto paying, would be impossible to police. So no worries. Keep the grats on to help all those behind the scenes as well as up front staff, or remove and tip those you specifically want to reward. We do both but no one will judge your decision, it’s a very personal thing. It depends where we are in the world as to whether it’s Sterling or US dollars. Either will do though in reality.
  12. Your journal [no way can this narrative be called anything other than a travel journal] flows beautifully, full of insights and vignettes and reminds me of diaries pioneer journalists wrote when seeing far flung continents many decades ago. Wonderful. I'm hooked.
  13. Yes, what a job and well done. Really informative. For clarity, in such an excellent document, may I suggest the Penthouse Q3s are labelled M and not Mf.
  14. The Atlantic doesn't sound very forgiving. Thanks for the report. I shall follow with interest.
  15. I think it must also depend upon offers, country by country. We are pretty regular bookers of QG [av 7 weeks a year over a couple of cruises] and have yet to have tips and or drinks included. The cabin provided bottles, yes, but nothing else.
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