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  1. Lissie, Are you sure about the trans-Atlantic crossing date? I looked on the Cunard web site and don't see any of their ships doing a trans-Atlantic crossing in February of 2021. This could be my error. Jack
  2. So kifrodo, Been on any good cruises lately??? Jack (stupid and misguided)
  3. We have done 2 East to West TA's, one in May(2017) and one in Sept/Oct(2018). Had great weather on both. While we usually fly United to London, on our two TA's we we flew on Norwegian Airlines. The one-way business fares are very low. Right now Norwegian is only publishing fares out through the end of March 2021 but Business Class is going for under $600. However, a few words about Norwegian. First, their Business Class seats are not full lay-flat seats but they are very comfortable and the flight is only 7 hours. The service on Norwegian is excellent. I also like that they fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is pressurized to a lower atmospheric pressure than other aircraft, putting less stress on the body. I'm not sure if Norwegian still has club-room access at JFK but they did pre C-19. We are also looking at a Summer/Fall 2021 E>W crossing as I am doubtful that our January WC segment on QV will actually sail. Will probably book on Norwegian but will also book a backup flight on United using points which can be cancelled and points redeposited. That way if Norwegian were to run into financial issues we could recover the airfare through trip insurance and not have to pay a high price scrambling for a last minute flight. Not something I would normally do but these are strange times. Jack
  4. JeriGail, We spent 3 days in Lisbon last year and absolutely loved the city. Wonderful people, great food and so much to do. We can't wait to go back. The city's history and culture are very much present and easy to enjoy. One important thing to keep in mind is that Lisbon is a very steep city, like San Francisco on steroids. We picked up Rick Steves' travel book on Lisbon and followed his three recommended walking tours, one each day. All three were excellent. They all started at the top of the city and worked their way down to the bay. I'm in my 70's and had no problem with any of the walks. Each offered many places to stop for refreshments and scenic overlooks. Jack
  5. OTJ, I share your concerns, we are also scheduled to depart our cruise in January on the 20th. After our April 2020 Empires of the Mediterranean cruise was cancelled, I'm not sure I can take another disappointment. At this point I put the odds of it happening at 50/50. On the positive side, I do believe that a vaccine will be ready before the end of the year, most likely the Oxford/Astrazeneca 2-dose collaboration (China and Russia may actually be first but that won't help us). The question is, will the distribution side of the equation be solved in time. In an unprecedented move, the UK, USA and a number of other countries are actually funding full production of this vaccine RIGHT NOW even though Phase 3 human testing only began last month. Bottom line, when clinical trials are completed in September and if they are successful, there should be somewhere around 300M doses immediately available with about a total of 1.2B doses available around the beginning of the year. Of course there is the issue of who gets the vaccine first. It is clear to me that the order should be frontline health care workers, cruise line aficionados and SEC football players, in that order. I also share your concern for the 36K United employees who may lose their jobs. These are wonderful people who have also been at the frontline of this health crises. Before retiring in 2015, it was my good fortune to serve as director of international sales for my company. This afforded me the opportunity to experience many truly great international airlines. While United was never in the top 5 when it came to equipment, they were always number 1 in service based on my 35 years of international travel. No, they are not perfect and not everyone is an angel, but in my experience, their front line workers are an incredible group of caring professionals. They will carry on in the best tradition. OTJ, I like your style. Let's hope we are all setting sail in January. Jack
  6. OnTheJourney, My wife and I really like the United Polaris product. Unfortunately, the 767 is really the worst plane for couples seating. While it is really a very subjective thing, I would actually recommend two window seats one behind the other. This gives you the all important control of the window shade. Unlike a lot of the new business class seats being offered these days, the Polaris seats do not allow for a second person to share the seat during dining. On the plus side, the Polaris club lounges are over the top amazing. I'm pretty sure there is one in Newark. They offer full a-la-carte dining, an incredible whiskey selection and great wine and champagne. We always get to the Polaris Club 3 1/2 hours before flight time. Jack
  7. I'm a little confuse by this document and by who Healthy Gateways is. It appears to me, and I could be completely wrong, that Healthy Gateways is not an EU agency but is only receives some grant money from the EU. In fact the first paragraph of he document says: * The EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS Joint Action has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Third Health Programme (2014-2020). The content of this document represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility; it cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and the Agency do not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains. From this paragraph I get the impression that this document only represent the "views" of the author and is not necessarily the view of the EU or any of its formal agencies. However, not being familiar with the EU and how it works, I'm not sure what weight this document carries. Jack
  8. Well said RoberRraves, I completely agree. Yesterday I went on YouTube and listened to Queen Elizabeth's April 6th COVID-19 speech. It brought me to tears, again. When one considers the situation Britain faced in 1939, the Queen's words should be taken strongly to heart. Jack
  9. Tugboatbob In addition to the above piano schedule there are numerous venues with other live music including guitarist. harpist, jazz trios and string quartets.Typically, beginning in the late afternoon and continuing through the late evening, there are 4-6 locations throughout the ship with live music at any one time. The amount of wonderful live music onboard the QM2 has been one of our favorite aspects of sailing on this ship.
  10. Princess Pete, Not sure how "late" in the year you are planning on sailing but if it is in the Sept/Oct time period, let me suggest Brunch at The Central Park Boathouse. A beautiful and elegant restaurant situated on a small lake in the middle of New York's Central Park. There are no exterior walls to the restaurant so you have a specular view of the lake and the park. You will need reservations and will want to get there a hour in advance to enjoy a drink in the bar. The walk through Central Park to get to the restaurant is very enjoyable. In October the leaves will likely be turning. We have met the most interesting international visitors while in the bar before and after Brunch. Rather that rushing around the City, let the world come to you. The are closed now due to C-19 but hopefully will be open soon. Jack
  11. Our son was just notified today that he will start back to work next week. I hear that good things come in three. Jack,
  12. Here are a couple of pictures of the bar from a crossing in May of 2017. On our next crossing in 2018, the Vue was gone. Jack
  13. Thanks Thaxted, well said. We share your feelings. If our Jan. World Cruise segment on QV gets cancelled our fallback is also a summer crossing on the QM2. As you said, we can forgive all of the minor imperfections except for the fact that the North Atlantic Ocean is too narrow. Jack
  14. LewiLewi, I share your concerns. We are still booked on a segment (Ft.Lauderdale to San Francisco) of the Jan. 2021 Queen Victoria World Cruise. Will Cunard proceed with this huge commitment, will there be an available vaccine and/or treatment, will ports of call be open and will the onboard experience still be enjoyable. We need the answer to all 4 of these questions to be YES before we will set sail. And while there are still 7 months before departure, our final payment is due on September 20th, just 3 months away. For us, that will be decision day. I just can't see sending Cunard a check for U$10,000 if it looks like we won't be sailing. At this point, I put the odds of this cruise happening for us at 50/50. Encouragingly, the Oxford University - AstraZeneca vaccine effort seems to be making great progress. The fact that they are starting to ramp up production, with a goal of 400M doses ready by September, even though they have just started Phase 3 testing, says a lot about how confident they are. China may even be ahead of this schedule though they may drag their feet a bit on sharing. So for now, we are going to stay the course and keep our fingers crossed. The good news is that the MG has come out of winterization and started right up. Even though we no longer have places to go, we are still enjoying getting out for afternoon drives with the top down. Well, that's not exactly true, there is the weekly curbside pickup at the wine store. If only they sold Pol Acker in the US. That and the scones Dee has learned to make would go a long way while we wait to cruise on Cunard again. Jack
  15. Tillypops, Have you tried posting that question on your Roll-Call? Jack
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