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  1. The cas line is open on Saturday and Sunday during the times listed above. This is specifically the reservation line though, not the cas office staff
  2. Yeah, this is real poor communication on their part. You can still do searches and bookings for the affected cruises. As be someone in IT and manages websites, I know it doesn't take much to at least put a banner up on the main page
  3. I don't know if this is true or not, but I find it strange that it isn't on their website if it's true
  4. As for final payment, it's 120 days before your sailing, so the March 12th date is correct. I'm guessing that April date was an error because it's been a few years since 90 day final payments
  5. So I guess it's best to wait until 48 hours, or 72 to be safe, to cancel so you can push your window out the farthest
  6. I was just in an inside on the breakaway in January, for the second time. I love it. I travel Solo, so it's plenty of space for me. I like being able to black out the room when I take a nap during the day.
  7. Great idea! I'm looking to see if I can take advantage of this offer. I will definitely use the obc for my next cruise next. I could get one for $25 out of pocket
  8. I like to get to the ship between noon and one, check my bag in the designated bag check area, then do lunch in whichever MDR is open. Usually by the time I'm finished lunch (or very soon after), the cabins are ready
  9. Choose the cash option for everyone so you can complete the check-in process. Then see if you can just add the credit card for yourself when you arrive at the ship, or just keep it as a cash account and don't put any cash down for the kids
  10. Are you sure you get $50 for each excursion if you take multiple excursions in a port? The way I read it, it looks like it's still just $50 per port, but you can take multiple excursions and get the $50. So, if you take two $30 excursions, you'll get $50 in credit (not $60) rather than just $30 credit for the first excursion
  11. I was on that same sailing 😃
  12. This is the first I'm hearing about them tendering at harvest Caye, so I don't know when it started. I was there in mid January, and we docked
  13. This is so sad. There has to be something they can do to exempt you from this rule. Common sense should say that if your husband and son have Canadian passports, and you can produce things such as a drivers license, pay stub, insurance papers, or anything else to show your current residence, that you live in Canada and not China
  14. No, you're right. I was referring to the certificates. I've been waiting to see if they would change this now that they offer longer cruises on the certs. The 7 star cruise is still nice when I see something I like out of New Orleans since it can be combined with the 7 star trip and you get free airfare for the cruise. New Orleans also adds the $500 folio credit to your card, so you don't have to use it all up before checking out.
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