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  1. This is so sad. There has to be something they can do to exempt you from this rule. Common sense should say that if your husband and son have Canadian passports, and you can produce things such as a drivers license, pay stub, insurance papers, or anything else to show your current residence, that you live in Canada and not China
  2. No, you're right. I was referring to the certificates. I've been waiting to see if they would change this now that they offer longer cruises on the certs. The 7 star cruise is still nice when I see something I like out of New Orleans since it can be combined with the 7 star trip and you get free airfare for the cruise. New Orleans also adds the $500 folio credit to your card, so you don't have to use it all up before checking out.
  3. The 7 day limit no longer exists. I just took an 11 day cruise last month, and I currently have a certificate with 10 and 11 day cruises on it. And for those of us that get certificates from multiple casinos (or you and someone else got the same cert), you can use them to book back to back sailings
  4. If you play enough to make diamond, I'm shocked you don't get cruise offers from your casino. I've never used my diamond discount since I usually get a few comp certificates a year. I would contact a host to make sure you're not missing out on certificates, especially if you don't have a current email address on your total rewards account
  5. I had a great time scuba diving in roatan, if you're into that
  6. Another vote for cortrans. Took them last month with no problems. They have smaller shuttles (seat about 14 people), which allowed us to meet people before the cruise. We were all getting on the same ship
  7. Are you going to GSC? If yes, you can use it for a clamshell rental. Since this is NCL's private island, all the excursions are ncl. Also, if you're going to harvest Caye (Belize), you can use the credit for the ferry to the mainland
  8. You may have to sit around the airport for awhile. Look at your edocs for the transfer instructions. It should have the time that the shuttle starts, which may not be until 9 or 10 AM. If you get in before the first shuttle, you'll have to sit in the airport and wait.
  9. Thanks. So it looks like you didn't have an admin fee at all
  10. Yes, up to 48 hours before departure
  11. I'm curious.... For those of you who were charged the higher admin fees, were the fees at least less than the discount? Also, does this only apply to the cas discount (vs the Caesars casino discount)?
  12. If you prefer, you can cancel the excursions (getting it refunded back to your card), then call in and book without pre-paying. I personally still like to pre-pay even if I have the excursion credit. I just use the credit onboard the ship. The credit would be refundable, btw
  13. ahh, that at least makes since, although I'd say it more simple (and cheaper :)) before when it was just a standard $50 to upgrade to OV and $140 to upgrade to balcony. Luckily, I'm totally happy with insides
  14. You might have been shocked when they quoted you the upgrade price. It used to be pretty cheap (and a standard price) to upgrade CAS comped cruises, but I was quoted $1600 (for one person) to upgrade from inside to balcony on my Jan 11 cruise. They used to charge $140 per person for the same upgrade
  15. yes, it's the glow party now, but most still wear white. They do have T-shirt painting a few hours before the party starts, and they give out the color tubes before the party. I was on the breakaway Jan 11-20. It was windy the night of the glow party, but it still was fun. They kept it outside at H2O (said they would move it inside to Bliss if the weather was too bad)
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