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  1. I think people willing to invest and sail this summer need to be prepared for a cruise to nowhere. Time will tell.
  2. That same concern to avoid legal liability and shift the burden is still front and center in the boardrooms....they will try to go about it in a different less obvious way. Clearly this was not thought out carefully as the resulting cancellations from their faithful client base could have been anticipated. Stay tuned...they have clearly indicated "more to follow".
  3. who knows but self reporting is not going to work...if someone wants to cruise they will not report honestly...some will but many will not....
  4. their books for 2021 probably look good because everything for 2020 is gone or people have moved the booking to 2021. I have to wonder how much on the books are brand new bookings?
  5. I think the big question on the table besides the bookings on the books...w Redtravel...has it about right...swipe of a pen now over 70 good to go? Nothing has changed at all for them other than no cash refund. They still have the same medical profiles. This is crazy.
  6. yes that is what I was referring to above the "mixed signals"...first it is over 70 then for anyone...then it is there...then it is not there...all of that is in my estimation a PR disaster. It has gotten to the point with cruises and the media in general (Covid 19) that people over 70 are toxic. Those same 70 somethings are the bread and butter of most cruise lines and upscale tour operators.
  7. Cruise lines in general need to get their act together. Sending out these mixed signals almost weekly is just going to turn people off. It is highlighting the health risks of cruises and that message is already out there loud and clear. They just need to spend the time getting the ships back up to the extreme sanitary conditions that post Covid 19 travel will require knowing it can come back at any time (actually it will not be totally gone) as well as norovirus. The steps they have outlined in terms of people not helping themselves at buffet etc. are sensible and probably should have been put into place years ago. Social distancing on a mega ship could be very difficult.
  8. Yes they would take such a hit...probably getting cancel after cancel...I still say with liability and the uncertainty of Covid 19 and what it does to each person...most drs not going to sign one of these.
  9. Also...at least here in USA Doctors have enough to worry about in terms of liability issues and insurance. Another reason I have to wonder how many would be quick to sign off on this. Lots has changed in the last months.
  10. My apologies and sorry to have posted another. I do not know how to merge or delete this all together. Again very sorry and if someone can remove it please do. Topics deeply embedded in other threads do not pop up in a search for me but again not experienced on this forum
  11. you make good points...in a general conversation he said no but maybe room for discussion. I have no cruise planned in the near future so that is okay. It will clearly be up to the medical professional...the language " which would make this patient susceptible to complications arising after infection with the Novel Coronavirus (2019- nCoV)/COVID-19. " is very broad and given the "experts" are still learning about how existing conditions interact with the virus...it is a stretch to be able to sign off.
  12. fit to travel physician's form - Celebrity Cruises www.celebritycruises.com › physician-fit-to-sail-form I am trying to understand how many cruise passengers over age 70 could get a doctor to sign this form. Most people of a "certain age" have some chronic conditions which are ideally managed with lifestyle and/or drugs. I know my doctor would not sign this even though I am just fine to travel anywhere I wish in the world by air and land. Any thoughts on this? Also while there has always been a clause in the contract about missed ports they now have a more enhanced agreed to statement about this possibility as too many found themselves without ports in the last months and that could continue. Port availability can change in a minute whether for health reasons or weather.
  13. maybe spring 2021? Not even sure about that. No way in May 2020
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