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  1. He leaned out the window, so he had to know it was open. It was a terrible accident, but Royal Caribbean isn't to blame, and a lawsuit won't bring back their child. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cruise-ship-death-royal-caribbean-says-video-shows-grandfather-knew-window-was-open-seeks-to-dismiss-lawsuit/
  2. Agree. We saw the story on CBS News this evening. We assume he didn't know there were video cameras on the pool deck when he told his story.
  3. We always use ours to provide extra gratuities to our cabin steward--there's a form at guest services you can request. There is also the option to provide more to other teams such as dining and housekeeping. If you aren't going to spend it, the staff certainly can use a little extra! You can only cash out your winnings at the casino--you are given promotional chips, from what I've read here. It is hard to spend it sometimes, but we keep an eye on excursion sales, and I buy things we'll use, but even then, I'm not willing to pay a huge premium.
  4. No, you can't--you need to provide credit card information when you make a Move Up bid.
  5. Also, while not conveyed clearly, the CS rep meant if you order a drink that is above the $9 limit for the classic package, you will pay the difference in price plus the 20% gratuity.
  6. Prepaid gratuities are a separate perk from the drink package—you may or may not have them, depending on the perks you selected. The service charge/gratuity for the beverage package perk is included.
  7. EZAir does not reroute the planes--if your flights change, it's the airline doing it, not EZAir. EZAir is basically serving as a booking agent and (usually) provides a discount. While I haven't used EZAir because we haven't sailed Princess, we've used Choice AIr (for RCCL brands) numerous times without any trouble. We've had flight time changes, and flights switched, but again, that's the airline. Choice Air helped us when weren't happy with how our flights had changed. You'd have to check EZAir's T&Cs, but Choice Air's T&Cs says it will help make arrangements to get you to the ship. I think you're being overly pessimistic regarding booking through EZAir. We have also never had to pay any additional fees beyond the price quoted when we purchased our tickets, but we've never had a flight booked on British Airways.
  8. We've sailed on Oceania Riviera and really liked it--it's a beautiful ship. The food was very good, with specialty restaurants included, and non-alcoholic beverages included as well. The "O" ships (Riviera and Marina) hold around 1200 passengers. Oceania's "R" ships are the same size as Azamara's ships--690 passengers. Oceania has a couple different pricing options, so it's best to walk through them with a TA or one of Oceania's travel consultants. We've sailed on Azamara three times and like it, too. It has included alcoholic beverages (well brands) and gratuities. It stays in ports for longer than most cruise lines. We've done European itineraries on Azamara because of the longer port times, and the smaller ships provide an opportunity to reach ports where larger ships can't. The same would be true of Oceania's smaller ships, but they don't have the extended time in port. I'd rate the food as a little bit better than Celebrity, but not as good as Azamara. Entertainment on Oceania and Azamara isn't the best, and two of Azamara's three ships no longer have a casino. Viking might also be an option for you--I've heard good things about it.
  9. I think they probably appreciated getting something above the standard gratuities, so I wouldn't second-guess yourself too much, especially if you mentioned them on your survey.
  10. It depends on what you're looking for. How old are the members of your family? Are you looking for good entertainment? A little additional information can help with comparisons.
  11. This is the same thing we were told on Pursuit in October. We were told it was better to make a booking and transfer it to another cruise rather than buy an open booking.
  12. We had our first two Celebrity cruises last year--Equinox in June and Summit in November. We preferred Equinox for the layout of the ship and more venues. We have Edge booked for April, so I'm curious to see how we like it compared to Equinox. We've sailed on HAL once and didn't really care for it, but it did have a much better variety of entertainment than X. We've found some good value on X with all perks included, so that's what initially go us to book. We like the lower key vibe and the passenger mix.
  13. Exactly. We booked under the Veteran's Day promo, and our April Edge cruise under this promo is ridiculous--over $1900 higher with less OBC! Every promo since the Veteran's Day sale has been a higher price.
  14. Knowing this sale was starting today, last night I did a mock booking for a March 2021 Apex cruise. The price with four perks did drop by about $250 PP from yesterday. Still more than I want to pay, but depending on the sale under which you booked, there's probably the opportunity for some people to save.
  15. Depending on the ship, you may not even need the concierge level cabins--a fair amount of X regulars don't think they offer much in the way of extras for what you pay. I think the only line concierge avoids is during embarkation, but honestly I don't think that helps much--the lines aren't bad anyway. There should be a sale with four perks starting tomorrow--I'm assuming you have pricing information for the current sale, and can check again tomorrow to see how that compares. We had our first X cruise last June, second in November, and third booked for November. I think Celebrity will check off a lot of your boxes!
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