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  1. Thanks for the review. While I would not be interested in booking the Joy for its lack of thermal suite, I appreciate the perspective you've detailed about your experience. Agree with PTC Dawg that that class of ship holds little interest for me.
  2. Woohoo! I'm so happy for you and now have a renewed faith that someone at Celebrity still believes in doing right by the customer. I hope you have a great time!
  3. I'm assuming you've already researched this however, a significant price increase for flying into FLL and flying out of MIA was not the case for us...I guess it depends on your location. Celebrity did the following for those debarking at the new location: 1. Arranged transport for passengers via shuttle bus from pier in Mia to pier in FLL for those who parked there on embarkation day. 2. Arranged transport for passengers via shuttle bus from pier in MIA to FLL airport for those who flew in for embarkation. 3. Arranged transport for passengers via shuttle bus from pier in MIA to airport in MIA. I should also point out that we received an e-mail notice from Celebrity with all of the options laid out as well as instructions for reserving. If you haven't received this communication yet, I recommend you reach out to them as this will be helpful information. It sounds like from previous posts that OBC is now being offered to help cover the cost of transportation.
  4. Nine deaths would have made national news so I don't think that's the case. When we boarded Epic after a TA the same exact thing happened with our embarkation...although it was in Port Canaveral. It took hours and they didn't let passengers off until late. Had something to do with customs and some sort of ship inspection. What I learned is that I will never book a cruise that is immediately following a TA. Once we embarked, the cruise was great! Hope you have a nice time!
  5. Sadly, we didn't find this to be the case on Silhouette. Not many games available at all... If they were broadcast in the staterooms, I don't know...maybe. But we had no interest in hanging out in the room. Some people might, though.
  6. ugh...this was the biggest complaint of my DH when we were on Silhouette over Thanksgiving...no real place to catch the game. The casino bar had a game on but if you weren't interested in those teams, then you were out of luck. Dh never really found a good place to watch a game. We saw several people streaming a game on their own devices with people huddled around them trying to watch. Definitely an area in which Celebrity could improve IMO.
  7. This is exactly how I would play it as well. Although I have never booked a Guarantee cabin and I have no idea what is wrong with a 2D category, I have always continued to watch the pricing of categories up until final payment so as to make a final decision about my stateroom. To me, a guarantee is just a place holder in the event that I find something that I like better. Agree with those who have said that it has nothing to do with loyalty.
  8. We just experienced this very situation on Silhouette. We embarked in Ft. Lauderdale and disembarked in Miami. I found out about this glitch before we made travel plans so we were able to snag a 1-way flight from ATL to FLL and then MIA back to ATL for about the same price as a round trip to/from FLL. Therefore, we didn't need Celebrity's transfer service but we received it anyway. As we were in a RS, they arranged a private car to take us to MIA. The "car" was actually a minibus that could hold up to 20 people. We declined the private transport and had them add enough people to fill up the minibus. There were lots of Celebrity personnel on sight getting people situated into their transportation and honestly, I didn't notice if they were checking to make sure you had prearranged with them or not. When they piled more people into our bus, it was done basically by announcement on the curb..."anyone need to get to Miami airport?" People stepped over and got on the bus. Our original intention was to just get an UBER or cab and head to MIA without all the fuss of trying to figure out where to go. That would still be my plan had it not worked out the other way. I just didn't want to deal with the stress of their mass transport to where I needed to go. And I didn't want to be one of the people in the Guest Relations line with transportation questions.
  9. That's their solution for omitting the library from the ship's plan? How embarrassing for them. Looks very cheesy and unsophisticated IMO.
  10. Thank you for the update. Glad they came to their senses and refunded the money. You have had a great attitude throughout this ordeal. I hope your next cruise vacation is awesome! We just finished a fantastic cruise on the Silhouette but if I had your recent booking experience, I would be slow to consider Celebrity again. Which is a shame, because the cruise was amazing. Sometimes the face of Celebrity can leave a sour taste which ruins it for all those behind the scenes who work their tails off the make for a great vacation.
  11. I have read many complaints about lingering smoke odor and when we were on Breakaway, Getaway's sister ship, we did detect an odor while passing through the casino. I didn't notice it wafting to other areas in the vicinity of the casino, but I guess it really depends on how many smokers there are on any given sailing as well as one's personal sensitivity to cigarette odor/smoke.
  12. Nothing is wrong with stainless steel straws. Paper straws don’t work well. Dont be sad...I take all my straws home with me and reuse them over and over throughout the summer. May not be perfect but that’s my creature comfort. 🙂
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