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  1. Georgia_Peaches

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    No, I do not. Time will tell.
  2. Georgia_Peaches

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    I highly doubt it.
  3. Georgia_Peaches

    Breakaway vs Getaway

    Getaway has Choir of Men and Breakaway has Rock of Ages (entertainment). I've seen neither but have read the reviews on both and wish that Choir of Men was on Breakaway for our cruise next week.
  4. Georgia_Peaches

    full speed ahead cruising

    I personally love sea days and if going slower in order to save fuel and money results in more days at sea....I call it a win-win.
  5. Georgia_Peaches

    First Epic Cruise back in the US

    We were the first group of passengers on the Epic after it repositioned from Europe last year (Thanksgiving). A few days prior to embarkation we received an e-mail indicating that we should not arrive at the pier until 2PM (3 hours after the posted arrival time) as the boarding process would be delayed due to inspections and what not. We arrived at 2 PM and it was utter chaos and madness as the ship had not cleared customs and the passengers were waiting to disembark. We waited in lines that didn't move for several hours. Once on board, we went immediately to the muster drill. By that time I needed a cocktail but no such luck as everything had closed down for the drill. Passengers waiting to embark were still lined up in the parking lot. We were delayed leaving port until 7 PM (maybe later) and our first port of call (Nassau) arrival time was pushed back from 8 AM to 10AM. Our excursion was also impacted. It was a domino effect and the reason for the huge delay was never really clear except that we were told that the ship had to undergo several inspections since it was returning from abroad. That was our experience. I personally would never book a cruise that was first after a TA repositioning. But perhaps our experience was an isolated incident and you will have a much smoother and easier embarkation experience. I pray that you do. After that day...all else was fine.
  6. Georgia_Peaches

    Breakaway Thanksgiving Cruise...14 days and Counting

    Will definitely post the dailies. Look for my live review which I'll start on Saturday in NOLA!
  7. Georgia_Peaches

    Infinity Royal Suite for under 5k - 5 Night W Caribbean

    I don't think I've ever seen prices like that for a RS...although I don't really often look for 5 nights either. On another note, thank you for posting. As a result I checked on the RS prices for next Thanksgiving and see that the price for this category is $600 less than when I booked a few weeks ago...
  8. Georgia_Peaches

    Infinity Royal Suite for under 5k - 5 Night W Caribbean

    Oh how I long for the days when I can take a cruise that isn't over Thanksgiving, Spring Break, or during the summer. Would love to scoop up a deal like that but alas, no can do so early in December, Oh well, hopefully somebody will! We have a RS on Silhouette for next Thanksgiving...9-nights and price is nothing like that!!
  9. Georgia_Peaches

    Trying Every Drink on the Martini Menu

    We're not big fans of the martini bar either and much prefer the WCB where we have tried most of the offerings on the menu. Usually I will order 1 and DH will order something different so we can sample each other's drink and swap if necessary. We have also found that the restaurants have their own signature cocktails as well. There is some sort of peach cocktail in Luminae that is sooo good, I can't recall the name, and Sushi on 5 also has a spicy lime cocktail that was awesome as well.
  10. Georgia_Peaches

    On board activities

    I've never really been drawn to a ship for the activities they offer so I'm not that fussy. We've been on Reflection, Constellation, and Equinox. All three seemed to offer something for everyone. Most of the activities that appealed to me required some sort of fee. We did the mixology and wine tastings on Equinox and we also attended a lecture in the theater that was really good. The pool activities were pretty typical cruise ship offerings....silent disco, line dancing, belly flop contest. Just meh...IMO. I remember the ships to be somewhat sleepy in the evening after the shows and dinner hours had passed. We spent most of our later evening in the casino. I guess it's really just about what you are looking for and it's different for everyone. Last year on NCL Epic, I thought the entertainment and vibe were really fun and energetic. We enjoyed that scene too but we were with our Millennial children and their plus-ones so we wanted something with a little more to offer. Over all, Celebrity is our first choice go to because it offers what appeals to us.
  11. Georgia_Peaches

    Virgin Voyages - A evolution of NCL?

    Many cruisers really enjoy a cruise ship buffet. Not sure how not having a buffet will go over. I for one, and not a buffet fan when on land, but I do enjoy checking them out when I cruise.
  12. Georgia_Peaches

    Latitudes Reward Offer

    I wonder if that works for reservations that have already made final payment? I had a $50 OBC magically appear in my Vacation Summary the other day that wasn't there before. Someone suggested that it was a Latitudes past guest OBC. Since it arrived during the window of this promotion, I'm wondering if it was just done automatically. Guess I should call my TA...I dread the wait time.
  13. Georgia_Peaches

    Norwegian Sun Pool

    I didn't go in the pool but I've never been on a ship that had a pool that wasn't salt water...I guess there's always a chance that it's one of the few fresh water pools...but I'm thinking it's probably salt.
  14. Georgia_Peaches

    Something Strange in "My Vacation Summary"

    Thank you for that confirmation.
  15. Georgia_Peaches

    Something Strange in "My Vacation Summary"

    I am satisfied with my TA and their promotional OBC. In the past, I have received additional OBC as a thank you in the amount of $50 but it didn't show up until after the vacation had started. So I wasn't really sure about this one.