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  1. Much as I would like to try Oceania in March, 2021, it's not looking good. Darn. Won't be making final payment in December...and I really wanted to try the Riviera.
  2. I would venture to say that if there were something positive to report about cruising, it wouldn't be picked up by USA Today.
  3. Very good point! I would agree with that. I recall a flight I was on once returning from SFO to ATL where we had to "assume emergency landing position" by bending over and tucking our heads to our knees...you could have heard a pin drop on that plane. Fortunately, the flight crew were excellent and we had a happy ending and nobody panicked. Whether that was because everyone paid attention to the emergency video or because of paralyzing fear, I couldn't really say.
  4. Why? I honestly think that if things go to the dogs on board a cruise ship, all bets are off. People will go to the nearest point of safety and it may not be their assigned muster station. Now, it may be different for those who need to reunite with children.
  5. I've said this before and will say it again...in the event of an emergency, will people really go to their assigned muster station or will they head to the nearest life boat? Not saying it's unimportant to know where to muster, but in a real emergency, I expect all that goes out the window.
  6. There's a link to a video as well but it's in German. Didn't keep me from watching it....it seems that cruising is a universal language.
  7. ...and I do miss them! Wouldn't have said that a year ago.
  8. I don't think the cruise lines anticipated a shut down for this long when they first began issuing FCC's. My guess is they will extend the expiration dates. Bankruptcy certainly adds another layer that we all want to see avoided.
  9. Interesting. I guess I wasn't really aware that there wasn't some sort of current regulation. Appreciate the elaboration @markeb and @npcl.
  10. Never thought I'd say it, but yeh...I'd be up for a good rant about chair hoggers. Tipping thread...sure! Dinner attire...bring it on! Nickle & Diming...you bet. I'm up for all of it!
  11. I think things will level off eventually. Even when the industry resumes full swing, there's many people out there who are in no hurry to rush back to cruising. As for reduced capacity, it is my understanding that this will be a concession put in place should sailing resume during the pandemic and without a vaccine. There will come a day when the pandemic is declared over. Hopefully by 2022 this will be in the distant past and reduced capacity won't be a thing.
  12. I read this article and your summary and agree with your assessment. I don't view such changes as being more consumer friendly. What am I missing?
  13. From the very beginning I have said that I would not cruise if masks were required. I agree that @German Cruiser has painted a different picture with his live review. Or perhaps I have just gotten used to the idea. I would cruise if masks are required in certain situations but not under the restrictions described in the OP's scenario. I can come to terms with mask wearing in corridors or elevators just as I have come to terms with masks in daily life on land. I'm beyond ready to move into a time in history when cruising can resume. Not sure when that will be, but I am ready.
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