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  1. That's a great question, TeeRick! and I have thought a lot about it, to be sure. Both my daughter and SIL are pharmacists and they have been vaccinated and they administer the vaccine daily. They advocate for the vaccine and I truly respect their knowledge and expertise. But I think I need at least a year of the vaccine(s) being available to the general public before I can comfortably say I would consider getting the vaccine myself. That's my benchmark, anyway. I am ok to sit out cruising for a while...like we haven't already, lol. We have a few land vacays planned at a couple different
  2. I guess I'm not surprised by the polling results. I am among the 15% who responded "yes" to cruising without a mandatory vaccine. Put another way, if the question asked if I'd cruise if a vaccine was mandatory, my answer would be no. I'm not anti-vax by any means. But I need more time to pass before I agree to inject an experimental something into my body. That said, I noticed in Celebrity's latest mailer that they are currently only requiring vaccinations through October sailings. It will likely get extended but who knows? Agree completely with those
  3. I honestly don't think the CDC has any intention of giving the go ahead...period. It's why more lines will begin to seek other embarkation ports. Celebrity is already launching Caribbean cruises out of St. Martin.
  4. Just as an aside, the FDA and CDC have halted the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for being linked to blood clots per an announcement April 13, 2021.
  5. Well said. I am not a divisive person by nature. I think it's fair to say it's just time to agree to disagree on this topic and move on. Cruisers, in general are really good people. In a perfect world, there aren't many here that I wouldn't gladly have a cocktail with! I hope to make my way back to cruising some day and in the meantime, I don't mind waving to ya'll from my all inclusive beach resort as you pass on by. Be well, everyone!
  6. Lots of conspiracy theories out there but in my opinion the end game is the Great Reset. https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/
  7. I guess it really just depends on which sources one trusts as presenting the facts. It's why everyone should do their own research. At the end of the day, people need to do what's right for them.
  8. Trolling certainly has a negative connotation but in this case, it is my opinion that the person in question is trying to inform. But as you said, if one doesn't want the information they can always ignore the person or if they are REALLY offended by the content, bypass the thread completely.
  9. Am I dating myself if I admit that I remember that?
  10. Well said! I truly believe that @knowthescore has his heart in the right place in trying to share his knowledge. Knowledge is power and I just don't think one can have enough of it as it relates to the covid vaccine. I applaud you encouraging inclusive view points and mutual respect for others.
  11. Yes, this is actually one of the problems I have with the vaccine requirement. I am not an anit-vaxer at all but I do appreciate FDA approval of those drugs and vaccines that have gone through the proper trials as well as FDA approval process. It seems a lot of companies requiring the vaccine are unaware of the Emergency Use clause. Further, I am not yet willing to put my fate in the hands of a vaccine manufacturer who has no liability if something bad should happen as a result of my receiving the injection. And sadly, bad things have happened. Between a lack of 3rd round clinical trials,
  12. I know...it's not light reading by any stretch. Fortunately, I'm married to a doctor and he helped me weed though it all.
  13. Not sure I'd call an article released in December "dated". I believe they (the authors) do not view the mRNA injection to be a vaccine and so therefore, don't use that word. Agree, it's a lot to wade through. I've waded through a lot to come to the conclusion that's right for me.
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