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  1. Thanks for the interpretation. We have a lot of expressions here in the south...none involving unicorns, so I was stumped. Now Zombies, I understand!
  2. Same here. While there is grave concern over this virus, and rightfully so, I venture a guess that more Americans, and perhaps citizens of the world, who do not frequent CC as an outlet are more concerned about the economy and returning to work than they are about the virus.
  3. The PH on an M class ship is on my bucket list for sure but I would only do it if I was going on an itinerary I had done many times before so that I could enjoy the features of the suite and deck without feeling like I need to get off the ship at each port. We haven't done Alaska yet so when we do, it's going to be about the ports and not the stateroom. Having said that, I think I'd take my bucket list first knowing that Alaska will continue to be there but the PH and it's affordability may not...
  4. Based on the further information you provided, I'm inclined to agree that Celebrity is mistaken. I hate to ask because I've only just started doing this myself because of things I've learned on CC, but by any chance did you take a snip of the promo that was being shown on the website at the time of booking? It's a long shot...I know. But I have started doing just that for instances just like these...and not just with cruise bookings...literally everything I do on a computer these days ends in a snip (picture) that I save to a file. I hope you get it worked out.
  5. March 2021 cruise to "touch the Panama Canal" on Constellation leaving out of Tampa. It's way too soon to determine if we will need to cancel or if the cruise line will cancel us as they did for our April cruise. I am hopeful that we will get to sail as so much can happen in 11 months from now. When I think about what I was doing 11 months ago, I couldn't have fathomed a situation such as this one. Crazy how things change literally within a blink of an eye. @Argo. I like this topic much better ☺️.
  6. Good point. I assumed they were in U.S. because they didn't say otherwise...but you know what they say about assuming...
  7. You know what? When the day finally comes that cruising begins again, I will never curse another muster drill or long embarkation line again! I will treasure it and find something to enjoy about it. Never did I imagine myself feeling that way! Oh my how things change!
  8. FWIW, La Cucina is my least favorite dining venue. On out last cruise which sailed Feb. 29th, we were offered the Brazilian steak house complimentary on embarkation day. Guess the ship wasn't sailing at full capacity and they needed to get some guests in there. We accepted and much to my dismay, we liked it very much! If, in some alternate reality, ships are sailing in May, that's what I would suggest ☺️
  9. So true...with/without the revolution, if Connie sails, so do we!
  10. We have done an aft penthouse on Breakaway, deck 9 which has the largest deck and the master bath facing the ocean. We absolutely LOVED this room. We used our balcony for breakfast in the morning and pre-dinner cocktails. We napped on the balcony and had some fantastic people watching as they returned to the ship on port days. I like a lot of shade and this balcony had it in spades. But unlike your situation, we only had 2 people. The 2 bedroom family suite will give your daughter a proper door for privacy unlike the aft suite which has a convertible sofa in the living room. And the 2 bed is also located within the Haven complex which is a little more convenient. If we were traveling with a third person, we'd probably opt for the 2 bedroom over the aft for these reasons.
  11. I just can't see a pathway for May and June sailings...much as I would like them to resume. Just too many unknown factors. In terms of who sails and who doesn't in the event of reduced capacity, well they won't have to worry about that. Many, if not most people will not go, even if the ship sails on. JMO.
  12. Absolutely! Can you imagine trying to practice SD on a cruise ship? All that we love and hold dear about cruising would be gone....although....I do know where I can get my hands on some pretty fancy face masks...hmmm, Bo..I think you just gave me an idea!! 🧏‍♀️
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