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  1. Silly question then - what happens between the check-in and the embarkation? You just sit and wait at the terminal? And when does the embarkation usually start?
  2. Thank you! So that’s actually another question I had - am I required to take my picture through the app right when I am checking in or can I upload one? The reason I’m asking is because I wanted to do the check in for both of us myself to make sure we are able to get the same time slot.
  3. Thank you for your response, that really helps. Yes, I did get FAS promo and yes, I do have all the dining booked for all 7 nights 👍
  4. Hi, all. Royal cruiser here, brand new to NCL, going on Pearl from Boston in less than 6 weeks. Here are my questions: 1. When will the rooms be ready on embarkation day? 2. When we do our online check in through the app, I guess we would be able to pick our embarkation time slot (similar to Royal). What if we are late for that time slot (but not late to the ship ;))? 3. Any recommendations for lunch on Pearl on embarkation day, other than the buffet? 4. Do package/excursion prices ever go down? Probably not for this sailing because it's too close, but in general? With Royal I am used to booking stuff then cancelling and re-booking if the price goes down, is that a thing with NCL? 5. At this point will there be more excursions added for our sailing? Again, we are a little over 5 weeks out. I may have more questions, but this is it for now. Any other tips and information from those who sailed both Royal and NCL, may be compare and contrast would really help. I did do my search on here but I would like some post-COVID info, may be from 6 months ago or less. Thank you in advance!
  5. I am on the same cruise in April, also inside, LITERALLY IN THE SAME BOAT 😜 but I am hesitant to upgrade because my room while inside, has an ok location. If I upgrade to a balcony thats under a pool deck or some other noisy venue - is that really an upgrade? 😏 I am new to NCL, so I may not know everything, any input is appreciated here.
  6. That’s great 😜👎 is there a way to check my minutes balance throughout the cruise? what happens if I go over 150? do they charge me some ridiculous amount per extra minute or will I not be able to connect at all then?
  7. Visitors Effective November 14 2022, travel authorizations will no longer be required to enter Bermuda. Visitors (arriving by air or yacht)travelling to Bermuda from November 14 onwards do not need to apply for a travel authorization. In its place, the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) will reinstate the Bermuda Arrival Card, a digital form for visitors only, which was in place before the onset of the pandemic. Cruise visitors are not required to complete any entry form.
  8. Thank you! It’s the fact that it’s a la carte + no reservations that probably threw me off. No worries, I am pretty sure my daughter can handle it 🍣🍱👍🤣
  9. Sorry to piggy back on this post here but I don’t think my question is big enough to justify a separate post. Royal cruiser here, going for the first time on Norwegian Pearl in April. Can specialty dining credit I got when I booked this cruise be used in the Sushi place? It’s a la carte so I am pretty sure the answer is no, but I just wanted to be sure. Again, sorry if I am hijacking this post.
  10. Correct. Israel has higher ratio of Jews but its total population is a lot smaller.
  11. I am Jewish and am fully aware of the holidays. This was not a holiday. Just happens to be when those Jewish schools have their break. I know all it takes to have a Glatt Kosher kitchen and I can see why they would want the whole venue to themselves with Rabbi present and no bacon in that kitchen and all. But I also saw people eating their kosher meals out of boxes in MDR as well as Windjammer. Not judging just making an observation.
  12. There’s an old trick of googling your ship name + sail date to see what special group(s)/event(s) may also be there. Which may or may not help of course. I probably wouldn’t have thought of Solarium Bistro being closed for the entirety of the cruise if I saw that add even.
  13. We are here on Oasis as well right now. A lot of unhappy people because of Solarium Bistro and yes, it does feel like spring break all over again, someone said anywhere between 1300 and 1500 kids on board right now. Would be nice to know about all this ahead of time when booking, especially Solarium Bistro not being available for the entirety of the cruise.
  14. This was true for us on Oasis but probably like 7? years ago? We walked into Solarium Bistro with a kid just not the Solarium.
  15. We are sailing this weekend and Coco Cay is one of the stops and yes, I do see Scuba under Excursions as well as Wave Jet (similar to Jet Ski?), snorkeling, most are sold out of course. But yes, they did add more and more excursions in Coco Cay as well as other ports as we got closer to our sail date.
  16. Does anyone know where/if I can download older versions of Royal Caribbean app for Android? My Samsung tablet is ~2 years old and it says my device isn't compatible with this version. :-(.
  17. That was valet offered on many ships, and it was very convenient, yes. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/does-royal-caribbean-offer-luggage-valet
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