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  1. As Jon said you can drop luggage early...starting at 10 or 11 and then go to lunch or whatever. Normally late boarding runs "early," so if you show up around 3, it is likely that you'll be able to board with little or no line. Hopefully if there is a problem with your early flight, there are later ones that can get you to BCN on time.
  2. THe only thing I will say is that you were on the tour rather than the ship...I do get it that the tour was sponsored by VV, but all excursions are operated by outside companies. The tour guide should have shut it down right away
  3. There is a lot more to a room than size. Layout is VERY important. Some ship cabins have a significant amount of wasted or unusable space while others are well designed.
  4. The only official numbers I've seen from VV were for 2022...they said the average age on board was 43 with a range of 18-90s. I have some data on the specific cruises I was on related to age. I honestly never felt that any of it mattered, and doubt that they collect anything other than that which is government required (age and sex). There will be about 2000 people on board. Some of them will be like you in some ways. Some will not be like you. If that matters to you, look at a different line.
  5. True that there is no nightly turn down service BUT if you need anything at any time, you can request it thru the tablet in the room, thru the app, or with a phone call. If it is something you want regularly, let your host know and they will take care of it. There is an "on call" team at all times and a partial team in the halls in the evening for those requests.
  6. English is the language on the ship. Yes, many languages are spoken by the crew to the point that if someone couldn't handle English, they could find a crew member to help. The only public announcements on the ship after the muster drill are emergency announcements. IF there is an announcement, it will be an unscheduled "must inform everyone" thing, but any normal stuff is on the app, on posts at the gangway, and electronic signs in elevators and a few other locations on the ship. All guest facing crew speak English.
  7. Age range on VV has been 18-90s. If you are willing to take a "You be you" attitude and not worry about what other people choose to do, you're fine. If you don't like drag, don't go to diva shows--there is plenty more to do. If crew with piercings or tats are going to offend you, this isn't your cruise line. As far as PDA, I haven't seen anything in our 2 months (broken up into weeks) of cruising on VV that I hadn't seen on Disney. Want to dress up--do it. Don't want to--wear shorts and ts anywhere on board. It isn't about age, it is about attitude.
  8. Computer stuff--video games, AI, etc.
  9. Our favorite is the Kalbi (marinate beef). You'll be offered a choice of ordering off the menu or having server bring you "the favorites." Do whatever suits you. This is NOT real Korean BBQ as we had in Asia, but is OK. It can get noisy. If you don't like eating with strangers, put together your own party of 6 with others you've met on the cruise. A lot depends on the mix at the table. Our first time, we were with a family group of 4. 3 did not speak English and one translated enough for the server. Lots of smiles and nods. The next time, we were with a person who shared my daughter's hobby and they hit it off great. Others have been good to great.
  10. The April VV TA had 2348 sailors on board (capacity totally full is 2700). It was the most full VV sailing I've been on. although I do know that some shorter sailings have sold every available cabin. We've been on TAs on other lines that cruised full. People are learning that these are great cruises and good/great values.
  11. There are no main dining rooms, no buffet. The food is fixed fresh when you order it. In The Galley (food court), you can go to the various stations and order yourself or have a seat and place your order with a server. There are 6 included restaurants which would be specialty dining on any other line. You can make reservations beginning 45 days before your cruise. They do take walk ups on a space available basis. Each restaurant has a different theme/type of cuisine. In addition, on each of our cruises The Galley has had a nightly dinner special as well as multiple lunch specials. There are other places around the ship to get small plates, snacks, pizza, wings, etc. Everyone has different tastes in food, but each restaurant had something we liked. There are many sites where you can see the menus on line. Daytime entertainment varies with length of cruise...music, trivia, games and fun in The Social Club, Sea Horse auction and race, lots more. And don't forget the marvelous hammock with a good book.
  12. You can do it on the app 45 days before embarkation. Your TA can do it for you thru their portal. or you can call Sailor Services and they can do it. You cannot do it on line. It is 60 days for suites. IF you don't get what you want, no worries--they open additional slots at embarkation.
  13. VV's thing is to avoid "single use plastics." THey use many plastics on board; the containers for all the "to go" boxes are plastic. The difference is that they are not "single use" plastics. THey are cleaned and re-used. OK, I don't do ducks...I think they are rather silly and I don't need extra stuff in my luggage. But if ducks make some people happy, I don't see the harm in it for those who enjoy it. Not sure what all the fuss is about. One of the "themes" of Virgin seems to be "you be you." On one cruise over a year ago, we learned that there was a sort of contest where the crew managers were hiding marked ducks in obscure places. Crew members who found and turned in a duck got a small reward as this signified they were cleaning thoroughly. They were initially puzzled when unmarked ducks started showing up as passengers were hiding them. They ended the crew game. I can't claim this was true, but it was told to me by a crew member.
  14. Many of the terminal people have tablets and they can look you up by your name. THey will ask you to show them the app because that 's easier....but if the app is being wonky or if you don't have your phone or whatever, they can look it up. They can also do this to verify DBE or other priority boarding status. When you are actually inside checking in, they need your passport. They can see everything else on their screen based on the passport name. FWIW, when the app is misbehaving, it becomes a lot better as soon as you log on thru the ship's wifi.
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