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  1. Thank you, I haven't heard of that one. I have One Password and it works ok. I also still keep everything written down on paper because I'm a dinosaur LOL
  2. Yes I just cleared my browser history and now Princess website works for cruise searches. Not sure why and I shouldn't have to do that just to use their website. And now I am having to look up all my logins and passwords and re log into all of the websites I use. What a pain. Not happy with Princess right now.
  3. Omigosh this is really annoying! I still can't search any cruises on the website. I have been seeing that dang red message since yesterday morning. I have family members asking me about the current fare of our cruise and cabin availability and I can't do squat. And someone above said that Princess person on the phone didn't seem to know about technical issues?
  4. I was just able to make a cruise payment in my Personalizer. When I search for our cruise to check fares (before new promo starts) it is still the red "unavailable" message. I think it might have something to do with the Medallion Net pricing, since it does show the fares for the June 2nd cruise before ours and the Medallion Net won't be installed until June 12th - and those later cruises are the ones that are showing as unavailable right now.
  5. Oh for Pete's sake the website is still down this morning! Princess needs a better tech team.
  6. I just noted this problem in the other thread about website issues (the more current one, this one originated a year ago). Hopefully they are lowering the fares before the new promo this week.
  7. Definitely something going on with the website today (Sunday) because there are no cruise prices available, just the red error message. Hopefully they are lowering the fares before the new promo...
  8. This new promo is confusing me before it even comes out.
  9. Yes it includes bottled water (the 500ml size only). Does not include the ones in the Mini Bar (unless it is part of your free Elite or full suite setup).
  10. I was under the impression that if you refare to a new promo, you give up any existing promo that you are booked with. I have no idea what that insider TA question is talking about. Interesting though, maybe someone who is a TA could explain?
  11. Well I am still confused then. I don't get any 2021 Alaska itineraries when I search the Princess website.
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