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  1. In 2014 I took a river cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam with Tauck, and a varied selection of local musicians, and dancers, were brought on board at various stops, and in Vienna a gala dinner, and entertainment, in a Palace was included.
  2. Although the newer Hurtigruten ships have become more luxurious it is not a cruise line but a service for coastal communities. Some stops are only long enough to land, or take on board, passengers and freight.
  3. I switched off after 25 minutes. As for the frequent reference to cost, perhaps it was an attempt to justify Regent's per diem rates ( even for the entry level accommodation).
  4. I hope in this programme they don't keep telling us how much things cost.
  5. Catlover54, Unfortunately I had to cancel my reservation for the Ocean Sun cruise.
  6. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has posted a video looking back on the highlights of 2019:
  7. Espada Preta---- How can something so ugly taste good. Preferably fried with fried banana.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I doubt that there will be anything for a solo traveller given HL's restrictive policy.
  9. Thank you for posting the photos which bring back memories of our Middle East cruise with Silversea back in 2003, We had two nights in Cairo, which included excursions to the , now old, Museum, and a Nile river cruise, and two nights in Luxor which included two visits to the historic site, one during the morning, and the other at night for a Son et Lumiere show. Unfortunately we missed the visit to Petra due to ill health.
  10. The following article may prove enlightening: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/aldi-champagne-veuve-monsigny-champagne-brut-international-wine-spirits-challenge-a8407741.html
  11. In Bergen, to see life in a bygone age, one should visit the Gamle Museum:
  12. @mrstanley A basic question, have you been to Bergen before? If not, why pass up the opportunity to see this attractive Hanseatic city?
  13. Thank you for posting the article, and photos. H-L certainly go to town on it's biannual refurbs.
  14. H-L has now posted a, German language, video of the christening of the ship:
  15. Am I missing something? All the supermarkets stock cartons of chilled '100% pure pressed fruit' juice, so why is this not being served on board as a matter of course?
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