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  1. H-L has now posted a, German language, video of the christening of the ship:
  2. Am I missing something? All the supermarkets stock cartons of chilled '100% pure pressed fruit' juice, so why is this not being served on board as a matter of course?
  3. An interesting choice. Not being familiar with the name Jacquart Mosaique, I had to research it, and discovered the brand was only came to market in 1962. 'History The Jacquart story is a history of the Champagne growers' efforts to control their own destiny rather than relying on the big Grande Marque houses as a route to market. In the early 1960s, a small group of growers realised that in order to build their own businesses in a sustainable way, they needed to launch their own Champagne instead of supplying grapes to the negociant middlemen or directly to the Grande Marques. The Champagne Jacquart brand was subsequently released for the first time in 1962 and the ‘Mosaïque' label chosen to represent the patchwork of grower families across the region, all joined together with a common vision..
  4. I have fond memories of the original Swissair, and was fortunate to visit it's training facility for cabin staff.
  5. H-L has posted a German language video showing the recent refurbishment of the Europa 2:
  6. Through Hapag-Lloyd Cruises I booked a 2 night pre-cruise stay in the Fairmont Four Seasons in Hamburg. Two days before flying out to Germany H-L advised my TA that it had been notified by the hotel that it was overbooked, and my reservation was cancelled. It further advised that it had booked me into the Hotel Atlantic for which it would pay, and that it would refund me the cost of the original hotel. That certainly created good will.
  7. Perhaps it is innate in human nature to be reticent to embrace change, and step outside of one's comfort zone. Otherwise how will one determine if there are other suppliers of a product that fits, or exceeds, one's wishes?
  8. Under the current CEO, British Airways' reputation has deteriorated to that of a poor budget airline.
  9. With it's restrictive policy of releasing a very limited number of staterooms for single occupancy it is even more frustrating being a solo passenger attempting to book a cruise with H-L.
  10. To repeat what I posted last month: 'Between now and the 2 October 2021 over it's fleet there are 37 cruises with destinations in the USA, and Canada. Of those 37, 19 are on the bilingual Europa2, and the Hanseatic inspiration.'
  11. What you have posted, and which drew a response saying that on their cruise the number was greater was '…….there are two major things that luxury cruisers should know about Hapag-Lloyd: 1). According to reports on CC, there are typically 30 or less English speaking passengers onboard;...…..'
  12. The OP was told by H-L that they were not the only Americans on board. H-L regularly exhibits at London travel fairs, and is due to do so again in November. If, as you state, 'H-L is a German line catering to the German market' why has it invested in, and promoting, the Europa 2, and the Hanseatic inspiration as International ships? If you wish to cruise unsullied by the presence of native English speakers there is always the Europa, and the Hanseatic nature.
  13. If one doesn't like the message, don't shoot the messenger?
  14. Re Thomas Cook's first package tour into Europe, according to the link: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/thomas-cook-history-timeline/index.html '1855: Thomas Cook conducts his first continental tour, taking two parties from Harwich to Antwerp, then on to Brussels, Cologne, Heidelberg, Strasbourg and, finally, to Paris for the International Exhibition. The company offers a complete holiday "package" -- the fare including travel, accommodation and food -- for the first time. '
  15. The CEO did not pay himself. His remuneration, and bonuses for three years of profit since he took over, would have been set by the Board. Personally, I think the last minute demand by two banks, one of which is partly state owned, for an extra £200 million funding was questionable.
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