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  1. Hi, and thanks for visiting and answering our questions. So I took a look at your itineraries as suggested and see such a wide variety of cruises on this ship. The Northwest Passage - In the Footsteps of Frankly caught my eye. Can you tell me more? Very cruise tour like.... Thanks,
  2. If you check my activity you'll see I love these Q&A opportunities. My first question: how long will most of your sailings be? Are you looking to include some overnights in your itineraries? Which area of the world would include the most overnights? Secondly, what will the ambiance on board be like? Thanks, appreciate this immensely! ACruiseGuy
  3. Thanks so much @RiverCruisingUK! This is definitely on my list and although I was looking forward to 2021, I will take your advice and plan for 2022. Now I just need to get my rivers straight! LOL Really appreciate this opportunity! Thanks, Cruise Critic
  4. A dream cruise would be a river cruise to the Christmas markets. I'm a decoration fanatic! I have tried to pinpoint the exact locations but it is confusing. Basically, I want to see the best of the best markets, on a ship something like the quality of Celebrity or Princess for example. I've heard date selection is important as well. I read one review where someone was "sold" a Christmas market sailing and the markets weren't open yet! How do we find out about scheduling? Do you think the markets will be open in 2021? Is it too early to book 2022?
  5. Hello Chris: A co-worker who was in the know once told me "when you are ready for the perfect cruise...try Windstar". I truly trust her judgement and a Windstar cruise is on my bucket list. I've cruised countless times before on many different lines and I'm ready for something different. So, can you offer up your best value in sailing on Windstar? Which ship will satisfy: new places to visit, comfy stateroom and really good food (not necessarily foo foo foo!). Thanks for visiting with us!
  6. Hi....I've got a few ideas for future bucket list cruises; I'd LOVE to do one of yours! I'm just wondering how to compare these types of expedition cruises? Is it all about the excursions, do I want casual comfort when on board or do i need to be pampered. WHAT DO I LOOK FOR??? BTW, I frequently attend these Q&As and really appreciate them! Al
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