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  1. I would like to see pools with a "Walk in" option. Every picture I have seen the pools only have ladder access.
  2. You probably should consider securing reservations. Many places will be closed on Christmas day. The cathedral will most likely be having special Christmas mass schedules to take into consideration. Here is link with a phone number you can use. https://www.sinaloa360.com/cathedral-basilica-of-mazatlan/ Another beach option is Stone Island which really is not an island. The beaches are just across the jetty a quick walk and boat ride away.
  3. I usually use AJAX. While Ajax is a little further away from the terminals, you avoid the traffic on Pacific Highway, TIPS!! Make a reservation! SeaTac can run out of parking especially if weather becomes an issue. My horror story was not having a reservation at Christmas and the only parking I could find was in the main terminal hourly parking lot. AJAX has a coupon you need to print https://ajaxparkingrus.com/coupon/ for $8.99 per day parking. AAA rate is good too at Ajax.
  4. I love renting and taking my time to drive and stop when and were I want... Be sure to allow up to 2-hours to cross the boarder. It could take less time, but plan for a wait, Enjoy!
  5. There is a new USA today story that provides positive review of the LAX changes.
  6. Fox News just said he "jumped" from a balcony as seen on cameras. 26-years old and traveling with family.
  7. Wow.... another delay. Great way to end the 1st season. Sounds like people will be missing flights in Los Angeles.
  8. OP - Please confirm that you actually were on the inside passage on the southbound voyage. This would be the first time I have heard the Royal Princess truly used the inside passage.
  9. you are so correct.... I just looked at Princess Web site. The route map as of today clearly shows the passage is on the inside of Vancouver Island. It will be interesting to listen to passengers and crew to see if this is an issue discussed.
  10. We received an e-mail.
  11. RCCL & Celebrity provide you some carry over perks you might want to consider too. We really enjoyed the Millennium B2B last year. Icy Straight Point is a great new port! It is very non-tourist and you really could experience Alaska. Hubbard Glacier is also amazing. Hubbard is one of the few glaciers that is not retreating. Suite Guests are treated to a private glacier viewing on the ship's bow. This year we are trying the Royal B2B and look forward to comparing the two. The Royal is also departing from Vancouver which we prefer so we can enjoy the inside passage. A little concerned the tides and size of the Royal may limit the Inside Passage Experience. We were just notified yesterday that out Aug 3 sailing date is now departing early due to tides.
  12. I just got mine and it is very similar to the IWatch rubber band. I feel it would be secure for your kids. Is the Medallion "Waterproof"?
  13. Some good news.... We were all set for our Sailing on August 3 to 17. B2B Royal Princess. DD was on the Aug 3 to 10 sailing. She was offered a Move Over opportunity that she took. She is now on the Aug 10 to 17 sailing. We already received our medallions and the app was uploaded and working. The good news... The app updated perfectly! The new sailing is showing just like magic. Good Job Princess IT team.
  14. looking forward to having my favorite beverage delivered!
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