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  1. I'm interested in Resortpass also because we didn't want to lug luggage around and thought a pool and beach would be relaxing. Any recommendations which resort everyone has used would be nice.
  2. Paula B

    Sea Glass

    We found so while we were at Bonaire.
  3. Thank you it looks like it stops near there.
  4. Hi BNBR, we were looking at a day pass at "Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort" you were saying that Hollywood beach was a great area do you know if you can catch the water taxi here?
  5. I also do WW and I know the closer you get to goal the slower it comes off. My weight has really slowed down the last six month and I'm within four pounds of goal. You have done awesome 55 pounds down that's great. In the last month I've started losing about a half to three fourths a week I wish it was faster but, at least it's going down. Sometimes we are not eating enough so make sure you are eating your points and sometimes mixing it up and using a big number of extras once a week can help. Make sure to track and measure and just remember the foods are 0 points doesn't mean they are calorie free. This program works I've been on WW for 29months and have lost 187 pounds and have taken 3 cruises. Relax and don't stress you will do this!
  6. Thanks for sharing we are not bothered by noise so I think we will be happy. We usually do a balcony and didn't want I do a inside with no light. Of course a upgrade to a balcony would be nice lol but, I think we will be happy with our choice. Thanks again for sharing.
  7. We are booked next year in E415 on the Crown which is suppose to be a obstructed view. We chose this room because my research show it's inbetween and is not obstructed. Our question is has anyone stayed in this room and is the bed underneath the window or is it position on the side wall where you can sit by the window. Thanks in advance.
  8. We are flying into Fll the day before our cruise. I was just wondering if I should book directly with the hotel or is it better to go through a site like Expedia or Travelocity? What is the best rate? Thanks in advance
  9. We have used it at Fort Lauderdale several times. They did not offer it in San Francisco last year or Galveston TX this year. We flew with Southwest and they are in the EZ check program.
  10. I'm guessing that you could request the beds to be made twin that way your window would be open for you.
  11. We stay at Double tree last weekend it was nice with the restaurants there. We were very happy ☺
  12. Thanks looking forward to it.
  13. Our cruise is March 24 on the LOS. This is our first cruise with Royal Caribbean and have not ever heard of Royal Up and got a email appox. 3 weeks ago. We booked this cruise about 3 months back because the grandkids were wanting to go. Since it was last minute we just booked an inside cabin and then after the email I did bid on an ocean view and balcony but I bid low and today I got an email saying we were award an Ocean view room so I guess it was good enough lol.
  14. We come back into port March 31. I think while I'm on ship I will go to the service deck and let them know our flight time and ask if we can be on the first transfer back. We have always cruised out of Florida so this is a totally different experience lol. We are flying in a day early 🙂Thank you
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