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  1. Sounds like, if they don't have step 4 (Arrival/Departure groups) resolved before you leave, you can just show up whenever you want (early?) and they will accommodate. Nice.
  2. Like most others above, our CDC cards do not have any "initials" or extraneous markings - just the manufacturer, lot #, date administered and medical professional/clinic where administered. ETA: In addition to the cards, we requested (and received) the official record of our vaccinations from the AZ State Health Department.
  3. Your point "b" has been my largest issue with this for weeks: the no-notice shutdown of Personalizer functionality on the web site in favor of a mobile app that they acknowledge has many, many issues.
  4. I have (had) the same concern because I cannot verify either through the web site or the MC app that our preference for ATD is still on our booking. With the advent of DMW, I asked our TA to verify that our booking still showed ATD and that ATD would still be available on Majestic; yesterday she informed me that yes, ATD is still on our reservation and is a dining option..... for now. 😏
  5. True, once you're on board the ship. But to get fully checked in and pick dining, etc. pre-cruise, you have to have a supported smart phone and the (functional) MC app.
  6. It was the same for me (showed "2" selected and green check marks) but then I exited the app and relaunched it, when I went to arrival groups, it was back to zero. I know I am a release back level (I think I updated it two weeks ago) but my only option now is to uninstall the version I have (which is mostly working) and install the latest version and hope all my data is carried over. If not (as Charlie Brown often says in frustration) GGAAAHHHHHH!
  7. I did likewise (after reading your comment) and it changed to "2" but when I exited the app and came back in, it was back to "0". Oh well....
  8. I noticed that zero on my app yesterday as well and just blew it off as another MC app glitch (or "feature" if you want to be extremely charitable or cynical).
  9. Agree on this notion. Maintaining dual web and mobile app availability is common in the ecommerce world but it's something Princess apparently determined was too old school so, unannounced, they slammed the door on the web site option. 😠
  10. I had that same issue and as I recall (and could be mistaken) I had to scroll down a bit more and select an additional option. I'm sure someone will correct or add to this that knows for sure.
  11. Yes. That link on the Princess web site takes you to either the Apple App store or the Play Store (android).
  12. Looking at Microsoft's list of Samsung devices which support the "Apps" option on Your Phone, the A11 is not listed. ☹️
  13. Thank you! And it answers the question: my older Samsung Galaxy is not listed among the supported devices for apps. ☹️
  14. Interesting. As I mentioned above, I did not have the "Apps" option but did have the other four options. You mention the requisite phone and PC conditions - did I possibly overlook a setting or permission in the Your Phone app to allow it to see my Samsung apps? ETA: When I look at "Settings", "Features" for my Samsung on the Your Phone app, the only features are Notifications, Messages, Photos and Calls. Perhaps my older model Samsung doesn't support apps on Your Phone?
  15. It seems that, despite Chernesky's statements on his webinar that it would be 95% (with the remaining 5% exceptions being children under 12, medical exemption and religious exemption), it has now changed to 100%. In addition to the statement above from the Princess web site, here is a copy/paste of a story on Cruise Industry News dated today with "today's" Princess status for vaccinations: "Princess Cruises Ships: Majestic Princess First Cruise: July 25, 2021 Homeports: Seattle Region: Alaska Vaccination required? Yes Princess Cruises is resuming its U.S. operations in Alask
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