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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, and being away from home has to make it worse. Yes, we have been with or have have had friends that were very sick. Everything they told us was that HAL was very responsive in getting them to a hospital as well as hotel accommodations, if needed, for their significant other.
  2. Yes, I had all the info and we had put our $200 down a few months ago. Call your TA. Not booking segments on the pole to pole but on the wc.
  3. Yes, got an email from someone on 2023 wc and called my TA with the cruise information. We already had our $200 down just to hold it, not sure if that makes a difference. We knew this was coming, but had not seen the itinerary. He said the pricing would not be out till May, but we are guaranteed on there and the type of room we wanted (lanai).
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