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  1. I had heard the Australian gov were considering the same for Australians on the ship.
  2. We were happy with the communication and the response. We have cancelled our Feb 29 cruise and booked another later in the year.
  3. SLSD, my guess is anything is possible and probably SB is weighing up the cost of canceling vs the cost if someone did bring the virus aboard. I would think that someone bringing the virus on board would be the worst for the company and it’s reputation. But then I’m no expert in those matters. I guess I do feel sorry for all cruise lines but then I also feel sorry for guests (like me who had to cancel). I think the cruise lines can’t win which ever way they go.
  4. We saw what happened when the Ovation was traveling to Manila from HK. Governments can change the rules at any time, preventing cruise lines from docking. This must be a concern for all cruise lines and their guests. I thought it interesting that the Chinese embassy was very critical of Australia’s decision to extend the denied entry of Chinese citizens by another week.
  5. I think the upgrade offers are automatic. We also got upgrade offers for our cruise departing HK the 29th even though we had cancelled.
  6. Below is the email what we got from SB. We have cancelled our 29th sailing, and put the 100% FCC towards a Mediterranean cruise later in the year. ”February 05, 2020 Dear Valued Guest: We look forward to welcoming you on board Seabourn Ovation. We know you are eager for news about your cruise and very much appreciate your patience while we have been managing this developing situation. As you are likely aware, a new type of coronavirus was recently detected in mainland China. We are closely monitoring this situation, and wish to reassure you that our medical experts are coordinating closely with global health authorities. For more information, please see the Guest Health Advisory attached to this letter. In light of global concerns regarding China and as the safety of our guests and crew is always our highest priority, embarkation for your cruise on Saturday, February 29 will now take place in Singapore rather than Hong Kong, China. Guests with Seabourn’s Flight Ease Guests who have purchased their air through Seabourn will have their arrival flights rebooked to arrive in Singapore rather than Hong Kong at our expense. We will communicate your new travel arrangements to you shortly. Guests with Independent Air Guests with independent travel arrangements should rebook their air to arrive at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) no later than 7:00 PM on Saturday, February 29. Please be sure your flights do not route though any city in mainland China or through Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau. Note: Guests who have traveled from or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau, or had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or a person who is under monitoring for coronavirus in the last 14 days prior to sailing will not be permitted to board the ship. If you will fall into one of these categories, please call us at the number below to process a cancellation and refund prior to sailing. Itinerary As a result of this change, we will no longer call to Da Nang (Hue) or Halong Bay (Hanoi), Vietnam, and have added calls to Georgetown, Penang and Porto Malai, Langkawi, Malaysia. The first 14 days of your itinerary are now as follows: Date Port Arrive Depart Saturday, February 29 Singapore 7:00 AM 11:00 PM Sunday, March 1 At Sea (Strait of Malacca) Monday, March 2 Porto Malai, Langkawi, Malaysia 8:00 AM 11:00 PM Tuesday, March 3 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Wednesday, March 4 At Sea (Strait of Malacca) Thursday, March 5 At Sea (South China Sea) Friday, March 6 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam 9:00 AM Overnight Saturday, March 7 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam Overnight 4:00 PM Sunday, March 8 At Sea (South China Sea) Monday, March 9 Sihanoukville (Kâmpóng Saôm), Cambodia 7:00 AM 8:00 PM Tuesday, March 10 Ko Kood, Thailand 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Wednesday, March 11 Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Thursday, March 12 At Sea (Gulf of Thailand) Friday, March 13 At Sea (South China Sea) Saturday, March 14 Singapore 7:00 AM 5:00 PM In recognition of the extensive changes to your voyage itinerary, each guest who sails on this voyage will receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 50% of the base cruise fare paid for the first 14-day segment of your voyage. The terms and conditions of this credit are detailed at the end of this letter. Although not a replacement for the changed ports, it is our sincere hope that the Future Cruise Credit will help you create new cruise memories with us in the near future. As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude for your understanding, each guest who sails will also receive $250.00 USD as an onboard credit applied to your shipboard account. These credits can be used toward any shore excursion, as well as services in the spa and all onboard purchases. We understand this is not the cruise vacation you anticipated, and some guests may prefer not to travel at this time. Should you choose to defer your travel and cancel your cruise you will receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit (excluding independent travel expenses) that can be used on a replacement cruise that sails within 12 months. The terms and conditions of this Future Cruise Credit are listed below. Most airlines and hotels are allowing guests to change travel plans involving China with no penalty, but should you incur airline change fee expenses related to adjusting your travel plans to arrive in Singapore on February 29 we will reimburse up to $250 per guest. Please present proof of change fees, excluding fare differences, at Seabourn Square once you are on board. Guests with Seabourn post-cruise hotel and transfer arrangements in Hong Kong, Japan will be refunded to the original form of payment. For guests with Seabourn tours booked for the cancelled ports, you will be refunded to the original form of payment. Our Destinations team is working to secure tours for our new ports and they will be available for you to book on board. We regret this disruption to your vacation plans and appreciate your understanding. Please refer to the attached Health Advisory for more information about the steps Seabourn is taking to safeguard our guests and precautions you can take to reduce your risk of contracting a respiratory illness. Should you have any questions, please contact us at the appropriate office: Seattle Office (USD/CAD Currency): Contact us at 1 866 827 5254. We are available Monday – Friday 6:00am to 5:00pm PST Rotterdam Office (EUR Currency): Contact us at NL 0800 7245425, BE 0800 77533, DE 0800 1822031. We are available Monday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm Southampton Office (GBP Currency): Contact us at 0844 338 8686. We are available Monday – Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm Sydney Office (AUD Currency): Contact us at 300 987 323. We are available Monday – Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm Thank you for your attention to this important information and for choosing Seabourn. We are eager to welcome you on board and remain, as always, at your service. Kind regards, Seabourn“
  7. Isn’t it funny how different people see things (and I think that is good, as we all have different choices). We thought the slightly narrow but slightly longer cabin better suited us. We specifically chose the Ovation over the Sojourn for our 29th Feb (unfortunately now not to be but that is for another reason ie. C virus) cruise because we loved the Ovation. Given that, the replacement cruise is on the Odyssey, and we are fine with that, we have cruised on the Odyssey before. We just love the TK bar area and the sushi restaurant as another dining option. My personal opinion (and I have seen it first hand both on the Encore and Ovation early morning when I been on deck taking photos) is that chair hoggers at the pool are spoiling it for others. Personally, I think, Flamin June, you should judge for yourself because we had the exact same doubt you have before we went on the Encore. Now we prefer the Encore and Ovation. Time will tell, we are on the Odyssey in July, maybe I will change thoughts again. Anyway, it is the SB crew that really make the difference.
  8. I think you are correct. I think what WHO report to the west, may be different to what they really know. I also do not think they want to panic the general population. We know how the media can take a 10sec grab and make a bad as they want to report.
  9. We were booked for the 29th out of HK but cancelled last week, before SB decided to turn around out of Singapore (not that that would have changed our decision). Our son lived in China for 4 years and I know how they underreport things. It also concerns me why the WHO seem so blasé (seem so to me) about it. At this point in time, I do not want to go near China (it may be unwarranted and an overreaction - only time will tell). I’m with SLSD, it is a health concern and so I think, at this point in time, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  10. My docs are from Seattle (Elliott Ave) but I do not know what the tracking would have shown. My experience is that it can be different.
  11. We left Montreal on the 1st Sept a couple of years ago and did not get any fall colors. I was asking a similar question prior to our booking and was told - go early and get potentially better weather - go later and get better chance of fall colors but more chance of not so good weather. We loved the cruise, the scenery was spectacular even without the fall colors.
  12. We have booked through SB and were offered the Peninsula or the Langham. Based on a recommendation we have chosen the Langham. The price was competitive with prices we could have gotten.
  13. Most of the crew I have sailed with were wonderful. I wish I could say the same about some of the passengers.
  14. We got a brochure the other day advertising the world cruise. The Singapore to Hong Kong section was one of the specials. It was for 12 nights, didn’t stop at Halong Bay or Da Nang which is included on our 14 day cruise on the Ovation. The world cruise segment was quite expensive, although it did have considerable air credit.
  15. Yes, I did that. Singapore Air BC, which was not direct to Hong Kong but direct from Singapore was $500 cheaper than I could book. Econ on Qantas which was direct both ways was also $500 cheaper. Because we preferred to fly direct (not through Singapore) I asked SB to quote on the BC air on Q and it came back at $3000 more than Singapore Air, and the price I could book myself. Hard to work that one out, as the economy ticket was cheaper than I could book. In the end, I booked the direct BC Qantas myself for the same price as the indirect Singapore Air through SB. The flight and departure times were much more favorable.
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