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  1. Really? Not sure what an "oxygen concentrator" is but I am pretty sure I have seen people on cruise ships with oxygen tanks. Can't be that different can they?
  2. PCR tests are a little cheaper here in Mexico. DW had hers done with results in an hour for $145 CDN. But I suppose still cheaper, more convenient and less stressful than trying to get one at the airport.
  3. DW had a PCR test in Mexico and used that test to fly to Canada via the US with no issues. I believe the issue is if your stop in the US is longer than just a layover. The same test was submitted for both legs and accepted.
  4. Every airport we have flew out of they reviewed our tests at the ticket counter even after uploading those docs at check in.
  5. You and anyone else you want to communicate via the app will require a payment of $1.99 per day. At least that is what I remember last month. We stuck to using our white board on our door. If anyone wanted to find us we gave them a clue as to where we might be.
  6. Could you not have just told them to meet you at Windjammers? LOL Kidding.
  7. Don't quote me but I thought you needed your PCR test results before you can fill in your ArriveCan app information. At least that is what my DW had to wait for to do hers.
  8. Have hard copies. Some agents will not accept electronic verification on your phone be it vaccination status, test results or the Attestation Form required at Pearson (assuming that is where you are flying out of.
  9. Limiting travel is a viable solution. If the government wanted to really stop the influx of Covid cases then they should really stop all travelling. From the link below you can see that Canada is still getting cases "imported". I wonder how many tests at departure stops travelers to board a flight and these unlucky people developed Covid between their test and landing in Canada? https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice/exposure-flights-cruise-ships-mass-gatherings.html
  10. She booked with Aeroplan and it was a United flight that was cancelled. AC picked up the ball and made it happen. Always have great experience with Air Canada.
  11. You'd be surprised. We were on the Adventure and met up with the Odyssey and there was lots of room on the beach.
  12. Congratulations, wish we knew how empty the ship would be with reduced capacity.
  13. Agree, March weather can be hit or miss in Canada or south of the border. Now there seems to be a large amount of flights being cancelled. Southwest cancelled 1000's the other day. DW had her flight from Chicago to Toronto cancelled while she was in the air. They moved her to a flight that she had no chance of making. Luckily there was a flight later she took. Hope this manpower issue is resolved soon.
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