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  1. Not so great news . . . on Pursuit now where a new system is in place in which we set our own user names and passwords for our 120 LCV minutes. Any unused minutes at the end of the first leg of B2B cruises no longer roll over to the next cruise. Like unused OBC the unused minutes disappear into the wide blue yonder. 🤔 WHY?? We have always liked to have a little extra up our sleeves in case of alterations to travel in the day or days prior to disembarkation.
  2. An automated wake up phone call via Guest relations works for me. During the night my phone (on silent) is under my pillow and I have found it less effort to press a button and see the time clearly in big letters more easily and faster than fiddling with a clock beside the bed.
  3. Baynanno1


    One time in Malta, some people spent the day in Mdina (approximately 13 kilometres or 8 miles away) and joined the Azamazing evening at the Cathedral there without returning to the ship in between. That said, Yangon might not be as straightforward as Mdina. As Bonnie said, check once on board.
  4. St Jean de Luz is on my bucket list! So far we have seen the port from a distance three times, with weather causing abandonment . . . one day maybe . . .
  5. AU$788.86 per person per day for a cat. 5 ocean view! That's totally crazy!
  6. The topic has strayed away from phone calls soliciting sales and I apologise (a little) for continuing the altered thread of contact after experiencing less than satisfactory tours. In the past, we have had some monetary recompense for really dreadful tours. My biggest disappointment was in March this year . . . Described under Highlights : Visit the Barra Lighthouse with its incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. Learn about the important role that African culture and religion plays in Salvador's heritage at the Orixás sculptures. And in the description : "Dique do Tororó to see the Orixás sculptures. These sculptures represent the deities of the African-Brazilian religion." This was to be the highlight of the tour for me, but we drove past the area on the far side of the road and I was seated on the far side of the bus. When I went to Shore Excursions after the tour all I got was a shrug of the shoulders. Not the sort of response I have received in the past. 🤔 Ah well that is now in the past and I am looking forward to boarding again in Monaco in a little over a week. 😊
  7. We usually book while on board and have been able to take advantage of a one off re-book at a lower price before final payment. As we are a bit fussy about where we are located, we do tend to book early to choose our preferred area. Heavily reduced prices after final payment are almost invariably "Guarantee" i.e. you do not get to choose your stateroom, so they are a no go for us.
  8. uktog's post will doubtless be from Cartagena, a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, not Cartagena, Spain.
  9. No idea, but the port site is showing the ship departed at 2246. I am sure nordski will have an answer.
  10. Thanks for the link Bonnie. One of the better constructed surveys I have done. 😊
  11. Perhaps a new thread might be more appropriate after three years . . .
  12. The cruise into Trollfjord, the 180 degree turn and cruise back out was very special. 😊
  13. While others "down under" may have received this survey, we did not. We are familiar with the hotel groups mentioned by marinaro44 and always book our own.
  14. My mouth is literally watering as I scroll through your last set of photos! Looking forward to boarding Pursuit on 12 October for similar. Thanks so much for sharing your two cruises! 😊
  15. Being in USA, perhaps you were not dealing with Guatemala. Like Phil we had all sorts of difficulties a while back.
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