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  1. Indeed, convenient flight times and routes do become more important as the years pass! ☺️
  2. Indeed they do. The only catch, if it is a catch, is that you take whatever flights they arrange. There are not usually any alterations allowed, although on occasion we have been able to negotiate our preferred flight for a small extra charge.
  3. Their silence is deafening!
  4. Thanks for clarifying, the only "name" you mentioned was Azamara, hence my confusion. Had you said the flip side is that UK deposits are non-refundable it would have been clear. There are also posts on this thread from Canada and Asia, as well as Australia.
  5. You seem to be saying Azamara deposits are non-refundable, or have I mis-read and you were referring to Viking? Unless there is another difference of T&C's between countries, if one cancels 121 days or more prior to sailing a cancellation fee (not the deposit) is charged, except in the case of non-refundable deposit promotions and airfares. See section 31 : https://www.azamara.com/en-au/australian-terms-conditions
  6. It would be interesting to know just why some of us have to part with the full fare 30 days earlier than others!
  7. Thanks for the input. Hopefully @Azamara Team might respond.
  8. Betsey, it was a great cruise . . . our first crossing . . . hopefully not our last! Maybe 2022? 🤔
  9. @Azamara Team It seems there are different time frames for final payment in different parts of the world! UK 90 days, Australia & Canada 120 days. In this day and age, it takes no longer for a payment made electronically to travel from one country or another! Surely final payment should be the same world wide as far as Azamara is concerned, yet the documentation is there on the various Azamara websites as noted in previous comments by cruisers from the different countries!!
  10. Copied from Azamara's Travel Advisory : "To hold your place on the voyage, Azamara Club Cruises must receive payment of your remaining balance 120 days prior to the sailing date if your voyage begins on or after January 2016. You may pay your balance through your travel professional, or directly to Azamara if you booked through us." We have cruised with Azamara since 2013 and all our final payments have been as above. Some Travel Agents request payment a week or so before Azamara's due date for "administrative purposes"
  11. We have had two cruises on Pursuit, Rio to Lisbon in March and 23 days B2B2B in the Mediterranean in October. Loved them both, apart from not being allowed on the Sunset Verandah before 0730 (or later) due to the noisy chairs disturbing those in staterooms below. We have also done 28 cruises on the other two ships.
  12. Further to my previous . . . I still have not received the email, but my partner has . . . having read it, I now know that as it appeared from the senior officers schedule, individual team members will be rotated . . . not entire senior teams. Your link took me to the roster, which I had already seen, not the email. I can only wonder why we did not all receive the email at the same time?
  13. We have all seen the new allocations. I am a little confused by your statement above that the teams will be "rotated" between ships. Did your email mention rotation of the teams? What is seen in the new roster is the splitting of established senior teams, rather than rotation/movement of a complete leadership team from one ship to another. The new teams are rostered through from March/April/May 2021 to July/September/September 2022, although some positions remain vacant in the later months of the roster. The most notable "hole" is the absence of a second Hotel Director on Journey.
  14. Recommended for first time Azamara cruisers : Tips for Azamara newbies and Azamara cabins thread, both located towards the top of the forum.
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