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  1. Ohh, that picture at Ben's is making me hungry! Those are the NY sandwiches I remember!
  2. Thanks! We'll have to think about what to do for 1/2 a day: so many options, we'll have to narrow it down. Maybe find some good NY pizza while we are out and about - it's just not the same here! I'm a Jersey girl and hubby is from Long Island, so we miss "real" pizza!
  3. I am exploring taking the bus from Concord NH to Manhattan, then getting a taxi or Uber to the Manhattan Cruise terminal: has anyone done this? The bus drops off at noon on 42nd St between 1st and 2nd Ave (Murray Hill area). Their website says "taxis available", but I am concerned as to how often they go by. The return bus leaves at 2:00 PM, so it seems plenty of time to get from the pier to the bus stop without rushing off the ship, as long as there are taxis available. We flew into LGA earlier this year, which took forever: 2 hour bus ride to Boston airport, waited 2 hours, flight to LGA, then waited another 2 hours to get onto the NCL transfer bus, (which was horribly disorganized), then slow ride through traffic. Looking for a simpler way. We are not very knowledgeable on Uber and Lyft - they don't run out in the woods where we live .
  4. Thanks for doing this! At least I'll know where to find DH when he disappears!
  5. Nice poem Belle! So true, hard to get started on the exercise for me. I didn't check in last week, but lost 3 over the past 2 weeks, so I'm happy. I have not been good about going to my walking group, but I'm getting friends to join me, so that will get me out the door. It's so much easier to roll over and go back to sleep when it's 20 degrees outside! Walking is inside, but you have to get there first! Have a good week everyone!
  6. Well, i was up a pound, not a good week for me either...but...I did join an indoor walking group at a local school gym. It's too cold and icy to go outside. Now I just have to get my tushy out the door in the mornings and get there! Nice poem Belle! Good job to all the losers out there! The rest of us will catch up, I'm sure.
  7. I stayed the same too... I bought snacks for my grandkids who come to my house after school, but I eat them too. I have to convince myself the snacks are off limits! Have a good week everyone!
  8. I wanted to thank CasinoCompChick for sharing the spreadsheet and guidelines with us! Truly appreciated!
  9. If the shops and restaurants etc closer to Le Havre may be closed, maybe the bus trip with lunch cruise on the Seine is not such a bad idea! Though it certainly would be a tease to see such a tiny glimpse of the city. I personally would not take a chance of missing my ship's departure with such a long drive on my own, too many things could go wrong. I feel safer taking a ship tour when it's a location so far from the port. I've seen people left standing on the pier....
  10. Rob, we are doing a TA from NYC on NCL Getaway. Can't wait! How about you?
  11. Hi all! cruising the end of April, need to shed more than a few pounds by then - but anything is better than nothing! So I will join you on this journey. Will use today's weight as my start even though it's Friday, lol!
  12. Here is what I use: Each player will ‘donate’ $15 and will usually be playing on a $1 Wheel of Fortune slot machine (If they have one). You could also do $21 for 7 pulls. All the money goes into the machine first, then each player would get 5 pulls ($3 per pull). Anyone can join right up to the beginning. Once the 1st person is ready to pull the game closes. After all pulls are completed, the payout is divided evenly rounded down to the lower dollar (i.e. $13.52 would round down to $13). Any extra would go to the person that had highest single pull winning amount (split evenly if there is a tie or ties). Make up a spread sheet of those that would like to play and have a spot to check off each pull plus any payouts they get, to keep track of highest winner. For anyone that wants to join in on the fun and hopefully win some $$$, you can do sign-ups and collect the money at the Meet & Greet, maybe do it right after the M&G or choose a good time then? Here is an example: Say we have 25 people playing, and the winnings on the machine after everyone has their 5 pulls comes to $374: we would divide $374 by 25 = $14.96. That would give everyone $14 when we round it down to a whole dollar (no change), 25 people times $14 = $350, leaving $24 extra which would go to the person with the highest single pull (split evenly in case of a tie(s)).
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