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  1. Not sure what changes will take place in regard to the changes that may or may not occur in the buffet...it's just not the buffet where many people congregate...what about the casino? People coming and going...walking thru to get to a theater, people hanging around the bar, and what about the people who stand directly behind you, smoking that cigarette and blowing the smoke in your back to make you get off of their favorite machine? It has happened more times than not..have someone standing at the entrance with a clicker limiting the amount of people, or limit the time you can play? I really don't think that anything drastic will be done at this point...not really sure if anything can be done in either case... jus' saying...
  2. We booked the Mariner 4-night end of November....hopefully, all of this will be behind us..
  3. Can anyone tell me what brand of water is included in the Refreshment Package? Thanks in advance..
  4. We've stayed at the Fairfield Inns and Suites on Griffin Road. There is a shuttle, and they allow you to keep your car there for free up to 7 days. For longer stays, they have a package deal. The Hotel has always been very clean and staff was friendly. We stayed there in December last year and the hotel was just updated.
  5. The parking garage is actually closer to Terminal 2, but you might want to drop your luggage and DH off before you park...you can do a search for the garage to get a visual.
  6. When you call them to rebook, let them know that you had RCCL credit card points attached to the cancelled cruise. The rep will see the points that you used and reapply them to your new booking. This happened to me...
  7. I still have a roster of the names of the passengers from our first cruise in 1995...
  8. Finally received the refund of port charges/taxes...it showed up at the bank on April 5th and posted last night...about time, since we cancelled the cruise on March 13th....
  9. So...let me get this straight. A friend and I had a cruise booked for May, which we cancelled. We both have a certain amount available on a FCC, equal amounts. To book a new cruise, I have to call the number on the certificate...this I know. I let the agent know the date of the new cruise, on which we both are going; I don't have to give a deposit, but I have to pay them for the taxes and port charges, the same charges I have yet to be paid. Then I give them the certificate number. Then then apply both certificates to the cruise; and now I have to wait for the taxes and port charges that I have already paid on the cruise? What if the 2 certificates almost pay the cruise in full, less a few dollars or so. Do I get a full refund of the port charges and taxes or are we going to get another FCC? I'm not sure that I will ever be sailing on RCCL.
  10. We are looking to rebook in November...hopefully, this whole thing will be behind us...
  11. I was told by a Crown and Anchor rep yesterday that any points that were applied to your cruise stay with RCCL, but when you go to rebook, they apply them to the cruise. I would also let them know that you have points available, if they don't bring it up first.
  12. I have a question...you said your FCC was split 3-ways...due to three people on the cruise ticket? So each person received the same amount?
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