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  1. The nearest airport to us is TriCities Regional in Blountville, Tennessee. Flights from there are typically ridiculous (unless you are flying Allegiant's trips to Orlando or Vegas) so we always check prices out of Atlanta (4hrs), Knoxville (2hrs) and Charlotte (4hrs). Atlanta is usually much less expensive, even adding in parking fees. We are cruising out of San Juan November 2020 and plan to fly out of Atlanta for that trip unless there is a miracle and TRI happens to have a better fare. Just a suggestion to shop around.
  2. We just purchased a Coolbag and really like it. The fact that it can go from a backpack to a tote bag, lock and has a small cooler space was great and just what we were looking for.
  3. With a cash account the daily charges still accrue. The amount can be slightly mitigated because they only allow a certain amount to be charged before you have to come pay it down but it is more so to protect against charges after the cruise.
  4. When I read the post about the CS agents being overseas I assumed (and yes, I know what that gets you) that the poster was referring more to a language/nuance thing. That maybe a native english speaker would have caught on to the fact that this was not the norm or that the overseas agents were only given a few short scripts to choose from, etc. I did not think they were being terrible, at least I hope they were not. But that may be because I do not personally think in that manner so I did not automatically read that into their post either. I do know that there have been many people flying off the handle and getting all het up about things but there have also been many people that have been kind and understanding about the situation. And on the other hand, there have been a lot of persons with a nasty attitude toward the cruisers that deigned to book the package at such a low price and have been casting disparaging remarks toward them. That is no different.
  5. Yep. Obviously anything is possible with Royal's website.
  6. I think they meant the refreshment package was higher than the drink package during the glitch and TheMiz was saying they should have purchased the deluxe package at the $18 rate and wait to see what would happen, then cancel one or the other.
  7. I just read a post from Royal on Twitter saying it would be honored in all markets that it was purchased in.
  8. Annnd the "I wasn't able to book this rate but my friends were so I should get it too" complaints have already started on Twitter. SMH. One lady even had the to nerve to ask Royal if they were refusing to give her the rate because she is disabled...the amount of gall is astounding.
  9. I wouldn't pay more than $18 for it 🤷‍♀️🤣
  10. Discipline for you, common sense for me I guess. I check my account daily on the ship also. In my post I was actually referring to the mystery charges that many people report getting on their cards days (or sometimes weeks) post cruise. That cannot happen if you have a cash account.
  11. We moved to cash accounts some time ago and do not regret it. Less hassle for us, no surprise charges and no fee (as of now) if you need cash from your account.
  12. Just got the email, they are going to honor the $18 packages so some mod, somewhere, for the love of all that is holy....please lock this thread before it gets any worse!!!!
  13. Yes but when you set the seapasses to have no charging privileges then you should be able to believe at that point that the children will not be able to play past the funds loaded on those cards. That may be where the disconnect is. Fine print says charged to seapass, parents remove charging power and add arcade credit, credit is used and they are able to charge more games but nothing else? Hmm...
  14. I have actually seen quite a few people posting that they only purchased due to the price and that they never get the package but did this time only because of the “special.” Not sure how many that really adds up to be but probably a lot that would have only gotten the soda package or had considered the package but didn’t feel it was “worth it” at typical pricing.
  15. Curious to see what they have to say tomorrow. They're being awful nice to people who are being awful nasty to them on Twitter and such. I feel bad for the reps having to deal with this mess, they really have no say in anything and probably only have two or three canned responses they are allowed to choose from!
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