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  1. Our November cruise has dropped in price quite a bit over the last two weeks or so (over $300 off at this point) and the drink package went from $55 to $41.
  2. Flew from Asheville to FLL 2/29 and the plane was not full but had many travelers. Trip home 3/7 the plane only had 4 empty seats.
  3. I have sailed Brilliance and Empress (just got off Empress this past weekend) but will not sail on Freedom until this November. Brilliance was a lovely ship and I would sail her again tomorrow but my biggest issue with her is the casino. The Brilliance casino is super smoky and since I have asthma myself it was near impossible for me togo in there. Also the way the ship is designed the smoke travels out into the centrum. As for Empress, yes it is older and small but the crew was just amazing and the ship does not feel or look worn. The rooms are very small so that has to be considered but the casino is smoke free so we could go in there and there was no smoke to travel around the ship. Hope that helps!
  4. Not sure where you are located in Tennessee (we are northeast area) but our roundtrip flights to San Juan out of Atlanta were less than $800 total. I looked at all surrounding airports and ATL was the cheapest, (though I see you've said it is harder to get to for you guys), but you may want to also check Asheville's prices. We are flying out of there this weekend and prices were much, much better.
  5. As a follow up, I received my bottle of Kokua Sunscreen this weekend. We chose the 16oz pump bottle because I am very fair and I will be reapplying often. I tried it on my arms just for texture and scent and it is great so far. I followed the directions on how to apply and it rubbed in well, had a faint natural smell (due o the oils I suppose) but it was a nice scent. No stickiness and no balling up or pilling when I rubbed it in. Very, very faint white cast but that was to be expected. I will see how it does next week in the sun when we cruise.
  6. I saw this when I looked it up and I have no idea why they can state reef safe on the label unless it is because they do not really have anyone looking over their shoulders (meaning that label is not regulated at this time). I did find another few that are truly reef safe, Kokua Suncare which is made in Hawaii and Manda Suncream are two that are cruelty free also. I will be ordering the Kokua to take with us at the end of the month.
  7. I’ll check this one out, that’s a great price.
  8. It was a charter trip by Chick fil a. Apparently the company chartered both ships for their employees and they were each filled to about 65% capacity, from what posts I read (on the page that cannot be named). There are many, many posts about it over on the dark side 😆. Almost all of them positive from what I read.
  9. I get that too but sometimes I just want a beach and a ship...that's a total relaxation vacation for me. Other times I want ports and exploration. Just depends on what you want when you go I guess.
  10. It is really funny because I have done these things too and once it worked, once it did not, who knows why??
  11. Well they are sort of doing this already. They have some cruises that only go to Labadee and Coco Cay (or at least they did a little while back when I was looking for them). I personally love the private islands🤷‍♀️
  12. I truly cannot remember spending more than a couple hundred dollars on alcohol before the drink packages came along, I always hated thought of a huge bill at the end of the cruise (what we did spend was mostly on frozen drinks by the pool). We always get the packages now as it is just easier. There is never have a bill to worry about and I feel like I can get a drink when I want without that feel of "How much is my bar tab?! Are you sure?!" My parents, who are admittedly big drinkers, got the sticker shock of their lives when they got their bill the last night of their first cruise. It was several years ago, just before the dawn of drink packages, when my mom did a double take at their final tally. It came out to over $1800! She said they had an excursion on there too but the rest was alcohol...which meant they nearly drank as much as they spent on the cruise. I was finally able to convince them to cruise again last year and she immediately got them the drink package and went on about what a bargain the $700 and some change was😆
  13. Yes. A private area with an upgraded restaurant, infinity pool, loungers, beach beds and some other things I believe. I am sure someone on here will correct me or add in what I have left off 😁
  14. And some brands that were reef safe no longer are as it seems this designation is changing and will be changing again. More ingredients have been labeled as unsafe. I believe Hawaii plans to only allow non nano zinc and titanium dioxide by 2023 (if they have not already decided that).
  15. I have never really used water shoes, I always wear Chacos but I wouldn't mind having something with a closed toe for some trips. I hate the feeling of wet sneakers and I am afraid they'll feel the same. Do you get that same wet, heavy feeling with these types of water shoes? Do they drain well or fill with sand?
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