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  1. I heard this morning that the prediction is for above normal hurricane action in the Atlantic this season. Good Grief!
  2. I guess I'm lucky, renewed mine on Feb. 7 and received new one on Mar.24
  3. We have a cruise mid Aug.2020 and are just wondering what will happen, final payment will be due soon so hope to hear something soon.
  4. How can you tell if ticket is refundable, I looked all over my paper work from Air 2 Sea and I can't find anything that tells me?
  5. I asked this same question last week but from RCCL to Celebrity and was told no I could not.
  6. My concern would be that final payment is made for Aug. cruise and RCCL files for bankrupcy and all is lost. Not likely to happen but what good would a FCC be if there's no company.
  7. Any chance if I cancel my booking I can get some of my airfare booked by Royal back?
  8. I remember the menu and food were great and I also remember the strolling violins starting in the early 1990's. I also loved the "swans".
  9. We are booked for a cruise in August and are considering cancelling before final payment, if they offered an incentive to keep the booking we might reconsider keeping it. An OBC of some type would be good.
  10. If we get FCC on Royal can we use on future cruise on Celebrity?
  11. Looks like another beach resort type setup similar to Antiqua, a money maker.
  12. Is DL open during day or only for evenings happy hour?
  13. We got a good price at the Downtown Hilton near the port.
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