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  1. If you are on the Millennium over Christmas and New Year's then yes, looks like we're on the same sailing. Let's just hope it doesn't get rerouted
  2. Sounds like you had a nice cruise. Could you please describe in a little more detail the evening tour you took in Victoria? Our ship won't dock until 7pm so was looking to take a short tour.
  3. The corner rooms on Deck 13 seem to have a large balcony. The aft rooms seem nice but after finding out now about the "azipod shimmy" may look to change cabins. Appreciate everyone sharing their views and experiences.
  4. We know the outdoor Disco is on Deck 17 and that some people have complained of noise and a lot of bass causing problems in the cabin late into the night. Some have even been on Deck 14 and heard it. Has anyone stayed in these cabins on deck 13? If so what are your views?
  5. Which deck is better for a category H6 cabin on Bliss...deck 10, 11 or 12? If you have a Haven Suite do you have to make your own reservations for your specialty dining, laser tag, shows and race cars or can you wait till you get your pre boarding package that I believe comes around 45 days prior for Haven Passengers and have them do it at that time? Any info on the Haven perks would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to write a great review. I was wondering if the slides would be open and it seems from your review that they are. Can you make reservations for laser tag and the racetrack before boarding or does it have to be done as soon as you embark?
  7. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    We have a cruise that disembarks in Hong Kong several months from now in January and we have been monitoring the situation as well. Hopefully things will calm down by then as we are supposed to extend our stay several days.
  8. We will be in Hong Kong for several days and would like to book either some private tours or small group tours. Can anyone give suggestions with companies/people they have used previously?
  9. SF

    Visa for Vietnam

    We have an upcoming cruise on Millennium that stops in several Vietnam ports. The ship will also be doing an overnight in Bangkok where we will be disembarking and staying in a hotel overnight. So if I understand correctly after reading the above posts Celebrity will handle all our visas for Vietnam and for the one in Bangkok, is this correct? I've read in other posts that you need to bring extra passport photos does anyone know about this? I've also heard that you need to bring copies of your passport page wondering if this is true.
  10. We also have a cruise on Celebrity this December that ends in Hong Kong and we are also concerned with all the riots as December is only 4 months away. Like it was mentioned in the above post it's easier to skip a scheduled port but not a port where passengers disembark. We were also scheduled to stay several days in Hong Kong but now it looks like everything's up in the air. Let's hope things get settled soon.
  11. If that's all they're offering is 30% off that's a joke as they probably would have had some sale anyways for July 4th so in essence they're really doing nothing. What they should have done is use this glitch or error or whatever you want to call it to their advantage for positive PR.
  12. Totally agree. It would probably be less of a headache for them and the right thing to do as well which would go far in regards to PR with their cruisers. In trying to change things it could cost them a bigger problem than the original one.
  13. Let's hope Royal Caribbean decides to do the right thing and honor it.
  14. Bad PR move if they cancel it for those who were lucky to purchase it at $18.00 Since it was their error they should just honor it in good faith and keep their cruisers happy.😀
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