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  1. If that's all they're offering is 30% off that's a joke as they probably would have had some sale anyways for July 4th so in essence they're really doing nothing. What they should have done is use this glitch or error or whatever you want to call it to their advantage for positive PR.
  2. Totally agree. It would probably be less of a headache for them and the right thing to do as well which would go far in regards to PR with their cruisers. In trying to change things it could cost them a bigger problem than the original one.
  3. Let's hope Royal Caribbean decides to do the right thing and honor it.
  4. Bad PR move if they cancel it for those who were lucky to purchase it at $18.00 Since it was their error they should just honor it in good faith and keep their cruisers happy.😀
  5. We were thinking of booking two of the new cabins 8443 and 8445 on Independence. Since they are close to the stairs and the elevator we were wondering if it's noisy. Are those cabins newer than the other inside cabins?
  6. Does Diamond Plus still get priority tendering? Was wondering about this as several of our Hawaii ports are tender ports. Some people are saying that priority tendering is no longer a perk due to the new "Key" package that's offered for purchase. If anyone has information in regards to this would appreciate you posting.
  7. SF


    Great information for our upcoming Hawaii cruise.😀
  8. Thanks for replying. That's exactly what we were hoping for. Do you happen to know also how obstructed the view is?
  9. Any information on cabin 7626 for Ovation? How much is the view obstructed? Does anyone know if the sofa is by the balcony or as soon as you enter the cabin?
  10. We are thinking of booking a cruise on Ovation of the Seas and are looking at a three-person cabin. Does anyone know the layout for the virtual balcony cabins Category 3U with a double sleeper sofa bed? We're concerned whether they'll be any room to walk around once the sleeper sofa is opened. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Other posts have mentioned AC problems on Millennium too. Hope they get these issues fixed.
  12. Thanks again for taking the time to answer all my questions.
  13. Did you dock at the new pier in Halong Bay? Were any of the ports "tender" ports? Do you know how far it is to the mall in Halong Bay? Is the cable car near the port? Do you know if the Taxi's accept American Currency? We have a cruise booked for the full day in Halong Bay but we're trying to decide what to do the first day since we don't get in till 12 noon.
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to do an in-depth review and for posting pictures. We will be doing the same cruise in December so it was so helpful to get all the information. Except for the overnight in Bangkok where the passports are needed did you leave them on the ship for the rest of the ports and just take copies? Since you had such a long line for a taxi at disembarkation in Hong Kong do you think it would be wise for us to prebook a car for pickup? Especially since we'll be three or four people. On one of the other threads ( if I remembered correctly) someone mentioned they needed to bring passport photos is this something that is required? I'd also like to see some photos from the various ports. Glad to hear you had such a great cruise. 😀
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